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“Kyun aya main India Bc” ~ Ed Shareen

8 yo: you will never understand my pain mom Mom:

Ed Sheeran met Bollywood❤️❤️❤️

Mind = blown

Dr king Chirag barjatya

Ladkiyo ki naa ka matlab haa hota hei only when you are gifting them iPhone.

Breaking: @edsheeran to be part of the sequel of Tees Maar Khaan

Hi @ek_samosa_dena

I think Arbaz Khan was better

RT when u see Dino morea

Putting rounder when friend was about to sit

Zinda hu, Bus Coffee hei.

Sorry my bad but where is @BhayanakPuppy

Slim se slimmer hone mei kaisa dedication


Meri nind Mera chain muje lauta do @ek_samosa_dena

Don’t get upset brother. Girl’s no means yes. But not always. On social media mostly no means no. But keep tagging her. I think she wants you to try harder. Believe me one day she will allow you to tag her happily.



Fuckkk why did I read this

Padmavati should b banned in every state. I will support the oppose if they have destroyed our history. I will definitely support this movement to punish these history destroyers. I also got punishment when I got 20/100 for destroying history in answer paper in 7th standard.

English: Throw shit Hindi: Ghoomar

Deepika ka naak kaato ge toh wo andhi ho jayegi.

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