Tyra Banks @tyrabanks

My @agt family and our winner @ItsDarciLynne! I'm sad it's over! https://t.co/yELGtiiyjh

Crowned an @agt winner last night and less than 24 hours later, I'm in an intense #ANTM editing session. All4You

Thanks for the love, boo! 😍 https://t.co/XJIfhFOt3s

Y'all I am in dress rehearsal for @agt and @kelly_clarkson's performance is gonna leave ya shooketh!

We crownin' a winner tonight y'all! Turn on @agt! #AGTFinale

Feelin' like the Queen #AGTFinale https://t.co/Z83EKQmt26

Closer... https://t.co/0jzClt8Kaq

Finding the light with the diva @kelly_clarkson! #AGTFinale #LoveSoSoft https://t.co/9eMSg1zU1x

Are y'all enjoying the #AGTFinale? I can't wait to announce that million dollar name!

Girl! You are a fierce, fabulous, ferocious female! Imma be jammin' to #LoveSoSoft all the way home tonight! #AGTFinale https://t.co/mtSjrkZaxE

Really hoping I don't say "In my hand, I have one photo left." #AGTFinale

Congratulations @ItsDarciLynne!!!! #AGTWinner

My feet hurt but I'm happy.

The stage is my runway dahhhling. #AGTFinale https://t.co/ktDqWYxmb2

Bam. #AGTFinale https://t.co/FmBhVb2nWa


Feelin' a lil sicky tonight, but nothin' can keep this woman down! Hyped for the #AGTFinale tonight!

Good luck tonight y'all! @ItsDarciLynne @thesupercollies @PreacherLawson @evieclair @Diavolo_LA #AGTFinale

Congrats and good luck to y'all too! @light_balance @angelicahale @Kechi @chasegoehring @mandyharvey #AGTFinale

I may be sick, but this look is SICKENING! #AGTFinale

Oh look at Miss @OfficialMelB being the rainbow queen! Yas hunny, work that unicorn magic! 🌈🌈🌈

I have loved every minute of being the host of @agt...a lot of work, a lot of emotions, and so many memories! Best. Season. Ever.

RETWEET NOW... It's an @agt FOLLOW SPREE! I might just hit that follow button on ya! #AGTFinale

Okay, I get it. I'm no Whitney. #AGTFinale

You're welcome America. #SimonsChestHairIsSexy

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