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The boss is BACK. #ANTM returns to the runway in 2018 on @VH1 🔝 https://t.co/E2oHSi9YYc

Mama is back, baby. https://t.co/5fIgw1sIgX

Crowned an @agt winner last night and less than 24 hours later, I'm in an intense #ANTM editing session. All4You

Me-friggin-ow!!! https://t.co/RuGKRyVWZK

Ok, so @Lin_Manuel I am obsessed with "Havana", too. Friggin' OBSESSED!!! https://t.co/Sd3VEMRABL

Damn, @Camila_Cabello. That intro was bananas. And so touching! #Havana #MyFaveSong https://t.co/A0gOQnmLIv

My heart is with the victims, friends and families that have experienced devastating tragedy in Las Vegas.

Hug those you adore. Embrace those you don't. Let's spread love when faced with so much hate.

“Never lose the thrill of trying something 4 the first time” Can't wait 2 read #findingmyvirginity @richardbranson! https://t.co/pelFkJhCEP https://t.co/JiP9cyG0PH

Thank you to all of the courageous, strong, powerful, mighty women who are speaking the truth.

Throw left hooks and right uppercuts into the hatred that stands in the way of your truth, your destiny and your rights. Keep fighting.

At @HarvardHBS reunion and professor @anitaelberse is blowing my mind about the statistics of my biz, entertainment.

So, @Lin_Manuel, I'm in class right now at @HarvardHBS that is focusing on @HamiltonMusical and 10 Leadership Lessons from your creation!

So happy to be "home". https://t.co/VPA7cE2oWe

...like a warm hug. https://t.co/vr2gv96iSA

I'm trying to catch my breath. This trailer is...whew...one of the best I've seen in ages! #BlackPanther https://t.co/jY0VXWRoco

I love my mom. So very much.

We must not forget to... #PrayForMogadishu #PrayForSomalia 💛

You've gotta get up every morning feeling "hungry" if you want to go to bed feeling accomplished and "full".

So...um...(she clears throat)...why oh why is SMIZE not being asked to the dictionary party? https://t.co/bEYegGHJW4

Good morning to you. Hugs all around.

Good day. Good you. Good night.

This is a very generous article. Thank you, @yahoolifestyle https://t.co/7lH9U6KT4k

I worked out today for 20 minutes then got tired and stopped. I want some of the strength SHE has. Check her out! https://t.co/pT3oHIlMrQ

Gurrrllll....I can't hang. You would be soooo bored working out with my weak butt. 😜 https://t.co/KoAXpq2qIm

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