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Looking at YOU. Thinking of YOU. Loving on YOU. Happy Friday to YOU! 💛 https://t.co/fgRgbfdqrn

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#TBT! You don’t have much longer to wait for the return of Eve and #LifeSize2! This holiday season on @FreeformTV! https://t.co/lvAwO6Vetv

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Chose flats over heels today. I just wanna be comfortable. Ya feel me?

You need to find that light, even if it’s behind you! https://t.co/jx8r11WVmJ

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There's no such thing as a perfect performance. In fact, being perfect is is BORING, and you can learn all about that in the book I wrote with Mama. #PerfectIsBoring https://t.co/QTTaTJTfrx

Go granddaddy, go granddaddy! #JudgeCuts

That. Just. Happened. OMG. #JudgeCuts https://t.co/Z6zwoFU4Q2

She fell, but she got back up and fought for what she wanted! That’s what we all need to learn. A stumble doesn’t mean it’s over, it means you work harder! #JudgeCuts https://t.co/a3YZuJSe8t

I’m a huge fan of @AlGore and his work. This summer, he is coming to LA to teach everyday activists to protect our planet. Wanna be fierce? Protect mother Earth! Apply by July 18 https://t.co/ez9PZSfmfp #LeadOnClimate

#TyTySaidWatchAGT @agt starts now! https://t.co/OC28BHHkxk

These fierce asian men in heels are next. level. fierce. Yes! 👠 #JudgeCuts

Comfort is a beautiful thing, and anything is dressed up with heels! 💛 #TrackSuitAndHeels https://t.co/LH2Mxx5yPn

My Sunday inspiration today is @RepMaxineWaters! When a man tried to shut her up, step on her words, or cut her off - she reclaimed her time! All women should be heard without fear of being silenced! Reclaiming your time? Now that’s fierce! https://t.co/10oHvC7wYY

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Wanna laugh until you pee on yourself? Well, I just watched @jimjefferies @netflix special and didn’t pee on myself, but did laugh out loud while watching alone.

Does your Mama have the best recipes in life? Not just for food, but for life in general? I loved writing #PerfectIsBoring with my Mama, and will treasure each day we sat down and put pencil to paper to let YOU know that YOU should always BE YOU! https://t.co/QTTaTJTfrx https://t.co/amZanbT8VT

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To all us new mommies, @serenawilliams, you won. Still a champion in our (ABC’s/123s) book. 💛Ty

You're about to see the final audition before @agt #judgecuts and it's @heidiklum's golden buzzer!

What a powerful @ddlovato song performed by a young powerful woman! You are all warriors! #AGT 💛 https://t.co/cjkXPiRrHA

How do you get rid of a song stuck in your head? I need your help! #BabyGotBack #StuckInMyHead

You gotta knock on a lot of doors to get to where you’re going. Some doors will be slammed in your face, some doors need to be slowly opened, but keep knockin! They’ll open up, and when they do, you better make a fierce entrance! https://t.co/fQTFnmSrP1

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Some people might not like to see me in my natural hair and face, but this is as real as it gets. I want you to post your au natural look, and don’t be scared to tag me! I’ll go show them some love! 💛 https://t.co/ThkFBbDvJX

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