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wow approaching 20k followers! time to disclose the true purpose of this account. gonna soon reveal some dirty secrets of this government.

"happy republic day guys. i think...." "you are under arrest for saying something under this random ass section"

  • instead of trying to enter religious places, women should boycott them. bring down their revenue and they'd even allow you to shag inside.

    some questions in life have simple answers like: Q. should you get turn indicators replaced with blink lights in your pulsar 220? A: NO.

    boycott valentine's day for #14Feb_मातृ_पितृ_पूजन_दिवस and be with people who call you a failure rather than someone who gives you sex.

    Childhood is making \m/ shape and hoping a spider web comes out of the wrist. Adulthood is rushing to the doctor in case it fucking does.

    i make sure i read at least 3 tweets on a sensitive social issue before i form a strong opinion about it and share it on the internet.

    just like how priyanka and deepika speak on women's rights so that more and more people think sharia law is a right thing to introduce to.

    i know a lot of you have been waiting for my views on the dick flashing episode but first I'll educate myself on the rules of dick flashing.

    coldplay should now take down the video and re-upload it with a sideshow of hate tweets so the world can actually see the real india.

    *woman gives birth after long painful hours in labour* meninist: now, imagine people's reaction if a man had done the same thing

    surprise your partner this valentine's by telling them you have aids.

    once hindus and muslims fight each other out, i hope jains take over and turn this country into the world's largest nudist colony.

    i hope supreme court decriminalizes homosexuality so that kejriwal can publicly kiss modi and we can get rid of both of their followers

    what if the SC actually decriminalizes homosexuality? without law on our side, we'd be down to just hating them as a society.

    everyday i feel lucky isis hasn't discovered they can also send in guys infected with incurable, contagious diseases over suicide bombers.

    do waste time reading how one guy with a lot of money has a little more money than another guy with a lot of money https://t.co/AwmKkrfcn5

    *listens to a woman speak absolute nonsense for a full uninterrupted 20 mins* "alright. can i NOW see your breasts?"

    may be, just saying, may be nature gave indians brown skin because our society is so much similar to shit.

    survey reveals that a lot of men resort to pickup line "i am a feminist" so as to increase their chance at touching feminist parts of women.

    that black woman who was paraded naked should feel lucky she wasn't white in which case she would have been raped.

    sometimes i wish the earth wasn't round just so that airtel 4g girl could fucking fall off an edge of this planet with her garbage sim card

    my review of snapdeal: ★★★★★ best app. delivers patriotism trophy to right wing in the least possible time. https://t.co/5Ws0q9LCC1

    of course burqa is a sign of freedom... to people you've brainwashed into believing it is one since they were born.

    an easier way to say "i masturbate thrice a day and will die alone" is "i love IPL and watch all its events"

    I have tweeted like 6 jokes on twitter's algorithm feature but they didn't show up on your timelines.

    see if you really wanna die, please die on a sunday. don't make people take a casual leave for you. try not to be that dead body.

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