nyn @uniqueidiot_

Same pinch https://t.co/toBvnn0mK4

I KNOW RIGHT? https://t.co/7swRIDMKyv

Anyone using latest Paranoid Android on OP3?

😂😂😂 https://t.co/cPp2wISwGx

Yeh hai waqt ka ishara 🎶 https://t.co/mEl7Fwjyr9

@ a is asshole @ b is bkl @ f u c k o f f

Sonia Gandhi is NRI, Rahul Gandhi is NRI. These are all NRIs. https://t.co/HA9qIkKlMF

Just hope that it doesn't explode 😶 https://t.co/Xs3kPlFXKK

I need a panda chronograph in my life 🤑

Kisi shayar ki ghazal 😍😍😍 https://t.co/jqRV7GXayu

Not-Manmohan Singh https://t.co/ObGAGRgLxw

Please link your Aadhar card to Twitter else Twitter will delete your account.

Happy 9th birthday to Android.

Tane char char bangdi vari gaadi lai dau 🎶

Hmmm get it https://t.co/WgMb3Z8JAP

If you're stupid enough to install it, you deserve it. Also detete. https://t.co/nMODDzs1ll

Front page(s) of Times of India - https://t.co/4X6vHoiSUQ

I am wishing for this world's death.

wow! https://t.co/3u4nKopi89

Can't wait for the time when we'll have to paste our Aadhar number on our car plate.

Bas kar gaandu https://t.co/vsaxFu7uxT

NO. Can't wait for Tesla to launch in India. https://t.co/T1jfS6M9Ms

Men, always searching for holes. 😂 https://t.co/wFzZYiaija

Modi sir is planning to hike petrol prices upto ₹200 before November, so we have the new ₹200 currency and he would demonize ₹2000 #VIKASROX

Aur kitni der gai bc. Need to set the countdown timer. https://t.co/eIyNNwVRJy

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