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Stormtrooper walls are 😍 https://t.co/JYaf7wI9bB

Ffs, this star wars edition of OP5T is killing me. 😶

Abe ghar pe internet nahi hai kya? https://t.co/4C9exdB7YC

What's this SRK Ted talks bs!

// mnml https://t.co/xtMBqMECNN

Lmao @ Congress

*Anxiously waiting for T5 cricket league*

Modi ji in Patan. I am seeing helicopters cleaning the city which is otherwise a colossal dump yard.

Modi in Gujarat 😍😍😍

Wow! Nobody knows about consent. Incredible India. https://t.co/U8q2mrLXOq

Modi is M? https://t.co/KG0etCtlHO

News from 1966 https://t.co/wilsjk1kGM

If this comes to India, I will have to get it 😬 https://t.co/LS3ruMX0jK

BC jacket pahne ya raincoat!

Gaandu, 1 million messages aate hai har roz link karane ke liye. Kya chutiya government hai bc. https://t.co/3zllCKKEOx

We want 'Peace' Mr. Prime Minister, and I think you should too. https://t.co/XeYrkYIzWo

Can't wait for the time when the election ends. Too much work and tension.

Lmao. Where do these people get such shit from? https://t.co/W3oXEBVbKu

Do people even know about VVPAT? Voter can see whom he voted for. If voter says his vote is going to someone else, it will be tested and if he is right, polling will have to be abandoned on that particular booth.

I used 280 characters for the first time. What a milestone!

Isme to presiding ke L lag jayenge. https://t.co/yh2GPHARQM

Hire me, Google 😂 https://t.co/sxEVXdFWuh

Bhai, wo Swiss bank hai, SBI nahi. https://t.co/CzyAfiHaLm

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