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cc @PMOIndia https://t.co/DgmZj2LOAy

Reddit https://t.co/aRhseWjlY1

  • State of journalism in India https://t.co/hkkVcZe28k

    Still haven't released kernel sources for last year devices. #Respectful https://t.co/uIwaVaMyRb

    Whoa! This felt great. https://t.co/IaiWJz1Ll9

    Wolfgang top tweets

    Timeline will be a communal war zone before 2019 elections. Twitter should be banned during that period.

    "I can't hear this image" ~ Dhritarashtra

    Hate Modi but the entire opposition is ridiculous. They always jump on miscellaneous miniscule shit to attack BJP and end up being clowns.

    Why do Bangladeshi cricketers cry so much every damn time they lose? It's ridiculous ffs.

    Classy https://t.co/u8BHo4thmc

    Kis newbie ko account ka password diya hai, gaandu log! https://t.co/tB2zXQso8X

    Spam https://t.co/tuNqY06Fwi

    Wolfgang top tweets

    Me, when I get a shiny new phone, and drop it. https://t.co/lUQZA5Q0zs

    Wolfgang top tweets

    People who are hopeful about everything are hopetards.

    This world needs to end rn. https://t.co/sCCpk1ZZdD

    State of the nation https://t.co/P79t9pk5pS

    Blind https://t.co/DK8Dd3MGJi

    Nyn top tweets

    Can't wait for 2050 https://t.co/FYzESYvYtu

    Bas extend hi karte raho, verdict mat do. https://t.co/YpoEJlbNIm

    Kaun si century se ho? https://t.co/T91tBzYBfA

    Lol @ ManU fans

    Looks like Spotify doesn't trust APK downloading Indians.

    Sab ke aadhar links ka badla lega Mr. Robot.

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