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Join Vogue's Virginia Smith and Tonne Goodman for an evening of intimate conversation with @Saks. https://t.co/grkBexBbrZ

You're going to want to borrow this beauty trick from @JessicaBiel ASAP. https://t.co/8wEusDR32i

What does drag really mean in the Arab world? https://t.co/lFhwDsXOsa

From a sky-high ponytail on Lil’ Kim to finger waves on Missy Elliott, the heyday of music videos still influences the hair looks of today: https://t.co/5GkWHJF1Z0

[email protected] made her first public appearance postpartum last night and—no surprise—looked incredible. https://t.co/xoYTHEfWhl

What happened when one Vogue writer embraced her inner Julia Child. https://t.co/oGgeebrcgb

The first step to cooking like a pro? Shopping like a pro. https://t.co/WSxvORQVsF

[email protected] stopped his performance of 'Know Yourself' midway to call out a male fan for groping someone in the audience. https://t.co/k34JvfOI3N

From a sky-high ponytail on Lil’ Kim to finger waves on Missy Elliott, the heyday of music videos still influences the hair looks of today: https://t.co/3zNwNG8oIL

See the best street style from Lagos Fashion and Design Week. https://t.co/mRCisBXwpU

Dakota Fanning demonstrates elevated girliness in next season's shoe. https://t.co/lBcBmZPE1h

Cut the kitsch this Thanksgiving. https://t.co/LKvkHeSWv9

How two It girls transcended their It-dom to launch a legit IRL business. https://t.co/4PWsZoHUOU

A radio newscaster has accused Democratic Senator of Minnesota Al Franken of kissing and groping her without consent, and here's the photo to prove it. https://t.co/EheASPSIwG

Lil Peep, the rising hip-hop talent whose profile had grown over the past year for his distinct blend of emo, '90s alternative rock, and trap, died last night in Tucson, Arizona at just 21 years old. https://t.co/FIZRKYWBZr

“I see life with the volume turned all the way up.” Adam Dalton Blake on his new design for @LIFEWTR. #Ad https://t.co/LZiPf5RGQb

From a beaded minidress to biker shorts, here's how @KimKardashian does two evening looks in one night. https://t.co/v3suzoaH4r

Introducing Inamorata, @emrata's new, extremely instagrammable swimsuit line. https://t.co/6QSf0Pjg59

Real life husband and wife @johnkrasinski and Emily Blunt co-star for the first time in 'A Quiet Place.' https://t.co/L53fxUg5zL

See every look from @BottegaVeneta's Pre-Fall 2018 collection: https://t.co/5QbPztMDP9

Earlier today in London, Kate Moss debuted a radical new approach to daytime dressing. https://t.co/aYvHK2uXxC

What to do when you're an introvert bride. https://t.co/cljz0z6dAG

6 ways to drink rosé this winter: https://t.co/Ov5EBdAIdw

We have an exclusive recipe for this $110 pasta by @dolcegabbana. https://t.co/4a6k3c9M3p

Should you try orange eyeshadow? @GiGiHadid makes a case. https://t.co/RDVZLVdGoW

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