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Go behind-the-scenes with @TeyanaTaylor as the star gets ready for @Versace’s Pre-Fall 2019 extravaganza. https://t.co/HtpmR9D5Jq

What does it mean to be party to abuse? As Church scandals keep emerging, @Mary_Beth_Keane—mother of two young boys—faces a painful choice. https://t.co/kRCGETpSXi

The hat is the best way to add a touch of personality to any cold weather outfit. https://t.co/bfoB5cDuXX

They say the best things come in small packages, which is why these stocking stuffers are guaranteed to start your holiday celebrations off right. https://t.co/tY335zw07o

If you're headed somewhere warm for the holidays, this is for you. https://t.co/d1OfD6tvPD

Kate Middleton swapped out the stunning heirloom jewelry for a low-key, chic airport outfit. https://t.co/nLjthklsdC

Most of the wealthy women’s clubs in Dubai are of the traditional type: gatherings that involve a meal, a cocktail party, and an accordant (often implicit) dress code. That’s not the Gazelles. https://t.co/3UsSWD0w5X

With Kevin Hart ousted, and only a handful of celebrities left who seem up for the challenge, the cast of Saturday Night Live decided to host their own style of auditions for the gig. https://t.co/N1h3k0yc0J

[email protected] has dropped a four-piece capsule collection that she co-designed with @Reebok, putting a rugged spin on the label’s classic Freestyle Hi and Aztrek sneakers. https://t.co/GTA6qfWXR4

Stuck in transit? Here is a quick guide on how to meditate during your commute. https://t.co/LWxeuVR3mR

How Lucia Berlin became a literary superstar 11 years after her death: https://t.co/mZ6dsRMwZi

Including a "no fail" pie crust recipe that takes only 5 minutes from start to finish. https://t.co/bO4UK9kP1M

11 runway looks that will make you feel snug-as-a-bug. https://t.co/PUDw8YhGRF

A beret with hoops? Jennifer Lopez makes it work. https://t.co/GzYIVTe5jr

Go ahead and escape the cold. https://t.co/Ns9MFXS1Im

These 5 cities offer the best savings on flights during the first month of the year. https://t.co/2jRRThui1m

Deck the historic halls! Here is an inside look at how the British royal family is decorating for the holidays. https://t.co/EKXDMcMVC5

The most inspiring (and unexpected) workouts for staying in shape over the holidays. https://t.co/RJwUqbg9uN

Those personalized Pottery Barn Kids blankies are about to get a whole lot more interesting.... https://t.co/8XZgyJtRln

Watch what happened when Vogue spent 24 hours with Adesuwa Aighewi in New York City. https://t.co/oLFN6Nmmup

10 dewy serums that will lock in moisture all season long. https://t.co/DZqCE0DFcQ

Why Joanna Kulig, who is already a well-known face in Poland, is bound for global stardom. https://t.co/szbKZN3po5

16 chic snow boots you can (really) wear around the office: https://t.co/bCNUXTPgaa

When winter comes, a normal lamp won’t do. https://t.co/Ki5s4wuXC3

[email protected] has really stepped up her game for her slew of Jingle Ball tour dates. https://t.co/yYhPZ0MkBj

[email protected] once again marries sportswear with high fashion. https://t.co/xnICDqLxbD

Is a societal change really afoot? https://t.co/AUQ6Fo2O0h

Here's to a clearer, brighter year ahead. https://t.co/fc68ZZm2uX

When it comes to body hair, here is how a new generation of women is embracing freedom of choice. https://t.co/2trByULeI0

2018 was a year full of high-profile weddings, from two royal nuptials to multiple surprise celebrity affairs. https://t.co/D1UZpNdDFR

The world's most stylish celebrities pulled out all the stops last week. https://t.co/6d4hQyaZk0

PSA: January is one of the most affordable months to travel. https://t.co/R9UZ87IUF1

9 holiday haircuts worthy of breaking out the champagne. https://t.co/wwrM4X8ZCN

Talk about a power couple. https://t.co/AoGA6LkZsp

Everything coming to Netflix this month. https://t.co/zwwTybVr95

Well, 2018 was another rocky year— but, at the very least, there was Timothée Chalamet. https://t.co/QtXCKoHhBG

A tribute to the fashion figures we lost in 2018. https://t.co/2GMiy3YMS3

Along with winning Twitter, @BTS_twt also dominated on Instagram this year. https://t.co/6QNAvKgqq1

Zayn channeled Harry Styles by embracing man cleavage in his latest look. https://t.co/Y2isjQ3V1F

Move over, Sophia and Jackson. https://t.co/YcEZ0NiSHE

A look at what we tweeted the most about in 2018. https://t.co/iIf5P7xvbQ

See @tylerthecreator’s new Fall 2018 video for his Golf Wang streetwear line here. https://t.co/hghuhdIeBd

In their rush to outfit the next starlet, brands keep missing opportunities to outfit Hollywood’s most talented women. https://t.co/CYUQ6SoXN3

It was a pop filled night at last night's premiere for the musical drama Vox Lux with Natalie Portman. Go inside here. https://t.co/bsMMKmcEak

Why 2018 actually felt very 1968: https://t.co/eNCiedk1YL

Ben Oleynik of skate brand Grand has tapped skater Spencer Hamilton to be the face of a new collaboration. https://t.co/QjYOWZ8Spm

They say good things come in small packages—we think the same could be said of beautiful luggage. https://t.co/j9YRZiLOlf

Mary Ann Jacob was working in the library at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the day that a gunman killed 20 children there. On the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, we look back on her story. https://t.co/vnwAylXbNW

For the holiday, Prince William and Kate Middleton gave us a laid-back look at one of their famous famous family. https://t.co/j7sGnxGyIj

Fashion lovers will definitely want to watch this. https://t.co/L8QL15KKgD

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