N @vyangkaar

If KRK buys iPhone X it will remain locked forever.

Every time KRK unlocks his iPhone X, Siri says 'Thobda dekha hai apna? Bhadwe aukaat mein reh'

Bidi 1 Tobacco rolled in paper, marketed by Top shots 0

Subeh subeh jo khaoge Misal, warn your family of cruz & patriot coming out with loud whistle.

I am sad af Despacito https://t.co/jHKVh6ttwR

Haha True detective 2 https://t.co/o1al1yfbwb

Wow 😳 https://t.co/qS4fAQBLx2

COD with 30 day unconditional replacements & return policy offered by any online market place is in other words 'Tera sacha sauda'.

Hold your horses, calm down. Maggi noodles have MSG.

Computer instructor: So what did you learn, guys ? Vishal baldlani, Pritom chorborty & Anu NOTMaulik - (in one voice) "CTRL C & CTRL V"

Pick one! Your choice of parantha

Pick one Your choice of Parantha

97% of all android phones right now! https://t.co/0BxPhGW2Eb

If Bollywood continues to make such sub standard movies, someday multiplex & BMS shall pay you to watch movies.

Almost is the safest word to use when you have to quantify certain thing and deep inside you know that your are screwed, well almost.

Almost https://t.co/QEFRgeon0M

Hum sala eastman color mein note chaap rahe hai aur tum abhi tak black money nahi aayi wapis wapis kar rahe ho ~ Rezerve bank

Mohd Azharuddin was neither front foot player nor back foot player. He was one foot player.

She takes all her decisions and also the ones concerning myself.

Hrithik got Ranaut from both ends. Na Mili Kangna, Na Suzanne.

PA : Newspapers influence voters Minister : Buy it PA: TV is powerful medium Minister: Buy channels PA: We cant buy Twitter Min: who says?

Epic shit!! https://t.co/oV9sgC4NbH

Are you there yet? #Oreo https://t.co/m1ptAMI5nj

Who in this world would pre-book a vivo phone?

Summer before the winter is coming.

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