Vyangkaar @vyangkaar

Dhirubhai Ambani : 500/- Rs Mobile phone. Mukesh: 1500/- Rs Mobile phone. The shortest Indian economy growth story.

I want to make biopic of Eric Clapton.

Only Gujjus can win it for India.

Ganguly is much better than Gavaskar and Manjrekar both in terms of cricket & commentary.

Giving up - My choice of food - Alcohol - precious sleep Is too much of an ask for one flat tummy.

Seagram's Royal stag cup powered by Cycle Agarbatti = Dua Daaru #WIvIND

Me: Sings *Dekho Baarish ho Rahi hai * Electricity department : *disconnects power*

Eid Mubarak

Have you linked PAN with Aadhar yet ?

For many GST is turning out to be Ransomware. There are no fresh orders/ purchases from traders and payments r delayed.

'3% extra lagega July 1st se, kuch ukkhad sakta hai to ukkhad le' Gist of emails received from banks in past one week.

Airtel is giving 10GB per month for another 3 months FREE FREE FREE

Suggest how to finish it before it goes away https://t.co/NapXvhnq22

Waiting for live cricket tweets! Anyone? #INDvPAK

Let's agree that despite all the rate war going on among telcos the quality of mobile data in terms of consistency & speeds is far below par

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