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2011 was best. https://t.co/MOSa0EDFAO

Do you think #Padmavati issue is a marketing gimmick?

That's not even a beer. https://t.co/FE7tYeKdRm

Why green tea is not green? Why black coffee is brown ? Why white goods are not white ? Why this world is full of lies ?

Now with 280 characters the only difference between Twitter & FB is that this doesn’t have my family & co-workers to judge me.

Amitabh & Smita Patil in the song Aaj rapat jayen are original liptards.

Infinity pool @MayfairResorts Goa. ❤️ this click, had to setup my cam on a tripod & waited for Sun to really go down. https://t.co/9mrVKKSzzs

Trust me you wouldn’t want to know that https://t.co/1KMwW7diui

In other words Netflix’s Stranger things is a hit. https://t.co/PyLL2GEY83

All Mumbai Fast local trains should be renamed as MS Dhoni for running between the wickets.

FM Retro 106.4 just has a collection of not more than 50 songs from 90’s. Wonder why people hear to all that gibberish between songs?

Padharo mhare Desh.. https://t.co/ZXoUBBHsEZ

Add political parties to the list https://t.co/EMJaFrINQh

My estimate. Colonisation and migration is the reason that Western & southern Europe isn't the most densely populated region today. Japan also tried their luck 😜

High on paranthe

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