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This is very touching indeed! She gifts away her Valentine something she needs most, everyday.

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* Rahul Gandhi smiles * twitter: wow... dude you got a million dollar smile! RaGa: relax guys, it was borrowed.

  • Rahul Gandhi is so poor that he wears a borrowed jacket... a ₹60,000 jacket.

    *Pidis scrutinizing budget* Pro-poor √ Pro-farmer √ Reduces tax burden √ Growth conducive √ Good for everyone √ Pidis tweet: What's the point of delivering a good budget when gau-rakshaks are killing muslims everywhere.

    A Muslim mob killed a Hindu boy for loving a Muslim girl. Don't overcomplicate things.

    Says someone who didn't change his calendar since 2002

    If you are a nice person the first thing you need to learn is to say 'no' if you want a better life.

    Had Ankit been killed if he was a Muslim? No. Clearly it's a communal killing.

    Justice Loya got a heart attack because his security was withdrawn. SMH.

    lekin ek script kabhi nahi mili

    Saare economists TL par pakoda-lassun kar rahe hain.

    There are no feminists in Pakistan, there are goatists.

    Blame obsession with arranged marriages, blame patriarchy, blame weather, blame global warming but never blame Islamic intolerance for a Hindu boy marrying their daughter.

    Is baar sambhal ke Pakistan jana, border pe bahot tension hai

    and what do the killers of Ankit represent?

    The golden rule is a bad Hindu represents his religion, culture, family, upbringing everything but a bad Muslim is just an individual.

    That's because you married Shabana and left your first wife with your kids to raise.

    Agar Khilji Karan Johar ke peechhe pada hota to Karan Johar Padmavaati kar lete.

    Gud khaye to gulgule se parhez kyon?

    Parental guidance needed in case minors get access to this image.

    "Hi this is Shashi Tharoor calling, is this the right time to speak?" The other side, "can I call you back in 5 minutes, i need to get hold of a dictionary"

    optimist: glass is half full pessimist: glass is half empty tharoor: glass is a farrago of misrepresentation

    Tharoor pick up " ae phoolon ki rani, farrago ki malika, tera muskurana gajab dha gaya.."

    When you finally realize that you are married.

    "चारे" से वो "जेल" की सलाखों के पीछे चले गए

    और वो ठाकुर कौन है जिसके भाड़े के टट्टू ये जय और वीरू हैं? :-)

    फिर.. मुझको तुमसे प्यार है.. ना ना ना, ना ना ना, ना ना ना, ना ना ना...

    बुआ जी, सूर्पनखा एक राक्षसिन थी और अगर वो सीताजी की तरह आपको भी मारने को दौड़ती तो राजदीप फूफा उसपर हमला कर देते न कि लिबरल/फेमिनिज्म का संविधान पढ़ते।

    मोदी जी: रेणुका जी को मत रोकिए, शोले फ़िल्म के बाद पहली बार ऐसी हंसी सुनी है। लिबरल गैंग: Gabbar Singh was the most misunderstood person of the 70's. Poverty forced him to become a robber. Goons Thakur, Jai & Viru killed him mercilessly.

    हमने कुछ लिबरल्स को बिना बताए रेणुका जी और साथ में शूर्पणखा की हंसी के सैंपल सुनाए। 10 में से 2 लिबरल्स दोनों में फर्क नहीं कर पाए और 8 ने तो रेणुका जी के सैंपल को रामायण का ओरिजनल सैंपल बताया।

    सूत्रों की माने तो NDTV की कुछ न्यूज़ एंकर्स ने शूर्पणखा के पक्ष में राम और लक्ष्मण के खिलाफ महिला आयोग तक जाने की धमकी दे डाली है।

    For libbies, it's bad to go back to independence days and compare Nehru & Patel but cool to go back to Ramayana days and question why Rama-Laxmana attacked Shoorpanakha.

    When you finally manage to get like minded people for company.

    When you accidentally get a taste of your own medicine.

    It's ok ma'am, drink beer and laugh like Shoorpanakha in Khan Market but please don't stand by terrorists, separatists and all anti-nationals.

    Q. What do you call muslim sentiments? A. hurt

    Hate is not bad when you get money to hate someone, to make a living :)

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