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कवयित्री यहाँ भ्रष्ट गांधी साम्राज्य के अमन और चैन की बात कर रही है

Those who rightly use FOE seldom complain about it; the ones who abuse FOE keep whining their FOE is suppressed.

Tumko to 5K retweets mil gaye na, jo tumhara purpose tha💐💐

During newspaper era news was just 'news' Came news tv channels and news turned into 'entertainment' Came news websites and news turned into 'propaganda'

Maharana Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th custodian of the Mewar Dynasty cooking in a cooker made of 24 carat gold on an imported silver stove.

I bet even Pidi could tell it's photoshopped

Milind Soman gets to date an 18 year old girl. Do middle aged men need any better motivation to start running!

Him: ना कजरे की धार, ना मोतियों के हार ना कोई किया सिंगार, फिर भी कितनी सुंदर हो Her: फोटोशॉप के बारे में सुने हो?

Trust me, kuchh log bas gaali khane ke liye hi post karte hain.

Per Manmohan, Congress party is a small business.

Deserves some credit indeed. It was RaGa who reduced Congress to 44 seats helping BJP grab power.

मेरी माँ कहती है मैं लाखों में एक हूँ

In English: Periods In Hindi: महीने के वो मुश्किल दिन

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss is Raghu Ram who made it big.

Legends watch Bigg Boss on voot.

News debates are actually mini versions of Bigg Boss where organizers only purpose is to make participants fight.

Failed parenting.

Tolerance: the ability or willingness of hindus to tolerate the extremist and hindu denigrating views of left, liberals and jihadis.

तुम्हारे गालियां देने से मेरे मां बाप की शान कम नहीं होगी, लेकिन इसका ये मतलब नहीं कि मैं वो गालियां चुपचाप सुन लूंगा। #Padmavati

It's not just about Rajpoots, even if Padmavati were a Sikh, Jaat, Brahmin or from any caste, watching in public some cruel invader named Alauddin lusting the honorable lady, I'd feel equally humiliated.

When you run out of arguments to criticize the government 😁

If your constant and mindless offensive on Modi is helping jihadi and terrorist causes, you're as detrimental as jihadis.

"हर ट्वीट में 280 करैक्टर ठूंसने वाले वही लोग हैं जो फ्री की दारू मिलने पर उल्टियाँ करते हुए घर आते हैं" ~ जैक डोरसी

Some day humanity will find cure for most of the deadliest diseases but Communism will still remain incurable.

The names Alexander, Dmitry and Igor are Bhavesh, Kaplesh and Jignesh of Russia.

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