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Opinion: To stifle online dissent, the regime made an example, writes @maryamnayebyazd

Choice Hotels signed a deal in Savannah to bring its Cambria brand to the historic, booming Georgia tourist town

  • Former and current agents said the missed lead highlighted risks they had previously raised with bureau officials

    Many schools already invested in security upgrades after the shooting in nearby Sandy Hook

    ‘These are Americans, New Yorkers living in third-world conditions,’ rapper Ja Rule said of public-housing residents

    "Undue hardship” regarding student loans was never defined, leaving it to bankruptcy judges to decide case by case. That could change

    NCAA says Louisville has to vacate its wins from 2011 through 2015, including its 2013 national championship

    Booking sites like AirBnB transformed the hotel business, now investors are launching a version that targets business travelers

    “We’re able to inspect areas of a building we have never inspected before”

    'Irn-Bru is the national drink for Scotland,' says a fan who drinks four liters of the soft drink a day

    The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, posted lower online sales and a lower quarterly profit

    U.S. officials consider Iranian general a terrorist supporter, responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers

    HSBC misses profit target as bank hit by the high-profile collapses of two borrowers in the U.K. and South Africa

    Albertsons plans to buy the rest of Rite Aid that isn’t being sold to Walgreens

    Six pals, all from New York City, made the trek to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang...for a bachelor party

    Ireland needs EU support to limit damage from Brexit, but also new allies to champion open markets the way the U.K. has

    European diplomats press Iran to curb military intervention in Yemen

    Increase in commodity prices boosts BHP’s cash flow

    Breaking: Rite Aid and Albertsons plan $24 billion tie-up, as retailers of all stripes respond to competitive threat from Amazon

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    Follow a day in the life of the composer and arts visionary who is shepherding in a new wave of experimental music

    'American Gothic' or 'American Horror Story'? You decide. A new exhibition

    Agreement is a political boon for Israel but raises questions for Egypt’s president ahead of elections

    Toy companies bring the fun to annual convention

    ‘Our kids are coming after them for change,’ one mother says of politicians after deadly Florida school shooting

    Mr. Macron’s new loosening of France's labor rules could backfire if companies use it to cut jobs without creating new ones

    More evidence of Germany's disintegrating center-left

    American demand for prized black truffles is growing--but most of the supply is from overseas

    Gun background-check bill, introduced after November church shooting, gets push from Trump

    Bangladesh struggles to create jobs, as automated machines take over factory floors

    More than 150 children and adults have been killed in shootings at American elementary, middle and high schools since 1990. Here are their names:

    France's leader seeks to restart job creation by relaxing laws that saddle companies with staff they don't need. Is it working?

    Sony passed up the chance to have 'Black Panther' and most of Marvel’s other heroes for $25 million—possibly the biggest mistake in Hollywood history

    Instead of an IPO, Spotify will simply float shares on the NYSE and let the market find a price

    Nikolas Cruz 'definitely had a key to the gun safe I didn’t know about,' father of family says

    With costume intact, South Korean figure skating pair returns to the ice #Pyeongchang2018

    How did South Korea build a giant-killing women’s curling team? Partly through the persistence of four small-town women who took up the sport a few years ago

    Peter Thiel has said he plans to leave Silicon Valley in part because of its perceived cultural uniformity. He isn’t the only one.

    More than 62 million Chinese vacationed in other countries last year, twice as many as five years earlier

    The latest sign of Spain’s bullish economic recovery? A surge in ham prices that some are calling a bubble.

    Some tech workers and entrepreneurs say they are leaving Silicon Valley in part because of resistance to different values, ideologies

    The creative community in Argentina is starting small businesses with local products and taking inspiration from the country's history and culture

    Opinion: A second special prosecutor would undermine the good work of Congress, writes William McGurn

    The secret to airline’s profitability: baggage fees, seat fees, reservation-change fees, extra legroom, more seats

    Jason Gay: I’m picking America’s next great sport: short-track speedskating.

    Opinion: Congress flirts with disaster on bank leverage ratios, writes Sheila Bair.

    Mattel, Hasbro and smaller firms try to spot internet memes and social-media trends for a fast profit

    Team Switzerland turns norovirus into hashtag #TeamNoro4theWin

    Tech workers have said they left or plan to leave the San Francisco Bay Area because they feel people there are resistant to different social values and political ideologies

    “He’s incredibly hard on himself, but actually quite generous to others,” says Natalie Portman of 'Annihilation' director Alex Garland

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