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Opinion: Don’t favor the top 1%. Help working Americans by expanding the child and earned-income tax credits, write @RepRoKhanna and @Ann_OLeary https://t.co/zhLVeACsnH

Google employees brainstormed, but didn't implement, ways to alter search functions to counter Trump's 2017 travel ban, internal emails show https://t.co/kXc8AOvvIg

AT&T defends its merger with Time Warner, saying it won’t harm competition https://t.co/kY9bkvOlaC

An abandoned IT integration of Danske Bank’s Estonian branch in 2008 played a role in the bank’s failure to stop money laundering https://t.co/heLC7lDiKH

Opinion: Are Bert and Ernie gay? For years, the team behind “Sesame Street” has explained that, no, Bert and Ernie are . . . puppets. But try telling that to the Twitter mob https://t.co/0HkxI4xacU

In dramatic overhaul, one Brooklyn district will stop selecting applicants by academic records in an effort to better integrate their classrooms by race and income https://t.co/CrsgqtfY0J

At this new fund, employees will be paid based on how they perform against the market. Underperformers could lose a portion of their bonuses. https://t.co/ONeQRPlyjc

A potential revolution in cancer care may be stymied by the high price of drugs, which suggests that we need to reconsider how we price them https://t.co/BrM0igXs9x

Companies like Pfizer and Cadbury are making plans to ensure Britons don't run out of essentials after Brexit https://t.co/lpGoW3dDqg

Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, say she is prepared to testify if conditions are met https://t.co/IGKbg6f6Qo

Quiet revolution: A look at Japan's markets since Shinzo Abe took power https://t.co/vtfnGYlfgN

Where did the cash go? Son of former president, former central bank governor and 15 officials are under investigation https://t.co/bFi7kZD9ky

Growing numbers of destitute Venezuelans are fleeing their country along the clandestine trails of a lawless, sometimes violent border with Colombia https://t.co/RvIDqPMEW7

Trump calls Senate spending bill "ridiculous," demands Republicans do more to ensure funding for border security, particularly his wall https://t.co/9frm9E7YxH

The "bigger is better" mantra is propelling consolidation in the fracking industry https://t.co/PMkF2aGcaF

Nice car, but your license-plate number is too high to be cool https://t.co/4tNthkmmfT https://t.co/wOTerXPvlz

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U.S. lawmakers target Beijing in a trade war of words at the World Economic Forum meeting in China https://t.co/pL8bEuu8Tz https://t.co/wl5qpYqjvW

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Apple could make iPhones in the U.S. and charge a little more per phone. But it would be a hollow victory, as @greg_ip explains. https://t.co/Uy1x51hOwQ

We're in the middle of another spike in trade-policy tensions between the business community and the Trump administration, says @GeraldFSeib https://t.co/BTOwqMvmHm

The latest cryptocurrency heist happened Friday in Japan, when about $60 million worth was stolen https://t.co/3bsobhkrXw

According to a 2017 survey, 91% of consumers routinely accept online service agreements without actually reading them https://t.co/cszrATw5cw

Hurricane Florence’s floodwaters have caused the worst damage to North Carolina’s hog farms in nearly two decades https://t.co/JFzztNOxxu

Heard on the Street: Rising rates, higher costs and taxes are already squeezing housing and the pressure will likely increase https://t.co/Mv7il7BAyz

Opinion: As in 1991, unverified allegations threaten to derail a Supreme Court nomination, writes @jasonrileywsj https://t.co/0I9BsofD6f

Janice Bryant Howroyd, founder and CEO of The ActOne Group, details her road to becoming the first African-American woman to own a billion-dollar business. Listen 🎧: https://t.co/43rXqgTL3a https://t.co/FOR1raykXO

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Bonuses are back: Companies dole out one-time rewards rather than boosting most workers' paychecks https://t.co/TmLank7IWw

Opinion: Republicans should tell Christine Ford and Democrats that if she doesn’t want to show up on Monday, they will move to a confirmation vote post-haste https://t.co/M64HMyHFT9

Anthony Bourdain's estranged wife is selling a 2,250-square-foot apartment with Italian marble bathrooms, bamboo hardwood floors and an open kitchen https://t.co/nfW7P1sFwj

The legal team investigating Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer's conduct decided not to send his phone to a forensics lab to determine if he actually destroyed evidence https://t.co/Kemy5C54tv

Hong Kong is running out of land. The government has proposed an unusual solution. https://t.co/Tjr63jRUH6

Mike Jackson's outspokenness has served as a contrast to most auto executives, who tend to steer clear of controversy https://t.co/O9J0WvfeZJ

Car makers make it increasingly easy for drivers to order food and other services while behind the wheel, raising safety concerns https://t.co/A06mFcgf76

The early backer of Tencent and Uber has just achieved the largest-ever capital raise by a private-equity firm in Asia https://t.co/VjubPvzpzs

Denmark's Danske Bank is examining more than $230 billion of transactions at its tiny Estonian branch that could be related to money laundering https://t.co/PrCoEvbdPn

Android phones will soon send Google Maps-like location data from T-Mobile-operated devices to emergency call centers https://t.co/u40sVy6XEa

Imran Khan’s new Pakistan government is cutting spending and raising taxes to narrow deficits as he seeks ways to fix his country’s fiscal woes https://t.co/qDjo2K1Aag

An early prototype of Gmail's Smart Reply tended to suggest "I love you" as a response to all kinds of emails. Now it's being rolled out to all of Google's 1.4 billion accounts. https://t.co/pF1y8tuIwG

The DOJ order comes as Washington and Beijing are involved in an escalating trade conflict https://t.co/BJdbCLQ7fP

Audi and Jaguar and challenging Tesla and gunning for one of America’s most popular vehicle categories: SUVs https://t.co/VILq1krzGE

Facebook has been haggling with banks and other financial firms for years over its access to users' sensitive financial information https://t.co/5GKt6rW18U

The insurer Cigna wanted to ink a low-cost deal with a New York hospital. It wasn't allowed to, and that's a big reason why health costs continue to soar. https://t.co/yHO9KsAB8I

Opinion: Bernie Sanders’s new plan will hurt the poor, writes @AndyPuzder https://t.co/6rjJjNmLWr

As Hans Christian Andersen famously put it, Bratislava needed no fairy tales, being a fairy tale itself https://t.co/dVVymx9jKl

Republicans say Sen. Dianne Feinstein sought to delay Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination; Democrats say she wanted to protect a constituent’s privacy https://t.co/fANUR80NNx

The New York Fed says it sold off all remaining holdings of the crisis-era Maiden Lane, ending a painful chapter of the financial crisis with a profit https://t.co/eiptW25mCT

Nevada and Florida went from zero pro-gun control ads in the 2014 campaign to more than 45,000 this year https://t.co/hxI2Xe5xDg https://t.co/ve1rJP5O3I

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Why do Americans spend so much on health care? One reason: the secret deals between hospitals and health insurers. https://t.co/diKeUtPvmC

Opinion: The SEC withdraws guidance that built a corporate-governance duopoly https://t.co/piq0W4HE8H

British fashion icon Twiggy no longer lives in a working-class neighborhood, but “that 16-year-old girl with the fake eyelashes never really goes away” https://t.co/8V3dYNNa4v

Share repurchases can play a role in boosting stock prices—but a freeze is coming https://t.co/jwehOS6hCP

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