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As Fed ponders another interest-rate increase, short- and long-term borrowing costs rise unevenly https://t.co/YNRqKFgayH

Advertisers pull commercials from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the show’s host said certain immigrants were making the U.S. “dirtier and more divided” https://t.co/oxX37rzTaB

"You can’t blame your operator": Lion Air co-founder escalates criticism of Boeing as the two try to minimize fallout from a fatal crash https://t.co/sgc5VZpJbO

Pfizer and Glaxo are combining their consumer-health units, creating the world's largest seller of drugstore staples like Advil and Sensodyne toothpaste https://t.co/3xTGYZoaGe

The wife of the Nissan director jailed alongside Carlos Ghosn said her husband was the victim of a boardroom coup https://t.co/2W13fJh6vP

Under Carlos Ghosn’s plan, Nissan boosted sales in America, but profitability suffered and tensions among executives grew https://t.co/OBPc0AKJOm

Tu Airong smuggled more than 500 North Koreans from China to Laos and on to freedom. Now, he's awaiting an asylum ruling in South Korea––but fears returning to China. https://t.co/CYNswFEbsc

Blythe Masters’s departure as CEO of Digital Asset comes as "crypto winter" sets in https://t.co/oCtqDe8WF4

Calls for a second Brexit referendum were once marginal voices, now they have big backers https://t.co/SO4NxbCnP1

With global smartphone sales flattening, Apple has looked to India for new growth, with little success so far https://t.co/QbDUD8IB7T

Opinion: Inflation and other economic signals justify interest-rate caution https://t.co/3b9GvjBKHz

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has offered to resign after members of his ruling coalition exited his government because of his accommodative stance on migration https://t.co/OfWVqScH0c

A panel of judges has dismissed ethics complaints against new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over statements he made during his confirmation hearings https://t.co/owyj9rC8jk

SEC approves rule requiring companies to disclose whether executives and directors can hedge against declines in their companies’ stock https://t.co/bxZM54dgdF

New York state now has 30 pages worth of recommendations for raising funding and improving the MTA, including congestion pricing and devoting a share of taxes from the sale of marijuana https://t.co/U0Jau3VoPW

The property sector is getting a lift from investors seeking safety during the broader equities rout, with real-estate stocks looking poised for another solid year https://t.co/XHLruGyH3A

Tim Cook made a big push for Apple in India. How does that look today? "I sort of view these as speed bumps along a very long journey." https://t.co/d1FdBRNs22

"Most people have one love story that maybe they abandoned or that's stayed with them." The movie "Cold War" explores an on- and off- and on-again relationship inspired by the filmmaker’s parents. https://t.co/AIRk2ltXI0

A federal commission on school safety, formed in the aftermath of the Parkland, Fla., shooting, criticizes an Obama policy on student punishments https://t.co/DF62pnYiJy

A lousy year for most asset classes just took another turn for the worse https://t.co/L6NKFFJDha

Mourinho was appointed to restore United to the top of the Premier League. He leaves with his reputation tarnished. https://t.co/kwgvcyCbzA

Huawei says countries trying to block it from their markets will only harm themselves and raise costs for consumers https://t.co/vwVD4JGPzy

Even small interest-rate changes can have outsize effects on markets and the economy, as Fed officials have learned https://t.co/BEfNDjvDoH

Japan is responding to China's rise and pressure from President Trump to spend more on American military hardware https://t.co/VI0DZkllNN

Mall Santas are very lonely this year. “Your mind starts going, why? Do I have something in my beard?" https://t.co/oym9rSe1uH

Critics within the party point to China’s flagging economy and poor relations with the U.S. as proof Xi Jinping has too much power in his hands https://t.co/71WhjYSyC9

From the business of Gwyneth Paltrow to the wisdom of Keith Richards, these are @wsjmag's most-read stories of the year https://t.co/iclqRbiUlf

Malaysia’s attorney general also filed charges against Tim Leissner, a former Goldman partner, under its securities laws https://t.co/RQNkDKFkBt

Opinion: The Senate will take up a criminal-justice reform bill that learns from GOP state experience https://t.co/1oQPjasq6O

The cost of earning an M.B.A. is soaring, but having one can double your salary. We asked readers to tell us whether business school was worth it, and why. https://t.co/YwtsQmV7F0 https://t.co/NDquj1FctO

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Opinion: A judge’s Obamacare ruling will be overturned and could backfire on Republicans https://t.co/CRLdxiYUfk

Playing Santa in age of dying malls: "I have a book for when it's really, really slow." https://t.co/mD8AcHXDPe

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone admits to spreading lies on InfoWars and must run ads in national newspapers apologizing for making defamatory statements about a Chinese businessman https://t.co/68nZcOAy7Q

A program that aims to increase by 50,000 the number of low-income students in good colleges is off to a modestly successful start https://t.co/hKyzv7JuFr

“I regard Clinton’s loss in 2016 as basically political malpractice,” said a former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party https://t.co/1n4EgF3LU2

Google and other tech companies are racing into cities beyond the industry’s traditional centers on the West Coast https://t.co/wB8F4fH1co

Santa is coming to town, but it could be too late for U.S. stocks https://t.co/aeziqiarA3

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed the Senate’s conclusion that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the killing https://t.co/xo7CQa5mRF

China knows the history of the U.S. trade war with Japan and is determined not to follow the same route https://t.co/YBt4bVYp1v

A young librarian hopes to become a full-time writer. Can she afford to? https://t.co/Q2bYRlT6pA

News of gene-edited babies in China raised global concerns, but less known are genetic experiments on livestock with unintended, and sometimes bizarre, results https://t.co/bHlZRzTfXy

Mincemeat is so hot right now––in Britain. The case for restoring it to pride of place on the American holiday table. https://t.co/3moCub1FzX

There’s something about Christmas that compels every Grammy winner to have a go at a holiday hit. And it’s hard to recall a single successful attempt. https://t.co/MthWPObPcA

“Quite honestly, if I could hover around the aisle at Target and tell parents not to do it, I would." https://t.co/MFc8LfTP24

Carlos Ghosn was once revered as the savior of Nissan Motor Co. Now he’s in jail, thanks to a secret investigation by his own colleagues. https://t.co/7355fLLV8B

Custom-made sofas you can return? Sheets you can try for a year? These digitally focused houseware brands can save you lots of shopping hours https://t.co/lSt6O7mZwt

As cattle farmers struggle with rising temperatures, scientists are scrambling to find solutions. Lab-grown beef may be the answer. Listen 🎧: https://t.co/nLn4q3GQ0g https://t.co/iVuEU4dr3x

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Aeromexico says the cause of damage to one of its jetliners is under investigation. If the culprit was a drone, it would mark the first documented collision in North America between an unmanned aircraft and a large passenger jet https://t.co/wh1VSRIJIq

Renault has urged Nissan to call a meeting of its shareholders, citing risks to the auto makers' alliance after Carlos Ghosn's indictment https://t.co/UeMNW153md

DJ Khaled lists his Miami-area villa with a custom sneaker room for $7.99 million https://t.co/C37cMuhBWz https://t.co/5uATmMayBf

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