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#FallInLine on @fallontonight πŸ–€ https://t.co/aG6QthmfgK https://t.co/yZ9uK47uiL

Stream #LIBERATION on @AppleMusic πŸ–€πŸŽΆ https://t.co/jRW9KjJMdv


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#Liberation https://t.co/IkuNPvx1mM https://t.co/UTMsthCoUC

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Fighters this goes for you too.... https://t.co/zMFz8i0elr

The fam https://t.co/Lvjtg95tyx

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ask & you shall receive.... https://t.co/HOoFME70nD πŸ’‹ #LIBERATION https://t.co/jUNB9yjZoQ

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8am on @MTVβ€” @TRL 🧑 https://t.co/RQPeVPX99E

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This girl [email protected]β€” tune in πŸ’‹ #ChristinaTODAY https://t.co/ilUSm2icPg

One last peek behind the scenes before #Liberation drops at midnight here in the US.... https://t.co/nb26f42RMJ #FallInLine @ddlovato https://t.co/qDBkJsQxpd

Tune in to @FallonTonight now on @nbc πŸ€—πŸ€— [πŸ“· Andrew Lipovsky/NBC] #XtinaOnFallon https://t.co/BRtUfcOeKQ

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The album is now available worldwide. Enjoy.... https://t.co/IkuNPvx1mM #LIBERATION https://t.co/GmErVokSRE

NY πŸ—½ @Postmates is sending one of you to the @TODAYshow tomorrow πŸ’™ https://t.co/hozc2O9VtM

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All my fighters in NYC I can’t wait to see you at the @TODAYshow at Rockefeller Center β˜ΊοΈβ˜€οΈ #ChristinaTODAY https://t.co/RfO3ex9z4t

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Track 13: β€œPipe” - Love vibing out to this oneβ€” Had so much fun exploring different textures & tones in my voice stylistically. Tapping into a certain kind of flow and flirtation. This song is both wordplay and foreplay. Much πŸ–€ to @taylaparx for killin it. #Liberation https://t.co/upZtttAjSa

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#Liberation appointments... πŸ“Ί @FallonTonight Thursday @TODAYshow Friday https://t.co/wIbKwMZsC4

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Track 2 & 3: "Searching For Maria" / "Maria" - The intro vocal to the album is an homage to a side of myself I lost touch with for a number of years.... https://t.co/VicgyiBPTF

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Track 4: "Sick of Sittin'"- Inspired with a Janis Joplin spirit, SoS is an internal wake up call to anyone who may feel stuck in a confined space or stagnant energy within the means of starting to live someone else’s dream and not your own true intention. https://t.co/JeZV92yIvA

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😏 https://t.co/p6WS1Qasb9

#LApride https://t.co/eVStpZvvVk

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A peek behind the curtain in my process of making this album... here's a look behind the scenes of Accelerate. More to come.... #LIBERATION out this Friday. Pre-order here: https://t.co/IkuNPvOCek 🏍️ https://t.co/ziju0nz92b

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