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Man who miraculously survived two nights inside his car during one of the Midwest's worse storms this winter learned while recovering in the hospital that he has stage 4 kidney cancer. https://t.co/3HsqjEqYyN

HAPPENING NOW: Former Pres. Obama appears at the first national gathering of the Obama Foundation's My Brother's Keeper Alliance. https://t.co/Oq5y8b84EH https://t.co/rtffglJxcC

"He has the worst job in Washington." A little-known DOJ official has been at the center of some of the Trump era's most contentious battles, under pressure not just from Democrats but also fellow Republicans—and some of his own Justice Dept. colleagues. https://t.co/iviuKLo9we https://t.co/1NHnMuJymL

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Timelapse footage captures a spectacular view of tonight's "supermoon" over the Providence skyline. https://t.co/uUtGf4vToX https://t.co/iJTIduxY7H

Yosemite might be a little harder to get to this time of year, but for this view of a snow-covered El Capitan, it’s worth the drive. https://t.co/3VecAXajjP https://t.co/bqcS9hOtlT

"#MeToo" spray painted on statue inspired by iconic photograph of World War II sailor kissing a woman in Times Square, just days after the sailor in the photograph died. https://t.co/Go6qPTtXyE https://t.co/N6ZmsIsrgb

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Brothers implicated in attack on Jussie Smollett tell police the "Empire" actor was upset that earlier threatening letter didn't get enough attention, sources tell @ABC News. https://t.co/OOqhPA5RY1 https://t.co/eTjhovxMnu

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TAKEDOWN: A suspect wanted by police for murder and cocaine trafficking was tracked down and taken into custody while driving a tractor-trailer on the highway in Florida. https://t.co/2nq8LL2a5e https://t.co/V3PXm1LvLt

NEW: Legislators have killed a controversial education bill hours after West Virginia educators hit the picket line. Teachers in the gallery at the state Capital building in Charleston broke into applause and were quickly ushered out. https://t.co/xMj7z913uO https://t.co/szJdxne2g3

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A man has been arrested in 1993 cold case murder of a 20-year-old Alaska woman, after investigators were inspired by the technology used to nab the suspected "Golden State Killer." https://t.co/5IVXcstamL https://t.co/hQAXyIjxAy

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New York police precinct commander under investigation for reportedly urging his officers to shoot rapper 50 Cent. https://t.co/JzXD6e71HM https://t.co/CGjTV83zOr

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In episode 2 of @ABC News' “The Investigation” podcast, Michael Cohen’s lawyer says his client will offer insights into a Donald Trump behind closed doors: “He lacks the moral compass we expect in our presidents.” https://t.co/6xFtdPEHMw https://t.co/Z7eGxTtEdd

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JUST IN: Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld, who dominated high fashion for the last 50 years, has died. https://t.co/A9fRlpyAEg https://t.co/sr5YRbBwK9

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Exposed Chinese database with names, birthdates, employers and even last places visited shows depth of surveillance state and expanded use of facial recognition. https://t.co/uuUVlgau2c

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, makes surprise trip to New York City as she prepares for the birth of her first child. https://t.co/JGxhI33BDv https://t.co/BjPivMlRjs

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Firefighters helped rescue a large mountain lion from a tree outside a home in Southern California over the weekend. https://t.co/Wg4jBFnvpS https://t.co/p6eyLCpr9C

Pres. Trump says embattled Venezuelan Pres. Nicolas Maduro is a "Cuban puppet." "We seek a peaceful transition of power, but all options are open," the president says at a Venezuelan-American rally in Miami. https://t.co/lCM8HS4qFF https://t.co/A9BVUwSGmT

A nonprofit Israeli consortium hopes to make history this week by launching the first private aircraft to land on the moon. https://t.co/KbqDlBLtnz

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from federal prison in Massachusetts. https://t.co/NyqlIxzOHp https://t.co/vh6GUewygZ

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A man has been arrested in 1993 cold case murder of a 20-year-old Alaska woman, after investigators were inspired by the technology used to nab the suspected "Golden State Killer." https://t.co/hWRLqcxhTb https://t.co/6noco9YfCM

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SNOW ON THE STRIP: Many visitors were surprised to see snow coming down on the famous Las Vegas Strip on Sunday night. Parts of the Las Vegas Valley saw up to 2.5 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service. https://t.co/DQq9hjSZ7o https://t.co/z1xmtpN4si

Six of the 12 cases brought by Robert Mueller's team have had matters brought before Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has become a low-key but recurring fixture of the special counsel investigation. https://t.co/7k7zWBXA8I

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe says he had a professional obligation to open up criminal investigations targeting Pres. Trump. https://t.co/41eXGbf6Op https://t.co/7kqSZsiLEp

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Arizona man rescued at Zion National Park after his leg got stuck in quicksand during a winter storm. It took nearly two days to rescue him. https://t.co/HDuMchAqop

Twitter is currently obsessed with...bath towels? https://t.co/PpsFF91aql https://t.co/iuC29E5Lr9

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The West Virginia woman who grabbed national headlines in 2016 for calling Michelle Obama an "ape" has pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands of dollars in federal disaster relief. https://t.co/mDLR2K3xML

SKY LIGHTS: Hundreds gathered to write wishes on and release lanterns into the sky for the Lunar Year of the Pig in Pingxi, Taiwan. https://t.co/z47mEqhYe2 https://t.co/v9V6Jri8wY

Dramatic home security video shows the moment a hawk attacked a puppy, diving toward the Toy Yorkie before her owner stepped in and fought the bird off. The puppy was injured but is recovering. https://t.co/6kanrbJRER https://t.co/Of1uYbjECj

What we know about the Aurora, Illinois, mass shooting victims. https://t.co/embUjH4Czz https://t.co/Uahgh5IKBE

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Bill Weld, the first Republican to announce a possible challenge to Pres. Trump in 2020, told @ThisWeekABC that six more years of a Trump presidency "would be bad for the country." https://t.co/SJeB4552Th https://t.co/RWLb3B3TzD

For sake of pupils' pupils, China to ban homework on apps https://t.co/HvAnNETarC https://t.co/lXchb1fjNg

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EU states mixed on Trump demand to take back ISIS fighters https://t.co/1kSJTFyO84 https://t.co/u5eQHysynz

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Sen. Tammy Duckworth told @martharaddatz she believes the Senate has enough votes for a joint resolution to terminate Pres. Trump's national emergency declaration: "Now whether we have enough for an overriding veto, now that's a different story." https://t.co/dvtYEOHtmO https://t.co/65FwOT7vmb

School threat system fields thousands of tips in first month https://t.co/rNBqZBp2yI https://t.co/yMzc9HCYPB

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Sen. Tammy Duckworth said Sunday that she believes there is enough support in Congress to put forth a resolution to terminate Pres. Trump's national emergency at the Southern border. https://t.co/HxRESA4yPJ

Big-bellied 'dragon' in Orion Nebula holds clues about how stars form. https://t.co/g5yuzp9hwi https://t.co/tOkBtg6vHg

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Houston police embroiled in scandal after "lies" were found in no-knock warrant that led to fatal raid on alleged drug house. https://t.co/r9pz5CTyXy https://t.co/pCPF3sqy1U

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NEW: Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has been released from federal prison in Massachusetts. https://t.co/jbcZYhkksP https://t.co/W8PYLlmu4y

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Men and women looking for prospective romantic partners online should take note. Tech firm warns of online dating scams, Nigerian connection. https://t.co/24jbsRHBMh https://t.co/Rw9qu63H4i

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You and your friends are betting on which films, actors and behind-the-scenes talent will win an Oscar. Here are some tips to give you an edge. https://t.co/fP41NIP4XV

A woman gives birth on JetBlue flight from Puerto Rico to Florida. https://t.co/8umHgt1yxL https://t.co/bGtmhAWhdq

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Israel's prime minister has appointed an interim foreign minister. https://t.co/oBlrl3hsUf https://t.co/wdwciCnK2E

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Pope Francis is asking for prayers for this week's sex abuse summit at the Vatican, calling abuse an "urgent challenge of our time." https://t.co/bZmFFHEdIy https://t.co/nkJkgSCbgP

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Baby Chanco was born with a full head of hair and is a social media sensation. https://t.co/kGuN2w9dtW https://t.co/O6dUsmpWuE

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A series of manhole fires in NYC forced the evacuation of a theater complex. https://t.co/tc750xBl9f

The Berlin Film Festival offers opportunities for women, building on the MeToo momentum. https://t.co/edVrQ3kGSL https://t.co/bViATwTKg3

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Oakland teachers announce a strike over pay and smaller class sizes. https://t.co/OLZUNwL0vk

Houston police embroiled in scandal after 'lies' were found in no-knock warrant that led to fatal raid on alleged drug house. https://t.co/YQWZ3l4CVt https://t.co/mbzgwZd12X

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The rope found around Jussie Smollett's neck was purchased by the 2 brothers, sources tell ABC news. https://t.co/W5xep9yrxp https://t.co/dX309CEAqS

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The U.S. Air Force has begun flying tons of aid to a Colombian town on the Venezuelan border as part of an effort meant to undermine socialist President Nicolas Maduro. https://t.co/q0D7aV0pAz

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