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This 17-year-old is set to graduate Harvard just 11 days after graduating from high school. https://t.co/BWOzjHgW3g https://t.co/DJt1vDuGtS

Federal correctional officer arrested for allegedly abusing his position to sexually assault female inmates over the course of six years. https://t.co/xZ5TdHew6W

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler says Pres. Trump is trying to "run out the clock on the American people." "We will hold this president accountable—one way or the other." https://t.co/b9L4MmssLH https://t.co/IqgZnaYjBr

Last week, a fan petition drew almost a million signatures to get HBO to redo the final season of "Game of Thrones." Fans have even more questions and concerns after the final episode aired Sunday night. https://t.co/90hrssvPL8 https://t.co/rrCqQynQ5r

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New Zealand police have filed a terrorism charge against the man accused of killing 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch. https://t.co/SfdjYbRV0A https://t.co/S6juf5HdFz

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States pushing stricter abortion laws have high maternal mortality rates: https://t.co/jD9ZxWfsnC https://t.co/SvfTTqqjd6

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After Rep. Nydia Velazquez challenged Housing Secretary Ben Carson on his budget, Carson responds by urging lawmakers to “think logically rather than just emotionally." Velazquez called Carson’s proposed housing budget “shameful” and “immoral.” https://t.co/IXwAscE5JW https://t.co/QFBSzvj4Om

Extensive damage seen from a helicopter flyover after a vegetation fire near Lebec, California. About 24 firefighters worked to successfully contain the fire. https://t.co/iwTL57Lrf1 https://t.co/4dZE3nPN2v

An appreciation of Niki Lauda, a force of nature in the racing world and beyond: https://t.co/iMcYBhyZWk https://t.co/NZ7ySKa9Pi

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This kayaker took wet weather conditions in their stride, rowing down flooded streets after record rainfall in Stockton, California. https://t.co/zHn16R8f6d https://t.co/pnX6kTy7q1

What's next for "Game of Thrones?" Author George R.R. Martin, whose work was adapted into the TV series, says it's "been a wild ride." https://t.co/Iz77v67Bae https://t.co/PMeOR78grJ

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Police visited the motel room of a Texas man suspected of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl hours before his arrest but didn't see the child, authorities say. https://t.co/GzArU01iqx

LUCKY DUCKS: These ducklings jumped out of a helmet to be reunited with their mother after firefighters in Littleton, Colorado, rescued them from a storm drain. https://t.co/UZD1wE6I1B https://t.co/DtiPppaahg

In inspiring speech, Oprah Winfrey tells graduates "life is about decisions"—and that there is one decision they could make then and there. https://t.co/kQ1Nvw2rDZ https://t.co/9nru8HVyP5

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How politically segregated is your city? Republicans and Democrats tend not to live side-by-side, even when they live in the same city. @FiveThirtyEight breaks it down: https://t.co/ds0Ys147NG https://t.co/SfhpFuFMLU

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After breaking with GOP on impeachment, is Justin Amash the loneliest Republican on Capitol Hill? https://t.co/qZDX90KPya https://t.co/Wz8VuIAsq4

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NEW: A Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier jet has crashed in Craven County, North Carolina. The pilot ejected and is said to be unharmed, according to a Defense official. https://t.co/x4ogDEkTon

James Holzhauer could be two weeks away from "Jeopardy!" immortality. https://t.co/bmyNbbvAmi https://t.co/PHjuWZO6Do

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It's a gorgeous spring day in New York City...and there's a giant pink flamingo being pulled by a barge through the East River. https://t.co/9gj1B2KYPI https://t.co/p59RxifXtE

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The number of measles cases in the U.S. continues to climb, but at a slightly slower rate than in previous weeks. https://t.co/rGt48MLo7C https://t.co/sQYQ4RSPNG

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JUST IN: White House expected to block former White House counsel Donald McGahn from testifying before Congress about events relating to Mueller probe, sources tell @ABC News. https://t.co/N5ptIphS0t https://t.co/D7nqIBMPEd

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U.S. pet owners could soon feel in their wallets the impact of America's intensifying trade war with China. https://t.co/8spy5sRgNa

Man mistook his daughter for a potential intruder and fatally shot her, authorities in South Carolina say. https://t.co/yD8o2unIVi

An NYPD officer allegedly paid her boyfriend $7,000 to help her hire a hit man to murder her estranged husband and the boyfriend's teen daughter, according to court records. https://t.co/0WvAIaflnH

Suspected serial rapist arrested in connection to second California cold-case murder. https://t.co/B6yDkutZ2u https://t.co/ywoYnB8CCv

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Transgender woman seen brutally attacked in a widely circulated video last month was shot to death in Dallas over the weekend. https://t.co/dGCFD8R85U

Suspected serial rapist arrested in connection to second California cold-case murder. https://t.co/oa5UiLheeo https://t.co/E3WU23uRZ6

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The football coach who disarmed an alleged gunman at an Oregon high school says he's "blessed to be alive." https://t.co/FFfuhrR0Rk https://t.co/RtqkyaV5F7

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Columbine High shooting survivor dies from "the very disease he fought," his family says. https://t.co/1ifp2IX5C1 https://t.co/BA05JZgqiR

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Trayvon Martin's mother announces run for office in South Florida. https://t.co/zpNnlF5Y9v https://t.co/8Al1EcZsbH

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Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says Donald Trump is "paying lip service" to LGBT rights. https://t.co/QKXSckDtA0 https://t.co/E3Oky3Swhh

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Are you ready? The 'Game of Thrones' finale: Here are three popular theories on how it could end. https://t.co/JdwtqRd2UB https://t.co/QK3uO9Nc1C

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Gen. David Petraeus, the retired 4-star general who led troops into battle during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, tells @MarthaRaddatz he doesn't see parallels between the lead-up to Iraq and the current escalating tensions between the United States and Iran: https://t.co/VsV8nS2s2x https://t.co/kgtkBJj1Pu

Jimmy Carter finds a renaissance in 2020 Democratic scramble. https://t.co/EBgWoWuf0y https://t.co/kefiaIX6sa

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Health officials in Chicago have confirmed the city's first case of measles, the latest in the worst outbreak in the U.S. in the last 25 years. https://t.co/kSuTJt7RzR https://t.co/NKvWm4rv8i

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The mother of a four-year-old Houston girl who has been missing for two weeks says she hopes her child is still alive, even as suspicion mounts that her ex-fiance might have had a role in the girl's murder. https://t.co/nTXqZiYLIp https://t.co/ppdOTXMNDx

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A Colorado man who survived the 1999 Columbine school shooting and later became an advocate for fighting addiction has died. https://t.co/r0ogdlcyrb https://t.co/HOtFaaTyVm

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Country music star Travis Tritt says his tour bus was "sideswiped" in a multi-vehicle crash that left two people dead in South Carolina. https://t.co/2XtDRa9YPg https://t.co/TQ6YoUdubI

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Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper says he can build bridges with Republicans: "I'm running for president because Donald Trump has been fueling this national crisis of division and it's taking our country backwards. And the answer is not socialism." https://t.co/w4E4i5rWba https://t.co/5WMOoJcw0n

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper calls out Pres. Trump and some of his 2020 Democratic rivals on foreign policy: "They would have the United States withdraw from global engagement and that makes us less safe." https://t.co/6j9Nbx8Jgt https://t.co/WCdneJRvGp

A baby dies after being left in a hot car in Indianapolis as temperatures climbed into the 80s. https://t.co/x6JhWPJwya https://t.co/HOQjFfqXWP

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Australia's conservative coalition wins surprise 3rd term. https://t.co/Dkpj092Ihs https://t.co/zRQNTJyW4i

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Texas police searching for a girl, 8, kidnapped while walking down the street with her mother. https://t.co/klmgYwWT4v https://t.co/dujA9zh87a

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanks "all Australians" for returning his conservative coalition to power in a shock general election result, and has vowed to get straight back to work. https://t.co/Zog0FvrQGb https://t.co/JfKVD8yQ8Y

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A South Texas church where a gunman in 2017 opened fire and killed more than two dozen congregants will unveil a new sanctuary and memorial room honoring the victims. https://t.co/BlFUnIDX8u https://t.co/Wv1ezeNpQs

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In a new pristine restoration, Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday evening. https://t.co/3A1rXjHhdr

Missouri passes a series of sweeping abortion restrictions, including an 8-week ban, becoming the latest state to push anti-abortion legislation forward. https://t.co/80gG5bItxh

While some states are restricting abortion, others move to bolster access. https://t.co/OuUQnNYI5M https://t.co/0bkw3hbEqO

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The German humanitarian group Sea-Watch says its ship carrying 47 migrants has entered Italian waters despite an explicit ban by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. https://t.co/5kfLfzoUjx https://t.co/iQ55doUL8K

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Employees of energy giant ExxonMobil have begun evacuating from an oil field in the southern Iraqi province of Basra but work at the field is still ongoing, Iraqi officials said Saturday. https://t.co/Q2oFVfY2zM

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