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NEW: Brandishing a pen, Sen. Schumer says Pres. Trump can fix his administration's family separation practice with a presidential order. "I'll lend you my pen. Any pen! You can fix it yourself." https://t.co/2mXJ1yRwlA https://t.co/3JVp5yVbYH

Sen. Schumer to Pres. Trump: "If you don't want to change this cruel policy, at least admit it is your decision. Blaming others falsely is cheap, easy, and dishonest." https://t.co/2mXJ1yRwlA https://t.co/Mv3OJzxnhl

Bars in the English town of Devizes get their beer the old-fashioned way, via daily horse and cart deliveries. https://t.co/c7jRR0PgWI https://t.co/0f8lvefw1j

Survival stories: How four people got back from the brink of suicide. https://t.co/25f3pJ4LHD https://t.co/bfzbabRIay

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Teenage gunshot victim started breathing again after paramedics had already draped a sheet over him, authorities say. https://t.co/fniUKlSV9j https://t.co/sQnhenfDiB

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BUSTED! This very good dog was having tons of fun splashing around in this inflatable pool – but quickly changed his behavior as soon as he noticed someone was watching. https://t.co/jaLmADfidw https://t.co/5ArSGCaxwP

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to make their first official trip abroad to Ireland. https://t.co/sJ9p6iiXau https://t.co/PgogOSCZ3k

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China’s Commerce Ministry criticizes Pres. Trump’s latest threat of tariffs, calling it an “act of extreme pressure and blackmail.” https://t.co/SG870b70mC https://t.co/TijxA0osnt

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NEW: Pres. Trump releases statement on Juneteenth. "As a Nation, we vow to never forget the millions of African Americans who suffered the evils of slavery." https://t.co/cHeUPhQtxv https://t.co/acaIjsN7Mh

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Uncertainty looms over Colombia's fragile peace deal with the victory of one of its most hawkish critics in a bruising presidential runoff. https://t.co/xTKvsMMOaO

Drone footage shows roads and businesses in Houghton, Michigan, washed out by weekend flash flooding. Up to 7 inches of rain fell Sunday, with several sinkholes opening up. https://t.co/leyyNAu2cR https://t.co/E37eMVnCQP

Use of so-called "alternative" supplements doubled in teens between 2003 and 2014, according to new study. https://t.co/6ynxcBH7Gq https://t.co/S0FUGpTZiF

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Tiny days-old elephant calf makes an early foray into the outside world with her mother, Porntip. https://t.co/HuVNppuHMs https://t.co/iUBFGp3odb

Compulsively playing video games now qualifies as a new mental health condition, says World Health Organization. https://t.co/bX81MWy02q https://t.co/uOaBujs5Fb

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Chick-Fil-A employee goes above and beyond when a customer forgets part of their order, running down a busy street at top speed to bring them their food! https://t.co/K2s6mVjvbS https://t.co/xDUhXEI6ht

A break in the monsoon rains that have wreaked havoc on Rohingya camps in Bangladesh allowed refugee children to play on a makeshift ferris wheel. https://t.co/OguwA3eJvV https://t.co/cspvnLae3K

DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen and AG Jeff Sessions offer full-throated defense of administration's immigration enforcement policies that lead to separation of families on the border. https://t.co/fe7g5y3KUp https://t.co/mdNcWNAkyn

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MAKING A SPLASH: This clever dad took the phrase “car pool” literally, turning his pickup truck into a swimming pool for neighborhood kids on Father’s Day. https://t.co/4mLdXS5Y44 https://t.co/8i7D9rxzIv

Apple aims to solve problems locating 911 calls for help. https://t.co/O78td8cOEj https://t.co/8ZTGakusLJ

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Pres. Trump says U.S. policy separating migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border is law. It's not. https://t.co/c1n7kSh3mK https://t.co/4eNadosnpo

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NEW: Sen. Kamala Harris calls on DHS Sec. Nielsen to resign. “The government should be in the business of keeping families together, not tearing them apart." https://t.co/xp7UfFIDLW https://t.co/Ema1CHTplD

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NEW: Gov. Cuomo says New York will not deploy National Guard to the border. "The administration's unconscionable treatment of families at our border is a moral outrage and an affront to the values that built this state and this nation." https://t.co/Zs3yHTZywf https://t.co/3jL8js3kNS

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Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said Pres. Trump doesn’t need to “justify” the policy of separating children from parents, because the it is part of the administration's “zero tolerance” approach on illegal immigration. https://t.co/i7fh9QVRDM https://t.co/VOK9bFiyd3

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Deer caught on camera roaming the streets of Hoboken, New Jersey. Officers struggled to contain it as “it was way too fast,” the city's police chief said. https://t.co/ZWzYejNCrY https://t.co/LUMHmrjeCV

PARTNERS IN CRIME: The mother of this Texas tot says her daughter hates taking naps - so much so that she enlisted her older brother to help her escape from her crib. "They are best buddies and are always conspiring to get into things together," mom says. https://t.co/ckvLpm2pZT https://t.co/BvlIj7HbbH

Hundreds of children wait in series of cages at Texas Border Patrol facility. https://t.co/kyS0IGsIAt https://t.co/Y189YdeZYN

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School district apologizes after Los Angeles high school student dresses as KKK grand wizard for history class project. https://t.co/qQl0HkG7J6 https://t.co/Zu7xNbJeT8

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At least nine tourists injured when a ceiling decoration unexpectedly collapsed inside of a tourist center in China. https://t.co/eevJUetChu https://t.co/uZYFNqwXUM

School district apologizes after Los Angeles high school student dresses as KKK grand wizard for history class project. https://t.co/Wi0hNfMcAk https://t.co/8VGVHp8OoT

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Authorities have ended the search for people buried by the eruption of Guatemala's Volcán de Fuego. Officials say there are 110 confirmed deaths from the June 3 eruption while 197 people are listed as missing. https://t.co/28toEHqhxA https://t.co/ldKiTefVg4

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Man charged with 6 felonies for making $1.3 million in fraudulent returns to Walmart. Police say he perpetrated the scheme at thousands of Walmart stores across the country. https://t.co/9LUAhLc4oD https://t.co/t1GWN8pviI

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Loyal Yorkshire terrier stayed with a missing 3-year-old girl in a dense cornfield in Missouri all night—and heroically led a search party to them. https://t.co/m8FtJB3CRc https://t.co/nLcK4sMhG2

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53% of Americans say Pres. Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un is unlikely to lead North Korea to denuclearize—but that number is down from 67% who said so before the summit, new @ABC News/WaPo poll finds. https://t.co/A5vqMpjMR3 https://t.co/YV13EtLUMJ

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BIGGER THAN BASEBALL: High school pitcher holds off celebrating heading to the Minnesota state championship game with his teammates so he could console his childhood friend instead. https://t.co/mYhwiJHA7q https://t.co/5KeJ8R7DSD

Serbia's captain Aleksandar Kolarov dedicates both his team's win over Costa Rica and his goal to Goran Bunjevcevic, sporting director of the Serbian federation, who had a stroke last month and required emergency surgery. "We are 100 percent behind him." https://t.co/5gq6353mkn https://t.co/zaPWBbQiMZ

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JAILBREAK: This clever toddler has had enough of her playpen—and uses a pile of blankets and toys to facilitate her escape. https://t.co/sKCkAYuOrz https://t.co/74udQECBOm

The mother of a boy with epilepsy at the center of a debate over medical marijuana in the U.K. is calling for an urgent meeting with ministers to discuss liberalizing British policy. https://t.co/fgSXPGKO09 https://t.co/Gxc4YzEksd

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NEW: Agency that monitors earthquakes in Mexico said an “artificial quake” was registered in Mexico City, possibly caused by “massive jumps during the goal from the Mexico national soccer team.” Mexico upset reigning World Cup champion Germany 1-0. https://t.co/drF68B9A0d https://t.co/BW0fI8bBD4

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TO THE RESCUE: Dashcam video shows a police officer rescuing a little boy who was running on a highway in Illinois. https://t.co/kYIqoGLcKL https://t.co/g2gZ675mPa

“Best love and friendship demonstration ever” — This very faithful dog walks slowly and waits for its elderly owner to catch up on a walk in Mexico City. https://t.co/VKuMSksnX4 https://t.co/dzB4mTH5Bx

Army Maj. Stephen Uurtamo, who went missing during the Korean War, will finally be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, nearly seven decades after he was taken prisoner and died. https://t.co/x9BSGbhu8k https://t.co/eDkvvYciVc

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An illustration by Antoine de Saint-Exupery showing a likeness of his renowned little prince atop a globe, adorning an anguished love letter, has sold at auction for 240,500 euros. https://t.co/v2yjcgVnae https://t.co/l7Ykl9GPkx

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Three inmates, including one charged with murder, busted through the wall of an Illinois jail on Saturday morning and led authorities on a manhunt. https://t.co/RlyCkuy1qL https://t.co/C8y6YFxMNp

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Actress Mary McCormark called out Tesla in a post on Twitter showing frightening video of her husband's car bursting into flames in Los Angeles traffic. https://t.co/Z5XHfzKP96 https://t.co/hcyfb5Dzo6

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Cut off by lava, Hawaii pot growers refuse to let go of their dream. https://t.co/5jXPGkbBkw https://t.co/kEtBFFySz9

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Trucker who authorities say was linked by DNA evidence to the 1987 deaths of a young Canadian couple has been charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder. https://t.co/u36KSzL0CA

LOOK UP: Photographer captures stirring timelapse of the starry night sky above Australia. https://t.co/FW9eKIkBdb https://t.co/2EnuzgPEjy

Since the Parkland mass shooting, Manuel Oliver has traveled across the country building murals in honor of his son. He calls the murals "Walls of Demand." https://t.co/kSW1tP70Pd https://t.co/DOQjkOCoRT

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A giant plume of smoke blocks out the sun after the Sakurajima volcano erupted on Kyushu island in southern Japan. https://t.co/ZueiObYbaj https://t.co/4yQXvUgdZG

EPA sends rollback of Obama water protection rule, criticized by some industry groups as burdensome federal overregulation, to the White House. https://t.co/hwEc8W2y0B https://t.co/YrDILDgxmD

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