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eat dick, investors. https://t.co/1X4GGgKjRr

some good news https://t.co/eKZopn8H60

take a bow dhanush haha geddit don't @ me https://t.co/WB6CQHKYCb

Every time someone's extra nice to me at a party im like you sure you haven't had me mistaken for someone else?

Thaikkudam Bridge toll naka.

🤔🤔🤔🧐 https://t.co/Qy9ZqxkHU5

What's Jesus' favorite snack? A crossaint. https://t.co/w4c9ZiDyYl

Rajnikanth doesn't enter politics politics en https://t.co/FXLcT7SQES

when in-laws are over for the weekend https://t.co/XgE2qdBO26

are weekends off https://t.co/NTPzaFn9aN

Carlsen + Damon = Callister CTO https://t.co/3pNnlN54Nv

i loffd @oinkoo https://t.co/fhi5OdJqLH

nu yr nu memes

when your siblings save your ass https://t.co/oVxrvn2QWE

ae uidai uidai uidai

websites that think they're smart: pop-up that says "we know you hate pop-ups but fuck you hear us out.."

TIL namboodripad, when asked if he'd always stammered, said, "No, only when i speak."

2018 will be the year of dadaist @prtxt everybody else can leave

shitty day at work and uber driver gives you 3* right in front of your eyes i didn't even say or do anything smh

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