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I have written one article in which I have criticized Kashmir Politicians. No one has published. Koi hai jo publish kar sake?

RW group can NEVER be united. Mujh se likh ke le lo.

Koushik Debnath beaten by 3 Kashmiri Muslim students because Debnath condemned Terrorist attack on his FB post. Anyone here for Debnath to open his door? https://t.co/pRfwsbU3IY

When Kathua rape happened, Barkha Dutt & her Co labelled entire Jammu Dogras as Rapist. In Pulwama attack, when we comment against Kashmiri Muslims who are defending & cheering Terrorists attack ... Liberals are defending them. Chameleon characteristic

Dear @uttarakhandcops . Look at this Jihadi supporter is spreading rumor. @TwitterIndia can you please suspend this account for spreading propaganda and creating hatred environment https://t.co/Dy6bZF4H1E

This is the first time since 1990 that security cover from Separatists has been withdrawn. Well done! #Pulwama

Jihadi Mirwaiz Umar Farooq , How's the josh? @MirwaizKashmir

His father is NOT condemning Pakistan and he is trying to save Terrorist apologists. @OmarAbdullah family at its best. #Pulwama https://t.co/pWL9Awnga3

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Today just keep listening Captain Amarinder Singh's speech in Punjab Assembly in continuous loop. Just brilliant speech. And slap on @sherryontopp . Jai Hind. #Pulwama

Navjot Singh Sidhu wants to apologise to Waqar Younis for his 100 against Pakistan team. #BoycottSidhu https://t.co/DnujDRo7jn

RTed by Congressi & Tweeted by a man who had defended Yakub Memon & Afazl Guru in the Supreme court. @pbhushan1 is on pay roll of .... #Pulwama https://t.co/Rq6Ww3trHW

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Entire Jammu division is on Tinderbox. Last time I saw these vigorous reaction of my state when Kargil was going on Young Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia was local boy from Jammu & attained martyrdom in Kargil war. When his body reached Jammu,entire city was blocked to pay final visit

Is @ReallySwara idiot? Mam, bomb blast hua hai with 200kg RDX. Let me repeat it was BOMB Blast. Don't be so scum. https://t.co/EddvviA2j2

BREAKING: Navjot Singh Sidhu apologies to Waqar Younis for the 100 runs which he had scored against Pakistan team. https://t.co/TvFF8gtWH9

"पाकिस्तान बहुत बड़ी गलती कर चुका। उसका बदला ज़रूर लिया जाएगा और अच्छे तरीके से लिया जाएगा !" ~ प्रधानमंत्री मोदी #Pulwama #PulwamaAttack

40 सैनिकों की जगह 40 पत्थरबाज मारे जाते तो ये अवार्ड वापसी गैंग और वामपंथी कीड़े अभी तक अपनी चूड़ियां तोड़ चुके होते और आर्मी के खिलाफ जंग छेड़ चुके होते। #Pulwama

The area where attached happened, @abdullah_omar and @MehboobaMufti had forced central govt. to remove CRPF bunker & Check post. So no security checking & Terrorist successfully drove the Sumo fully loaded with RDX. #PulwanaAttack

People who are always Anti-Indian Army: Arundhati Roy & her group Separatists Abdullah Family Mufti Family Terrorists. #Pulwama

Mam, please keep quiet and DO NOT give gyaan when your group has been sympathizer with under ground Anti-Indian people. https://t.co/WJjr2sidkg

Learn this art of venomous Journalism. No need to condemn the attack but FIRST criticize Modi. She will get bonus from Congress. #Pulwama https://t.co/ocpzwQiQGp

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Shame on you !! Your ex-colleague has been doing propaganda since start of career. At that you were feeling proud? @SreenivasanJain https://t.co/YSbKDy0klS

Mitron, uth jao. Savera ho gya hai. Surya namaskar karne ka samay aaya gya hai.

STAT: In India, the number of young couples at CCD & MacDonald exceeds the combined population of Australia and New Zealand. #ValentinesDay

WhatsApp bans Rajya Sabha Telugu Desam Party’s (TDP) Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh. 😂😂😂

Name of those of 3 PMs are: Nehru Indira Gabdhi Rajiv Gandhi https://t.co/AA5DZp3C1Q

I were in the college definitely this would have been my style for Valentine's day 😂😂😂 . #ModiOnceMore https://t.co/sVqwZzVO9l

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Abe so jao. Nahi toh kal office ke liye bus miss ho jayegi.

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Today Kapil Sibal as Anil Ambani's lawyer is defending him in Ericsson case. Kapil Sibal is criticizing Anil Ambani for Rafale deal. Two mins of silence for Supreme court, in which case they are going to trust Kapil Sibal.

[email protected] changes 5 schemes of BJP in Chhattisgarh to Rajiv and Indira Gandhi. Dynasty zindabad ! https://t.co/wqvjNgbQL6

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PM Narendra Modi's Development mantra for Jammu & Kashmir https://t.co/ayN9BFfFCH

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