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Yeh kya cheez hai By God. Itni nafrat aur itna Propaganda kahan se laate yeh hai? https://t.co/SE19pym2It

Oyye 9th fail.. chup. Ek dum chup @yadavtejashwi https://t.co/2QUrMoZMXm

Total number of seats contested by DMK contested is 20. [email protected] gave 35+ in exit poll. I think he did PHD in Mathematics from 'Rajiv Gandhi Institute'. https://t.co/bW3n4TPWzg

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Sources: Rahul Gandhi is leaving to London. @Swamy39 Sir, can you please confirm

Yeh kiska kaam hai? https://t.co/cGUjZrqVfd

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Salim sir, You and Kejriwal were who openly called Congress chor and corrupt. Now he wants Congress to Save India. Hypocrite Salim aka @_YogendraYadav #ExitPoll2019 https://t.co/OQhPGGKfQ7

And @waglenikhil is Supporting Hitler Mamata https://t.co/onDFCisFfg

Hello @IAF_MCC , can you please take action against her? Cc: @DelhiPolice https://t.co/Rbz5yaJGxD

She is Kunal kamra of Australia. When result is not in your favor. https://t.co/EltJYNbpmR

PM Modi took one day off from office but still he inspected the arrangements in Kedarnath. Means still he worked. Main toh kushi se leave ke din phele hi kaam karna band kar deta hoon. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

People happy about Australia election: Melbourne Sydney Canberra Jalandhar Amritsar Patiala

If PM Modi retains power on 23rd May, we will do Work from Home till his oath ceremony. If he doesn't then we will request Manager, bhai weekend par bhi kaam de do. Ab kuch nahi raha.

[email protected]_pasha : Let's Keep Modi in Kedarnath Modi: Okay fine. Let me ask Amit Shah to become PM. Seemi: I beg you and request you please return to Delhi asap. Galti ho gayi.

Such hatred for being Hindu and she is Journalist too. AB kya bole https://t.co/8UiLpySKjE

And new record for Pakistan šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ https://t.co/yFaFLqin57

This will be amazing. @incredibleindia https://t.co/LbumMafvk3

Pakistan becomes Ist team to lose consecutive 3 ODIs after making 340+ runs. #ENGvPak https://t.co/sfswMrFpnZ

This is how @OmarAbdullah is spreading fake news. This is how Propaganda is being spreading by him. Shame on Omar https://t.co/da5hFlHZet

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First time, Bangladesh team have won a final in their international tour. Wow. #BANvWI

BREAKING: Sonia Gandhi files case against PM Modi for NOT starting Press Conference with 'Thanks to Nehru and Rajiv Ji'.

Salute to this lady. Son of his lady and many like others sacrificed their lives in Kashmir Valley so that Propagandist Shah Faesal can celebrate his birthday. Jai Hind. https://t.co/taGO9qhEAM

In Press Conference, Amit Shah: We will win 300 seats. Rahul Gandhi: BJP is over-confident. I am confident enough that our hard work and election campaign will definitely help to win same 44 seats.

Oxford Dictionary which is run by RSS and Sanghi ideology led by Mohan Bhagwat is exposing Congress Chief .. This is real EMERGENCY https://t.co/nI9oAmdcG1

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 announces most advancedĀ Cricket World CupĀ coverage to date https://t.co/rmqBXdCRgt

Done https://t.co/WIL6BbPSVB

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TMC workers send Mamata Banerjee into jail for making meme on herself. https://t.co/mCW5wCCpc0

Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for 1984 riots. Congress: Modi is digging past and NOT worry about future. 35 yrs old case is having NO validity. Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi in 1948. Liberals: RSS is DANGEROUS for entire World. Modi MUST resign. #SadhviPragyaSinghThakur

Another slapped to @RahulGandhi https://t.co/nI9oAmdcG1

If I say Sonia Maino instead of Sonia Gandhi, @Pawankhera will suspend my account. https://t.co/u6BDGsLFyF

Please do not use word 'Didi'. But use Terrorist @MamataOfficial from Today. #BengalBurning

Mohammed Akhlaq killed in Dadri which is UP state. @ArvindKejriwal was first person to reach there even BEFORE Media. Dhruv Tyagi killed in Delhi, Kejriwal is yet to reach. Truly secular man.

If I go to jail because of this pic, please support for my Bail. @MamataOfficial https://t.co/8I8iV9XmqA

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Ram Guha, few months ago, gave lecture at Sahitya Sambhrama Democracy is under threat because of PM Modi. There is NO Freedom of Expression Hitler @MamataOfficial arrested people and burning vehicles. But Ram Guha and his gang enjoying Summer Vacations #SaveBengalSaveDemocracy

Gujaratis are NOT allowed in West Bengal. Soon West Bengal will become another Kashmir if Hitler Mamata continues. #SaveBengalSaveDemocracy https://t.co/cyb8HR4ndR

This how "Secular Media" is reporting when Hindu is victim and Muslim is accused. NO MENTION OF MUSLIM word when they are accused. @NewIndianXpress https://t.co/HbDYQhHr4I

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[email protected] Bournvita quiz competition for you: Full form of TMC? 1) Terrorist Manufacturing company 2) TaMasha Company 3) Terrorist Mamata Company 4) All of Above #ShahRallyTargeted #BengalWithBJP

Eng vs Pak ODI series is Danger sign for India in World Cup. Both ODIs 350+ runs.

Dhruv Tyagi, 51 yrs old, killed by two Muslim youths Jehangir and Shamsher. According to Kamal Haasan and @ReallySwara that is Freedom of Expression by Muslim youths. And Dhruv Tyagi being Hindu got deserved punishment.

*Kathua Rape case* @BDUTT had labelled entire Dogra community as 'Rapist'. @shahfaesal declared India as 'Rapistan'. 3yr old girl raped in Bandipora by Tahir Ahmad during Ramzan Faesal: Welcome to Kashmir,heaven on Earth. BDUTT: We SHOULD NOT give religious color to Rape.

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