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Well done @ippatel ! Congratulations Sir. Man single handily won the case of disqualifications of AAP MLAs.

This idiot with morbid mind is real Traitor. He is much Dangerous than LeT. This kind of guy creates base for Terrorsits like Kasab & Burhan Wani. @JQ_plaintalk https://t.co/0nFjwUNVpo

Jagmohan, the man who almost saved Kashmir but Propaganda won and he was forced to leave the valley. #ExodusDay #KashmiriPandits https://t.co/qxT0rRqoKu

Number of Tweets on Gujarat Riots & Babri Masjid anniversary by: @sagarikaghose : 1k @RanaAyyub : 2k @sardesairajdeep : 5k Number of Tweets on #ExodusDay by them is ZERO. #KashmiriPandits

Ques: Who pays India's education subsidy? Answer: Parents are paying it in terms of School Fees. Schools are NOT bearing the burden this subsidy. https://t.co/iuJA3y8IrU

Terrorist Mullah Omar Kidnap Kulbhushan Jadhav From Iran. @TheQuint MUST file against Terrorist Mullah Omar for NOT following Quint's story. https://t.co/k1NmBAOEJa

This idiot is openly advocating Anti-National activities. And PM @narendramodi is NOT taking action against him. https://t.co/VD2G6z32YU

Yeah, Bollywood disgraces itself when it gives work to Pakis to earn bread & butter. @mehdirhasan https://t.co/Xf5yLJT8h2

India attracted 10 mn foreign tourists in 2017 & earning of 27 billion dollars. @svaradarajan MUST file a case against 10 mn tourists that despite his campaign they STILL visit India. https://t.co/QQlDcDfA15

5 rapes in 3 days in Haryana. "Rapes are part of our society" ~ An additional director general of police of Haryana. But @mlkhattar is concerned about the release of #Padmavati.

This current South Africa is not much strong & it was India's best chance to win the series. But failed miserably. Can we come back in ODI?

UK's leading state-funded schools to take a firm stand on children wearing hijab & fasting during Ramadan. So called Indian "Liberals" DON'T have guts to protest against this move. https://t.co/tPQ3squrwY

[email protected] Minister at his best. @CMofKarnataka https://t.co/XggIePOpQf

[email protected] liked a Pakistani tweet that doesn't mean he is supporting Pak. But PM Modi is following an anonymous Account on Twitter is EMERGENCY in India.

A Christian forces to convert into Hindu religion. This real case of #DemocracyUnderThreat. https://t.co/m6Ane5C4Oh

[email protected]_rt 's first Cricket bat is from Kashmir. He had mentioned it during his farewell speech. https://t.co/qQ7M3mAv9u

Ariel Sharon was first Israeli PM who visited India. This was when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was PM in 2003. 15 yrs later, again Israeli PM visits India. Again under BJP govt. Congress ne toh beda Garak kar diya tha.

Gondolas (Yellow color) take the riders up above 15,000 feet, one of the highest in the world. #Gulmarg #IncredibleIndia (Via @JandKTourism ) https://t.co/8CQhkIV1Xn

Amethi WON by Congress in 1967 1971 1980 1984 1989 1991 1996 1999 2004 2009 2014 Agar itne saalon mein nahi hua .. ab kya hoga @OfficeOfRG https://t.co/6xWQ3A1AIu

Mentor of @mehartweets is insulting Sikh religion. But she doesn't have guts and spine to speak against Kunal Kamra. https://t.co/v3RbFFvT5l

Tomorrow, Rohit Sharma will score 100+ and India will win the match. #INDvSA

The biggest players of Cricket History became great by winning the match in difficult situation. Stage is set for Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Pujara to exhibit the talent. #INDvSA

Justice Loya's family: He died naturally. Don't Politicise the issue. Liberals: JUST SHUT UP. He was killed. Pushkar Family: Sunanda Pushkar killed by poison Liberals: JUST SHUT UP. She died naturally. https://t.co/BB53JMu2JI

If PM Modi attacks Manmohan Singh, Liberals : PM Modi MUST respects the dignity of our Construction. @OfficeOfRG attacks PM Modi with pathetic video, Liberals: Rahul is new avatar & ready for PM Post.

India: Who Killed SC Bose? Cong: He died in air crash. No NEED to re-open the case. India: Who Killed Shama Parsad Mukherjee? Cong: Died naturally. India: Who killed Lal Bahadur Shastri? Cong: Died naturally. Who killed Justice Loya? Cong: BJP Killed him. OPEN the case.

Keshav Maharaj's forefathers were forced to migrate to South Africa from Uttar Pradesh. This is another proof that #DemocracyInDanger. #IndvsSA

India team is driving by Dhawan and Rohit Sharma in South Africa. #INDvSA https://t.co/KDv21ZbAfn

[email protected] likes Pakistani tweet that defamed our Army. No doubt that Kerala is becoming new Terrorist hub. https://t.co/jRRppsotRz

Virat Kohli after first test Match: Current form is the criteria for the selection. Bhuvi is in magical form and got dropped in 2nd Test. Looks like Chetan Bhagat has selected the team. #INDvSA

Best time to get RTed by Sushma Swaraj is to praise her NOW and do critize Dhume.

Who is getting more बेइज्जती on Social Media ?

Good News for @dhume ji https://t.co/yUrC3WS3zt

Rajiv Gandhi supported Bhindranwale to re-gain the Power. Rahul Gandhi is following his footsteps & supporting Jignesh Mevani. Article by @balbirpunj https://t.co/UaubOD1x8U

RT, if you want this man MUST got recognition from PM @narendramodi . Cc @PandaJay https://t.co/TiTYVrR68r

Propaganda at its best. Because of Aadhar Card, millions are dying. @saikatd MUST try his pen in fictional novels. He might won some recognition there. https://t.co/XzlIXjO7PB

Farooq Abdullah didn't give salary to @BishanBedi when he was the coach of J&K Ranji Team. Even Players didn't get salary. Such a pathetic administrator he is. @OmarAbdullah https://t.co/QZD8XPVQfR

India under Rahul Dravid broke the record of most consecutive victories batting second in ODI previously held by West Indies (14 matches) in 2006. He was the captain for 15 matches. #HappyBirthdayRahulDravid

And we are doing POC of this Block Chain in our Product. There will be use NO SWIFT and directly money will be transferred to other currency account. https://t.co/fhV4YTZDm4

#HappyBirthdayDravid . https://t.co/axngWiv4j9

Madrasas in Kerala are openly teaching ISIS ideology that is called "Moral Teaching" & Terrorism has NO religion. Islam spreading peace. But KV schools are DANGEROUS for the world and spreading Hindutva.

Why this Fucking DICK is assing with The Wire? https://t.co/xPg0D8Swf8

Congratulations to @isro .. They have been doing brilliant things. Just Brilliant 👏👏

ISRO's 42nd PSLV successfully puts 31 satellites in orbitnut forgot to launch this amazing satellite. https://t.co/eRM9IXVJwE

[email protected]_in editor beating his chest when other Journalists were beaten but now doing Propaganda to secure Dalits. https://t.co/hqMDWFzTV1

Today, I didn't get Aloo Paratha in breakfast. It is clear indication that #DemocracyInDanger .

Pakistan is on the verge of losing ODI series with their poor performance. This is another proof that #DemocracyInDanger . PM Modi MUST resign. #NZvsPAK

K.T.S. Tulsi against CJI Dipak Misra. He is supporting 4 judges. He was the lawyer of Robert Vadra. He was the lawyer of Terrorist Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar (Delhi Attack). #DemocracyInDanger https://t.co/WrEuIDUNvr

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