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Today might be the last day you can burst firecrackers in India. Blanket ban coming tomorrow. https://t.co/NprPQfjTJb

Every citizen of India has to take permission and clearances for any events like having a baraat, playing music at weddings, etc. Except shameless politicians, who won't spare any excuse to show themselves above the law #Amritsar

A love story starring Jimmy Shergill and Yami Gautam. Jimmy doesn't get the girl in the end, cuz Yami Gautam dies in the movie. Why hasn't anyone made this?!

First step to finding him would be to call Robert Vadra and ask if someone has borrowed his pants. https://t.co/HNVDYivbDJ

TLDR: Mujhe toh harass nahin kiya https://t.co/VYLCTDznE1

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