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Ded 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/budYriswbM

This could've been you @Brewkenstein but you decided to get engaged instead https://t.co/cBSFEq43u0

Why are people whining about this casting? Batman has always been a rich, white boy and they found the rich, whitest boy out there. https://t.co/OL1By5Bt6a

Seculars and award wapsi gang will remain mum https://t.co/OL1By5Bt6a

"What more could you want?" https://t.co/THNHkyc5oX

Has someone from 'Infotainment' written an article called 'Cannes market gang' yet, or do I have to do your job as well?!

Opposition against South Africa in a World Cup elimination match https://t.co/UIi8EpEMEG

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"Man that last episode of GoT really sucked." "Haven't you been watching carefully all these years? It's supposed to suck!"

You know a show is utterly gone to shit when all fan theories turn out to be better than what actually happens, and any smart ideas seem too good for the actual level of writing #GoTS8E5

Love how Dany teamed up with Jon to defeat the Night King and his army of White Walkers to save all of humanity, only so she could finish it off herself. What splendid writing, really #GameofThrones

GoT writers : *show a vague prophecy scene 5 yrs ago that can be interpreted thousands of ways to fit all kinds of alternate endings* Numbskull fans now : "This was planned all along, guys!"

This would be too smart for the level of writing on the show right now #GameofThrones https://t.co/gvUL4TN0Tr

Suddenly glad that he died before he could see how it all ended https://t.co/RF4hCYNlgX

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Rayudu would've seen that bouncer better with his 3D glasses 😎

So nek, very sahanubhuti, much niyatmand https://t.co/IPRALzTDb9

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Oh sweet Lord in heaven have mercy! https://t.co/ZZ6HOYq8US

All of you who shower everyday are such classist scumbags, I swear! https://t.co/snZ011jJvb

Tormund in the next episode https://t.co/a9jD00oXXb

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