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Pulitzer worthy stuff from The Quint 👏👏👏 https://t.co/FYStLgFEJC

Mahima Chaudhry sure does a lot of big talk about brainwashing, for someone who couldn't brainwash Apurva Agnihotri into loving India in Pardes.

Ajay Devgn needs to rethink this, best way to inflict torture upon Pakistan would be to release all of his movies there https://t.co/thVJfOL5x1

My name is not a very Happy Birthday to you My age is a very Happy Birthday to you I was born in Mumbai and Delhi I like to see if one can return specs if one did not like how they looked https://t.co/zQNNBpnCxb

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Here's Vishal Dadlani declaring to one and all that he doesn't understand how higher customs duty discourages import. https://t.co/ixB6I2xUGq

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Hope incidents like today get more and more ppl to realize that the real world cost of posting incendiary messages on SM during sensitive times is way too damn high.

If paying close to Rs 1500 to watch the story of a ghetto youth isn't peak capitalism, I don't know what is https://t.co/oRcPa6kBin

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Not in the T20 squad or ODI squad, written off for the World Cup for absolutely no fault of his. While India persist with Shikhar Dhawan. https://t.co/kc1KGPJ0oC

Go easy on Imran Khan guys, he has to first check whether his country has executed the attack before he can condemn it.

This shitstain is a Pakistani journalist. You can't have the peace you seek, when the other side does not even understand the word. https://t.co/IC9az7y4gH

If only India had opened a direct hotline with Masood Azhar and JeM, asking for peace. Things would've been so different! https://t.co/ynlkLZHg3d

To everyone who thinks it's only Pakistan shielding the enemy, make no mistake that it's actually China who's consistently blocked UN action against the JeM #Pulwama https://t.co/DO7JgQxndj

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*straight-faced* https://t.co/UHaU3ZezRn

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Always treat your partner in the same way that IPL treats Pakistani cricketers. Like they're out of your league.

Look at all of you just noticing now that RTs are being halved, it's been happening to me for three years now.

India needs to drop Dhoni from the World Cup squad. He's become a liability. https://t.co/PieXNMaDks

Haven't responded to a single "Today's Tea" tweet with "Main chai nahin peeta", and it's a surreal achievement for me.

Indian men in the mentions of a feminist thread https://t.co/I9yhjzDczG

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