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Everytime I see Dhoni playing for India, I still have to be reminded he isn't the captain anymore. And I refuse to believe it.

Dhoni. Man of the series. Still showing everyone how it's done. 👏👏👏

No one gets the amount of hate as Dhoni does, even when he takes India home. It's almost like we didn't win the 2011 World Cup under him.

Can imagine the scenes 6 months from now when India lift the World Cup and people are still whining about Dhoni's slow strike rate and how we won inspite of it.

And we have a winner! https://t.co/26D8bh3EEN

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Nawazuddin's sex life is over https://t.co/Q6IUiLhJfO

Raat. I remember feeling scared at even holding the cassette in my hands. https://t.co/zCq0WaQCll

Tbh some men who threw their Gillette in the trash look like they could use a lawnmower instead.

Twitter is a hell hole of cricket comments these days, all forms of armchair critics without any understanding of the game willing to say anything for RTs and attention #Dhoni https://t.co/FCc76bjnVs

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Naseeruddin Shah may be a superb actor, but he did a propaganda Amnesty video and I don't like him anymore.

Can't wait to see who will play Caroline Calloway in the movie. My money is on Isla Fisher.

When you're a natural at writing spoof articles, but get employed by a real media company https://t.co/Wa08Nfmlbl

Kal Monday hai, aur chutti bhi. So jao, warna daftar aa jayega.

Accurate AF https://t.co/LPdp5oXD4x

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Everyone needs to stop before some thugs start attacking H&M stores.

Was having khajoor while scrolling twitter feed, and just realized mera toh dharm parivartan ho gaya https://t.co/e41wlSl1wp

A lot of folks are pissed at what Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul are going through now, justifiably so. As Indians, we are just not used to seeing celebrities pay the price for their misdeeds and actions.

No one is amazed that India got quite close to a 290 target after being 4/3. We need to burn effigies everytime we lose a game. Hate that fans have become like this.

Everytime Hardik Pandya looks at a cup of coffee from now https://t.co/gW08wYwlGG

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I'm quite surprised Amazon hasn't launched their own currency. You could buy a pair of headphones for 5000 Rupees, or 1500 Bezos™

What more does VVS Laxman have to do to Australians to make sure they never forget him? https://t.co/sr24NfMjTL

Indian team was prepared for Australia. Indian team wasn't prepared for Karan Johar.

I'm pissed with Karan Johar because if he'd released the KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya episode a month ago, we would have won the Perth test match.

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