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Hahahaha aukaat!

All other Delhi boys : "Tu baahar mil!" Virat Kohli : "Tu ghar pe mil!"

🎵 Abhi na jao chhod kar, ki cup abhi bhara nahin .... 🎵

Hi South Africa, please don't prolong the misery and finish this before lunch thanks

If Pujara isn't dropped for the next match, nothing about this team's selection policy would hold meaning anymore.

India's problems with away series has always the bowlers who couldn't take 20 wickets. Now that our bowlers take 20 wickets every game, our batsmen can't spend time on the wicket 🤷‍♂️

Cheteshwar Ranaut

Pujara should be dropped from the Test team so he can concentrate on other formats

Karun Nair was dropped after scoring 300. But Pujara will still play after getting run out twice in one match.

People we've loved and admired in our youth are dying inexplicably at 46. Nobody knows how much time they have. Make everyday count.

If Karni Sena thinks jauhar has not been properly shown in Padmaavat, they should perform jauhar themselves to show everyone how it's done

This match is setup nicely for Philander to polish off the Indian batting tomorrow.

Maybe if Bhuvi got some tattoos and a funky hairstyle, Kohli would take him more seriously.

We're surely a long way away from the days of "Kohli never gets lbw, never misses anything off his pads."

Just heard of a case where the damaad of a house left his wife at her parents', and ran away with the other bahu of the same house, thereby putting an end to 2 marriages in one house with a single move 😨😵😱

Parthiv Patel is the first cricketer to be dropped for the next game while the current match is still midway

Happy Birthday to the man for whom even rivals don't have a single bad thing to say

Swapped my gym membership for a Zomato Gold membership this year in case people thought I don't have my priorities right

If anyone had doubts about how self-important the Judiciary in India think they are, they've certainly been vanquished today

Authors want to shun bad reviews of their work? Who do they think they are, stand up comics?

Bhuvi took most number of wickets and batted most number of deliveries in the last Test. Quite right that he was dropped. Gives unnecessary hope.

South Africa is playing Lungi. India has clearly missed a trick, should've played Pant.

Someone please inform Indian bowlers that there is bounce on this pitch.

Loool number 1 test team in the world

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