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Sad about Barbara Bush’s passing. She lived quite a life - relocated her family 27 times, thrived in multiple presidential bubbles, accomplished lots as a First Lady, fought for global literacy - and showed humor and class through it all. May she rest in peace.

Stunned by the passing of Harry Anderson, one of my comedy and magic inspirations growing up. We became friendly over the years - he worked at the @MagicCastle_AMA and recently sold me a handful of great magic memorabilia. My sincere condolences to his family. #RIP

Neil Patrick Harris top tweets
  • When I grow up, I wanna be @Pink in concert. She is a gorgeous, fearless, vocal powerhouse dancing acrobat super hero and I want to run away and join her circus.

    Neil Patrick Harris top tweets

    Don’t forget to watch @NBCGeniusJunior tonight. The six kids we showcase forget verrrry little. You’ll see what I mean. 9pm/8pm central.

    Neil Patrick Harris top tweets

    I’m terribly saddened by the news that Steven Bochco passed away yesterday. He was a true game changer in television. His work ethic shaped mine, his words of wisdom stick with me to this day. I’m so proud of Doogie Howser, mostly for being a Bochco show. #quality #mentor #RIP

    Yesterday In and Of Itself had its 400th performance. Well done, @derek_del. You’re crushing it. #awesome @InandOfItself

    Neil Patrick Harris top tweets

    Vancouver: #GlobalCitizenLive is coming to @commodorevcr on April 12 with @samrobertsband, @TheElwins, @horsepowar & @crownlandsmusic. You can sign up here for FREE tickets and take action on climate change and women’s and girls’ health at the event!

    Neil Patrick Harris top tweets

    Check out this nice article from @ParadeMagazine about both @NBCGeniusJunior and A Series of @Unfortunate Events. And if you respond to it, then, well, watch both. Or either. But both.

    Just one example of the uncanny braininess these kids showcase on Sunday’s @NBCGeniusJunior. Watch and be gobsmacked and/or inspired..! #geniusjunior

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