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Sign this petition and help save satire! https://t.co/t1lublSY1z #STAYMAD #SaveMADmagazine #IDIOTSUNTIE

My husband and kids explaining how to make multiple flavors of popcorn just fills me with delight. They are all crazypants and make me so happy. Thanks @Food52 and @Davidburtka for making this video: https://t.co/PjzwAUfwop

Recorded an episode of one of my favorite podcasts: @EscThisPodcast, where players figure out how to escape a themed room filled with puzzles, locks, codes, and all sorts of clever escape room trickery. Mine comes out soon, but I’d suggest you subscribe and start listening now.

Happy 4th of July! Have a great time today, and try to use some common sense. https://t.co/wNRpYO9PLK

Hey @DCcomics: please don’t cancel @MADMagazine! Losing satire is the LAST thing we need right now. The future of the weirdos who will change the world depends on it! #SaveMADmagazine

I’m the guest on an awesome audio escape room podcast! Still reading this? Awesome. Then check out @EscThisPodcast and play along. There’s even magic! Or just click here: https://t.co/XShDPOfwr4

Just listened. So much fun! Thanks again for having me, @EscThisPodcast https://t.co/uRxhXi2Abh

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