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I’m super juiced to be performing on Lip Sync Battle Live: A Michael Jackson Celebration tonight! Not steroid juiced... Not fruit juiced... Ok, shoulda said pumped. Not breast pumped... Not bike pumped... Ok, shoulda said excited. Yeah, yeah! I’m excited! Hee heee! @LSB

I'm definitely bringing it tonight on @lsb! Whatever "it" is, it's been broughten. Vote for me throughout the night using #LSBNeil.

How crazy fun was that?? @lsb was a blast, (barely) channeling Michael Jackson. Vote vote vote! #LSBNeil

Whether you saw it or not, send me a vote text to #LSBNeil and quick!

Never mind.

My book #themagicmisfits has been so well received, I wanted to let you in on one of the many secrets yet to come. So here’s a sneak peak at the cover for ‘The Magic Misfits: The Second Story’. Can you spot any clues?

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” - -Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s almost Halloween weekend! I love this time of year! Hey, Vancouver: what are the best haunted houses or immersive events to attend?

Oh My Gourd! Loving this stop motion Jack-o-lantern short film. Happy Halloween Eve!

Hilarious. And terrifying.

Write On! My new book, @TheMagicMisfits, was just named an @amazon Editor’s Pick for November! Pre-order it now:

It’s the last day to bid on my sweet candy mosaic. Go to the @charitybuzz website or just click . All proceeds go to @ejaf. #DylansCandyBarSweet16

Still buzzing over Colbert’s rave for @InandOfItself and @derek_del. I’m so proud of this show and thrilled that more and more people get to enjoy it. If you haven’t, please go. You won’t regret it. Thanks @StephenAtHome!

In & Of Itself makes a gold brick appear on street corners at every performance. A picture of me and said brick is hiding in this interactive map. Find it, repost it and tag @inandofitself for a chance to win a playbill signed by me.

I think I’ll live stream this afternoon, babble a bit, answer some questions. Ask away. It’s on The IAm Neil Patrick Harris App. Android and iPhone:

Yahoooo! My book, The Magic Misfits, just arrived. Can’t believe it’s about to be released to the public. In less than a week! I’m a tad nervous, but very proud. I hope kids of all ages will diggit. Order a copy and tell me what you think! @TheMagicMisfits

I just really do need to visit Australia now. They vote for love. Bravo! #progress

Good eye. It’s an original, actually. Got it at a Disneyana auction. #prizedpossession

You should come to my #NYC book event December 4th for #TheMagicMisfits - all the cool kids are doing it. And who knows? You just may win a meet-and-greet after the show! @SymphonySpace

I’d say between the ages of 7 and 97. Anyone older just might not get it. @TheMagicMisfits

Can't wait to be back with my friends in sunny L.A. on December 5th for #TheMagicMisfits book event with @lemonysnicket himself! Get your tickets at:

Nice article in @ParadeMagazine about my book @TheMagicMisfits, out tomorrow! —> Neil Patrick Harris Talks Practical Magic for Kids, Holiday Traditions and More

My book @TheMagicMisfits comes out TOMORROW! I’m so happy with how it turned out. Our dog Gidget can’t put it down. Well, can’t pick it up. But still. She’s already laughed twice, barked thrice, and learned two tricks. What say you? Order now on Amazon:

So @USATODAY just named @TheMagicMisfits one of five new books you don’t want to miss this week! Great holllllidaaaaay gift, just saaaaayin’..!

#CelebrateWithAPlate this Thanksgiving! A $20 donation to @godslovenyc funds a holiday meal for a client and their guest >>

Wow - Amazon named my new book @TheMagicMisfits one of their Best Children’s Books of the Month! Very cool. @Amazon has excellent taste. The Magic Misfits

This 9 will be a 6 until midnight: #cybermonday @InandOfItself

Wow. Just loving @kelliohara and @denisohare in The Accidental Wolf, an online thriller series that’s both free and freeaking me out. #WhoIsTAW

Just saw @TheBandsVisit on B’way. It was divine, like a meal that seems too simple at first, but gets more delicious as you eat it, and when you’re done you can’t stop discussing your favorite ingredients and you have to tell everyone to try it. So, try it. Bravo to all involved.

If you’re in L.A. this Tuesday (12/5), come to my @TheMagicMisfits Q&A Event. It’ll be like a Reddit AMA, but without the anonymity of your computer screen. Plus, magic tricks! Plus plus, moderator @DanielHandler! Info and tickets:

Great news: my book @TheMagicMisfits debuted at #3 on the @nytimes Bestseller List! Huzzah! So get a copy or two quick, before they’re gone forever! (Wait, sorry, what?) Oh, I’m being told they can print more. Whew, that’s a relief. And logical. Regardless, let’s go for #1! #xmas

The best gifts you can give are ones that save lives. Proud to join the @RED #SHOPATHON to fight AIDS! Here’s what I want to give—and get—this holiday season.

Final stop on the #TheMagicMisfits book tour will be #Chicago on December 8th with the one and only @AndersonsBkshp. For a chance to meet-and-greet me (that sounds tawdry!), get your tickets here:

Love is the cure! Join me in ending AIDS by sending my ❤️ to people you ❤️ via the Elton John AIDS Foundation channel on the @kwippit app. Subscribe at for only $.99/yr (as in 99 pennies) and 100% of proceeds go directly to @ejaforg to help end AIDS for good.

It seems that @Target has worked some magic of their own. A bonus chapter of #TheMagicMisfits has appeared in the Target special edition. Get a copy (or a few) today:

I’m guest hosting @JimmyKimmelLive tonight. Had a blast. Hope you get a chance to check it out. I licked a frog. Just sayin’.

What’s up, Seattle? Looking forward to chatting tonight about my book #TheMagicMisfits but, more importantly: with only one night in your fair city, where should I go for dinner? What’s the best, sexiest, deliciousest restaurant? #help #foodie

Arrived into Chicago. Excited to gab about @TheMagicMisfits, meet new people, and eat delicious food!Took this pic as we were starting our descent - I think it’s pretty decent.

Beyond excited to guest on @ScottAukerman ‘s brilliant and hilarious podcast @ComedyBangBang. He really does talk with the most interestingest of people. #bucketlist Take a listen:

As the holidays are approaching, I think I’ll start tweeting gifts that I find cool and/or want, and perhaps you can respond with your own suggestions. First up, a robot dog to keep me company in Vancouver:

This I Want for Xmas: the instrument I played in middle/high school - a French horn (brass, not blue. Sorry, Ted). I’d love to relearn how to play one again.

Finished Night One as narrator of the #CandlelightProcessional at #Epcot. My 10th year. Still love it - the songs, the talent, the audience, the tradition. It’s a special thing, and I’m honored to helm the ship for a few nights. Come see it!

My view as narrator of the Candlelight Processional at #Epcot. I’m the dude at the bottom, trying to get everyone in frame. #selfie @WaltDisneyWorld

This holiday season @WellsFargo and my family are getting into the holiday spirit by joining the fight against hunger. Help us support this cause by volunteering at your local food bank or donating non-perishable food at any of 5,900 WF banks. Check out our #ad for more details.

I love sharing a lifetime of adventures with this man. Thanks, @burtka. May 2018 be our most exciting year yet! #Patagonia

At #CES2018 on the 8th I’ll be chatting with old friend @codywillard about the company he and I have partnered on: The IAm App. Will be announcing how you can soon find The IAm Neil Patrick Harris App ( ) on millions of smart TVs. Stay ‘tuned’. Yeah I did.

Golden Globes. Enjoying the drama of Barbara Streisand relinquishing her seat back to Oprah Winfrey. It was a moment.

Oprah is everything.

Hi there, Vegas! Looking forward to #CES2018 and my chat with @codywillard at 2:00 to discuss the IAm app that he’s created. Hope to see you there!

In Vegas for the night. Want to see a show. Which is the best?

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