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So proud of my husband @Davidburtka and his amazing cookbook. Last night’s LA launch event was awesome and the food (his recipes) was expectedly divine. Please grab a copy and see for yourself: https://t.co/fGF8twh2nX #LifeisAParty https://t.co/zP693FMjRc

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Playwright Mark Medoff passed away today. He essentially discovered me, I owe my career to him. Wrote Clara’s Heart, championed me for the role. Without him, I’d be nowhere. RIP, Mark. Thank you. Sending love to his amazing family. https://t.co/H6VhNtJzyV

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EXCLUSIVE! The next #TheMagicMisfits adventure won’t appear on shelves until September 10, but with a little bit of magic, I can reveal the cover now. Preorder Magic Misftis: The Minor Third! https://t.co/I5PUt4KGA2 https://t.co/t4kiDdWEZo

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Sorry I haven’t tweeted in a while. My son introduced me to this game called Hay Day, and now every time I open my phone to do anything, I just wind up harvesting crops and relocating my silo.

Had so much fun on the first stop of my book tour tonight! Awesome to see so many kids reading, and asking great questions! Ruby was so cute I brought her up on stage! What’s gonna happen tomorrow in Phoenix? Come and see: https://t.co/cFUTESIn1i @changinghands #magicmisfits https://t.co/GgeMjtelJv

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Let’s do lunch! Join David and me at the literary luncheon #AuthorsInKind on April 17 in support of @godslovenyc – David will be signing copies of #LifeisAParty and speaking about life, food, family, the works! Learn more and get tickets: https://t.co/3gyfmMY0Uk #soproud https://t.co/NvwSdzMpGJ

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David’s book is available, starting TODAY! So psyched that so many people are buying it. What are you waiting for?? https://t.co/bhNW2Kpo1v @Davidburtka https://t.co/mGGkN8aS40

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