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Judge 1: "I couldn't jail him for killing people, and you'll put him in prison for killing a fucking blackbuck?" Judge 2: "Haan, yaar I'll try at least" Judge 1: https://t.co/9xjh7O5v1L

Akshar top tweets

Interviewer: "Tell us a little something about yourself" Me: https://t.co/7Q3hrgISVC

Akshar top tweets
  • Classmate: "Chemistry aur Physics mein 30 marks toh pakke hain, baaki 70 ka pata nahi" Me: https://t.co/0f51QCpyP6

    Akshar top tweets

    If IndiGo gets into a partnership with Cafe Coffee Day, then we'll have a choice between getting slapped for complaining about cockroaches, or getting thrown off the plane for complaining about mosquitoes. True daredevils can even opt for both in these tantalizing times.

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