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I'm 3 episodes into Sacred Wasseypur. I love it. It's provocative, and so very gripping. But I have SO MANY questions. Like how the fuck does Taimur ke papa get caught so easily every goddamn time? And Taimur ke papa aur kitne ghoose khayenge?

You think your life is tough? A struggle? Then I'd suggest you go watch Sanju. Sanjay Dutt had to walk all the way to the hospital's staircase area to smoke cigarettes because his dad wouldn't let him smoke in his mother's room.

Love this new questions thing on Instagram. I can ask people to ask me anything, and then I get to pick which ones I want to answer, and which ones I don't. Thank for bestowing a chance upon us to feel like Modi ji appearing for an interview on TV. Love you Instagram.

Friend: "Dude, watched Sacred Games?" Me (seemingly the only person left on the planet who hasn't watched it) (maine toh Hunger Games bhi nahi dekha): "Obviously yaar, it's very good Taimur ke papa ne kya acting ki hai"

Sanju crossed the lifetime earnings of 3 Idiots in 7 days. So as per my calculations using partial parabolic equations, Ranbir Kapoor's biopic will cross Sanju's lifetime business in 7 minutes. What will beat that, you ask? Taimur Ali Khan's biopic – 7 seconds. Next question.

Finally watched Sanju. Loved all the unbelievably exaggerated scenes. My favourite is the one where Vicky Kaushal is using a Gionee phone in New York City.

I could really relate to the nuanced relationship between Paresh Rawal and Ranbir Kapoor in Sanju. Every time I do any work in the office, I go all 'FINISHED?'. And then a senior manager comes strutting along, crosses out the question mark, and writes a 'NOT' on top of it.

[Mughlai restaurant] "Stomach's soooo full. Can't. Eat. Another. Bite." *eats 3 kgs of saunf and mishri"

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