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Policeman: "ID dikha" Guy: *opens wallet* *pouch of cocaine falls out* Policeman: "ID DIKHA!" Guy: *reaches his pocket* *gun falls out* Policeman: *getting agitated* "time mat k–" Guy: "Sir ye raha Aadhaar" Policeman: *picks the gun up* *hands it over* "Good boy, ghar jao"

New peom on Mistakes. We all mistakes. It's absolutely okay to make mistakes. But what's important is that we learn from those mistakes, and call them a prank. https://t.co/JlnOffTRXm

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When it rains, it peoms. Rains can be a welcomed change in weather, or a nightmare. In this peom titled 'Is mausam really awesome?', I offer both perspectives. https://t.co/ywCBU0cUQ1

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"A very happy birthday to my friend. Here's a picture from 4 years ago where I look sexy as hell mennu kaala chashma jachda ae, and you also happen to be in this picture. Love you." – Instagram birthday wishes

[4th season of a real shit TV show] "It might just get better you know" [one terrible week at work] "Fuck this, I'm quitting this job to follow my passion"

A very happy birthday to the very funny, talented, amazing and super friendly guy @AksharPathak. Love you brother.

Today is Roald Dahl's birthday. My childhood and imagination has much to thank Roald Dahl for. I've written a peom for this special day. https://t.co/TgjxiIlquN

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Father's Day is on the 3rd Sunday of June but I couldn't wait till then bohot zor se poem aa rahi thi. https://t.co/U48stqi1ss

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I hope you guys are enjoying my peoms. I've never written anything so personal before in my life. They portray my deepest emotions. My latest peom is on microwave popcorn. Hope you guys like it. ☺️ https://t.co/5T6t1oCTO8

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My new peom is about how the sense of trust is bedrock, and when it's lacking, the ground of your existence is shaky. Hope you guys like it. https://t.co/km7FsriEf0

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