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Why are mentally ill inmates killing themselves in jails? An @AP/@CNSmd report raises troubling questions about whether deaths could have been avoided. By @scohenAP and @NoraEckert: https://t.co/D93zKwQEis

As Venezuela's misery and political standoff drag on, the cemetery of its second-largest city has tightened up on security to deter grave robbers. https://t.co/uHg2CKZhHZ

Rescue efforts are underway after an earthquake in southwestern China that has left 12 people dead and 134 others injured. https://t.co/HvZhcV1By1

Toronto police say 2 people shot and wounded at rally for NBA champion Raptors; 2 people arrested. https://t.co/OxyaxtZ8AV

Pakistani police are trying to break up Chinese trafficking networks that lure poverty-stricken women into marriage, then prostitution. But the government worries arrests could hurt vital economic ties with Beijing, police say. https://t.co/ZASkZlEXCv

An immigration holding facility in southern Mexico is plagued by crowding, filthy conditions and abuse, witnesses say. https://t.co/Lk8U98yRwz

BREAKING: U.S. sending an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East in response to "hostile behavior" by Iranian forces, Pentagon says. https://t.co/CEZXHe4fhD

Married off for cash, Natasha Masih was taken by her husband from her home in Pakistan to a remote corner of China. There she endured hell. @kgannon reports on how a ‘marriage’ network trafficks women into sex slavery. https://t.co/0CWXObUuEM

Sold as a bride, Natasha Masih was taken to China, where her new husband locked her into a hotel and forced her into prostitution. “I bought you,” he told her. @kgannon talks to Pakistani women who endured trafficking in the guise of marriages. https://t.co/Krw0zr354F

Vatican opens debate on letting married men be ordained as priests to serve remote parts of the Amazon. https://t.co/7Qu4M1EkEa

A rain-soaked spring has flooded large areas of the Midwest, posing a new threat for piping plovers. The shorebirds are already one of the Great Lakes region’s most endangered species. https://t.co/hfpVC93WFZ

Joshua Wong, a leader in Hong Kong's 2014 Umbrella Movement demonstrations, headed to join protesters after his release from prison. https://t.co/Hsa0ORb4J0

Her impoverished family married her off to a Chinese man for money, then he sold the 20-year-old Pakistani woman into prostitution in China. @Kathygannon reports on trafficking networks in Pakistan. https://t.co/JphZn8TeFD

BREAKING: Huawei founder likens company to badly damaged plane, says revenue will be $30 billion below forecast over next 2 years.

BREAKING: Argentina's state news agency says most of the nation's power grid is back up and running after massive blackout left tens of millions of people without electricity. https://t.co/dsDgkgmHi5

Hong Kong police begin trying to clear the streets of a few hundred protesters who stayed overnight after massive demonstrations stoked by fears of expanding control from Beijing. https://t.co/RDbO2k5NEd

Israel has renamed a new settlement "Ramat Trump," which is Hebrew for "Trump Heights," in a gesture of appreciation for the U.S. president. https://t.co/gmCINI5b77

The Los Angeles Police Department says it has opened an administrative investigation into the fatal shooting of a man by an off-duty officer. The shooting, which also critically injured two others, occurred inside a Costco store. https://t.co/ErBwy4GI2Q

Happy Father's Day about 75 million times over! A U.S. Census Bureau analysis of 2014 data shows more than 60% of adult men in the U.S. were fathers. https://t.co/5yPgz94BTA

At least 18 of the Democratic Party's 23 presidential contenders have come out in support of some version of free college. https://t.co/lDDSkEboSJ

So many gray whale carcasses have washed up this year that federal officials have run out of places to take them. So they've asked waterfront landowners to let the carcasses decompose on their property. https://t.co/bkwOAbujAg

A Delta flight makes a safe emergency landing in Wyoming after instruments detected a possible fire in the cargo department. https://t.co/XYMpoGyvGE

One of Africa's largest wildlife preserves marks a year without a single elephant found killed by poachers. https://t.co/3aq3znLSsN

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris holds its first Mass since the April 15th fire that ravaged its roof and caused its masterpiece spire to collapse. https://t.co/pgQuCYesQf

An 11-year-old forced into a closet during a home invasion fends off an intruder by slashing the man in the back of the head with a machete. Police say the intruder faces charges including kidnapping when he's released from a hospital. https://t.co/xp1gQcZc2h

A woman has been arrested in connection with the killing of former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins, who was found dead outside her own home. https://t.co/bT8ikeN1As

Authorities say at least 279 dolphins have stranded across the U.S. Gulf Coast since Feb. 1, triple the usual number. https://t.co/noePGIXImi

Missy Elliott, the creative mastermind who has written hit songs for a number of female acts and created camaraderie among women in the music industry, is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, @MusicMesfin writes. https://t.co/uEzgx83LfA

American prosecutors believe two suspects in the shooting of retired Red Sox star David Ortiz are wanted for crimes in the United States. https://t.co/8INO1r27oL

The Latest: Japanese ship operator says sailors on vessel targeted near Strait of Hormuz saw 'flying objects' before attack. https://t.co/4OU03LTCyp

PHOTO GALLERY: Editor selections from Latin America and the Caribbean. https://t.co/44Q2mbtzXO

#APExplains: The rocky rise of LGBT rights in Latin America. https://t.co/UkZraI9tsz

BREAKING: Iran's UN Mission says Tehran "categorically rejects" US claims it was responsible for latest oil tanker incidents. https://t.co/3Itg3ZXgTG

Katie Jones doesn't exist: The Associated Press has determined the 30-something redhead plugged in to Washington's political scene was part of a vast army of phantom profiles lurking on the professional networking site LinkedIn. https://t.co/DPCvwwkyjf

BREAKING: Jury recommends death penalty for South Carolina father convicted of killing his 5 children, ages 1 to 8. https://t.co/sdG0umNuad

#APExplains: How attacks on tanker ships in the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East could rattle a vital global route for oil. https://t.co/FIZ8Y3Wsne

Boris Johnson secures the most support in the first round of votes in Britain's Conservative Party leadership race, while three other candidates have been eliminated. https://t.co/5nZ1o99lKD

Amanda Knox arrives in Italy for the first time since she was acquitted by an appeals court in October 2011 in the murder of her roommate. Knox will participate Saturday in a panel discussion on wrongful convictions. https://t.co/5jPFNeDQTm

Chinese media say the country's top trade negotiator has told a forum in Shanghai that "external pressures" can help the economy, @yananw reports. https://t.co/axbpZ9DWFK

The Latest: UK maritime group warns of unspecified incident in the Gulf of Oman, urges 'extreme caution.' https://t.co/2ank0ivOPF

Authorities evacuate nearly 300,000 people from India's western coastline ahead of a very severe cyclone that's expected to make landfall as the year's second major storm. https://t.co/UOyoSa5PqV

Philippine defense chief to recommend a strongly worded diplomatic protest after a fishing boat was hit in the South China Sea by a suspected Chinese vessel that abandoned the crew of sinking boat, @JimSGomez reports. https://t.co/TawafhYVJD

BREAKING: Benchmark Brent crude oil rises 4% in trading to over $62 a barrel after oil tanker incident in Gulf of Oman.

The Latest: Benchmark Brent crude rises over 4%, to over $62 a barrel after oil tanker incident in Gulf of Oman. https://t.co/hPywVj2qct

Nebraska’s attorney general has taken numerous steps to combat prescription opioid abuse. What he has not done is taken legal action to hold the opioid industry accountable, and in that he stands alone. By @AP’s @GrantSchulte and @geoffmulvihill. https://t.co/KYWGUV9830

US Air Force's response to reports that a 13-year-old boy molested young girls on base left some mothers feeling "complete distrust." https://t.co/2iZ1gS74ok

Inmates at this prison in Uruguay have become entrepreneurs as part of an innovative experiment to combat recidivism from @leohaberkorn @MCampodo @dcblabla https://t.co/u6r6ZnXclL https://t.co/kJz5xfjeh9

Every state attorney general has pursued or announced legal action to hold companies accountable for the opioid crisis, except one. @AP story by @GrantSchulte and @geoffmulvihill. https://t.co/2YAK5pKRFi

Indian authorities are bracing for a severe cyclone strengthening in the Arabian Sea that's set to make landfall in the western state of Gujarat as India's second major storm of the season. https://t.co/4LGkh7XPDZ

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