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Florida sheriff says an apparent "argument over a dog" led to a shooting that killed a 22-year-old man and wounded two others. https://t.co/9KtWH7LG1A

RAW VIDEO: Kim Jong Un makes official visit to Beijing. https://t.co/JjtEUnxnfS

VIDEO: Outrage grows after audio captures cries of immigrant children being separated from parents. https://t.co/hpTXG9BJSi

Pentagon formally suspends joint military drills with South Korea that had been planned for August. https://t.co/YHab7E2wHP

Trump asks for $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods if China does not change "unfair practices." https://t.co/YrxVyWs88v

The United Nations says over 25,000 people have fled the fighting at Yemen's port city of Hodeida. https://t.co/vZhdF6YaUH

#APExplains Germany’s government crisis, how Colombia’s presidential vote affects peace, a new Poor People’s Campaign 50 years after MLK and more here: https://t.co/3vGw0K7MEW

Puerto Rico struggles with jump in asthma cases post-Hurricane Maria. https://t.co/AMJF94bbAu

RAW VIDEO: Suspected smuggling vehicle in fatal Texas crash. https://t.co/cT8dRjdyPL

Syria says U.S.-led strike hits troops in east, U.S. denies. https://t.co/myy13hPXlB

Brooks Koepka wins a second consecutive U.S. Open, becoming seventh player to go back-to-back. (Corrects previous tweet that stated he was sixth player with consecutive wins.) https://t.co/2fYFraITyc

The Latest: SUV that crashed in South Texas, killing at least five people, was being chased by border agent who suspected it was part of 'smuggling event.' https://t.co/lqm9Eifa7d

Strong earthquake shakes city of Osaka in western Japan, with reports of scattered damage including broken glass and concrete. https://t.co/T4FhX0SWk2

Israel launches airstrikes against Palestinians it says sent burning kites and balloons into its territory. Israel says it will deduct damages from Palestinian farmers' compensation fund. https://t.co/z4GpflEMhS

Boats bearing over 600 stranded migrants, including children, land in Spain after rejection by Malta and Italy. https://t.co/UOmjgwE2Ws

BREAKING: Prosecutor: 1 suspect dead and 20 people injured, four of them critically, in shooting at New Jersey arts festival

Police say at least one person has been killed and several others injured when shooting broke out at an all-night cultural event in Trenton, New Jersey: https://t.co/eSWQyKfhyk

BREAKING: French media: Woman crying "God is great" has injured 2 with box cutter at a supermarket in southern France.

French media are reported that a woman crying "Allahu akbar" _ "God is great" in Arabic _ has injured 2 people with a box cutter at a supermarket in southern France. https://t.co/djeFiEtcp4

A Kansas mother says an insurance company wants her family to pay $132,000 after her 5-year-old son accidentally knocked over a sculpture at a city community center. https://t.co/ZKVVrGzBDW

BREAKING: First boat of the Aquarius convoy carrying 630 migrants has docked in Valencia, Spain.

The first Italian government ship accompanying the migrant aid boat Aquarius has docked at the Spanish port of Valencia https://t.co/0XlnlS3bYB

Jay-Z and Beyonce drop surprise album 'Everything is Love' before anyone knew it was coming. https://t.co/bgRBQCPluA'

New tariffs on imports from China may leave American companies with a choice _ pay a higher freight bill now or pay the tariffs starting in three weeks. https://t.co/33TmRjZ6G4

BREAKING: Greek lawmakers reject motion of no-confidence in government over deal to change name of northern neighbor Macedonia.

Greek lawmakers enter final day of debate on a no-confidence motion against the government over a deal to end decades-old dispute with neighboring Macedonia. https://t.co/9YGVgpjxEs

German Chancellor Angela Merkel insists migration is "a European challenge that needs a European answer." https://t.co/V5jcC2jjEA

A 7-meter-long (23-foot-long) python swallows a woman in Indonesia. https://t.co/GFioTo0VkC

A group of Florida high school shooting survivors start their nationwide bus tour on Chicago's South Side. https://t.co/HvZU5Tdq4c

Pakistani caretaker prime minister describes the killing of Pakistani Taliban chief as a "significant development in the fight against terrorism." https://t.co/eVK1k6qI3r

An #APFactCheck finds Trump persists in blaming Democrats for family breakups at border. https://t.co/B9PzjMdQBb

The Latest: Authorities say one sheriff's deputy is dead and another critically wounded after they were overcome by an inmate while driving a transport vehicle near a courthouse in Kansas City, Kansas. https://t.co/j2MbuUDXl7

VIDEO: Two sheriff's deputies are shot near the county courthouse in Kansas City, Kansas. https://t.co/jMMAGDwd8r

BREAKING: Trump says he would like to talk to special counsel Mueller but the Russia probe `seems to be very biased'

BREAKING: Trump says North Korea has already started to return remains of missing US troops from Korean War.

The Latest:President Trump says the Justice Department watchdog report on the Clinton email probe shows the FBI was biased against him "at the top level" and was "plotting against my election." https://t.co/n7mSZ4tW6R

Some of the top news images made by @AP photographers in Latin America and the Caribbean published in the past week. https://t.co/BWXT8dAIRm https://t.co/D42YLG5PXr

Inside the summit: Talks with “aliens,” familiar frustrations even as Trump got the history-making handshake he wanted with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. https://t.co/tAWtmv44b4

Trump has approved a plan to impose tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of Chinese goods. https://t.co/iZ9DN6WFnj

BREAKING: AT&T, Time Warner complete their merger two days after a judge dismissed government objections it would harm consumers.

BREAKING: In opinion piece, former FBI Director James Comey says he disagrees with watchdog's conclusion, but respects its work.

What are the war games between South Korea and the U.S. that President Donald Trump promised to end? #APExplains https://t.co/zWIGdBgCsP

In opinion piece, former FBI Director James Comey says he disagrees with watchdog's conclusion, but respects its work. https://t.co/gh1BqUngMN

German prosecutors say they've thwarted an Islamic extremist plot to launch an attack with the deadly toxin ricin. https://t.co/z1HXxLrW7g

AP Investigation: A promise of wild-caught, sustainable seafood is a fishy story. https://t.co/iUN1AnTo0e

Chilean church offices raided as part of an investigation into growing clergy sex abuse scandals. https://t.co/Sq9oMiXJsH

The US and Canada have long enjoyed one of the world's most amicable alliances. But Trump's rhetoric is putting it under strain. https://t.co/jyn4F5xK5w

AP investigation finds a popular purveyor of local, sustainable seafood is selling products that are neither - and are tied to labor abuse and destruction of marine life. https://t.co/oKIvyYJxH5

AP PHOTOS: Life’s everyday objects trapped in time beneath the volcano’s ashes. https://t.co/BCPLOQUk3Q https://t.co/NXq20afPt3

Archaeologists unearth 3,500-year-old rock art depicting bulls, donkeys and sheep in Egypt. https://t.co/aZtE0iEVaW

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