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Don't miss our newest @APgroundgame! Host @magancrane welcomes @jpaceDC and @stevenpsloan to talk about all the drama from the primary season and what to look out for in the final weeks before November. https://t.co/m5omIwzzGk or https://t.co/Yefe4alaww

BREAKING: California jury finds career criminal guilty of killing two teens. https://t.co/Kt1vmLCxLg

BREAKING: Lawyers for Kavanaugh accuser say FBI should investigate before Christine Blasey Ford testifies. https://t.co/EtxJZsaYUT

Don't miss our newest @APgroundgame! Host @magancrane welcomes @jpaceDC and @stevenpsloan to talk about all the drama from the primary season and what to look out for in the final weeks before November. https://t.co/HvSWMyzR0N or https://t.co/8K3TxnGwtV

BREAKING: Israel expresses sorrow for deaths of Russian aircrew downed by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, also blames Hezbollah, Iran. https://t.co/MVXTZhX4G9

Don't miss our newest @APgroundgame! Host @magancrane welcomes @jpaceDC and @stevenpsloan to talk about all the drama from the primary season and what to look out for in the final weeks before November. https://t.co/UhehI7ZNpq or https://t.co/XjfM49RkPv

BREAKING: Russia's defense ministry says one of its aircraft with 14 on board has disappeared off Syria's Mediterranean Sea coast. https://t.co/5L98PXXmGs

Virtual reality therapy can help people with fear of heights, flying or spiders by exposing them gradually to their greatest terrors. By @CarlaKJohnson. https://t.co/qmNh9cIVFY

[email protected] looks at the Koreas' push for formal end to Korean War. By @APKlug. https://t.co/Y94pShszqv

BREAKING: California sheriff says one deputy killed, another wounded in exchange of gunfire with suspect. https://t.co/uTTdxKQQG3

BREAKING: South Korean President Moon Jae-in has arrived in Pyongyang for summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

South Korean President Moon has landed in Pyongyang for his third summit of the year with North Korea's Kim. https://t.co/Y7qRMByNNt

A Republican official says U.S. Rep. Chris Collins will remain on the November ballot despite previously suspending his campaign amid an insider trading indictment. https://t.co/0Ci1OhAENg

BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin says a demilitarized zone will be established in Syria's Idlib. https://t.co/ytBKMQfNhy

BREAKING: North Carolina says it's opened a major route into city of Wilmington, previously cut off by Florence's floods. https://t.co/5hHNx4kXzn

BREAKING: British diver who helped with Thai cave rescue files lawsuit against Elon Musk for calling him a pedophile on Twitter. https://t.co/jkrYyDhPAr

Putin, Erdogan meet to discuss crisis in rebel-held province of Idlib in Syria. https://t.co/uUzTNNicIV

Wife of Woody Allen, estranged adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, speaks publicly about turbulent family life, defends husband against mother in #MeToo era. https://t.co/tQ9WzCNeSH

With a high-stakes Korea summit looming, could joint infrastructure projects help pave the way to denuclearization? By @EricTalmadge. https://t.co/7EK1dFafxC?

Needle-exchange programs are handing out test strips that can signal the presence of fentanyl in heroin, even as some health officials question their accuracy. https://t.co/npifoBe807

VIDEO: Falling tree kills infant during Carolina storms. https://t.co/FnbATwQtCR

Egypt says it fights fake news, critics see new crackdown. https://t.co/MHnzqxiYdW

Time Magazine is being sold by Meredith Corp. to Marc Benioff, a co-founder of Salesforce, and his wife. https://t.co/PPoR6WyGIX

Officials say no evidence of nerve agent found after two people fall ill in restaurant in English city where Russian ex-spy and his daughter were poisoned five months ago. https://t.co/HbHUhpOpxZ

Typhoon Mangkhut killed at least 64 in Philippines, with dozens more feared trapped after landslide. Now storm is hitting China. "Prepare for the worst," a Hong Kong official warns. https://t.co/UkRuqGjLMe

BREAKING: Woman who accuses Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct as teen has come forward to The Washington Post.

AP photographers capture the pain and power of Typhoon Mangkhut as it batters the Philippines and China: https://t.co/Mb53xdVZnL https://t.co/vS3Pw1WZjc

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Rivers could bring the most destructive round of flooding from Florence in North Carolina history. https://t.co/ufnjnN2j97

Hong Kong and southern China hunkers down under red alert as strong winds and heavy rain from Typhoon Mangkhut lash the densely populated coast. https://t.co/ZEl0vDwNup

Facing Israeli demolition, Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar hopes international pressure can save the strategically located West Bank hamlet from Israeli army bulldozers. https://t.co/53TypmUqxc

Muslim militants in the southern Philippines free three Indonesian men they kidnapped at sea early last year, official says. By @JimSGomez. https://t.co/C0ECt8xsVt

BREAKING: Officials say 3 more people have died in North Carolina as a result of Florence, bringing death toll to 11

Authorities say three more people die in North Carolina as a result of Florence, bringing the overall storm-related death toll to 11. https://t.co/LJaOSXEdD7

Uber drivers air their frustration on social media as glitch keeps them from getting paid quickly. https://t.co/NnYZuN7Axb

Men dressed as mariachi musicians kill four people and wound nine others in Mexico City's Garibaldi Plaza, an iconic square where bands serenade tourists. https://t.co/P7VxW5NnNh

“Floodwaters are rising:” As Florence continues to inundate the Carolinas, follow AP’s comprehensive coverage here. https://t.co/bMy2JUfXxs https://t.co/N4H0sgRZPx

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The kitten's name? Survivor. https://t.co/TGrpfm6Neh https://t.co/wXGxsao54p

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BREAKING: Authorities say U.S. Border Patrol agent in Texas is suspected of having killed four women and abducting a fifth.

Rwanda's government to free opposition leader, 2,100 others from prison. https://t.co/dHEp8b5TOr

Hundreds of thousands in Ethiopia welcome once-banned group home to engage in politics. https://t.co/Z5WBIMwkYl

Mauritania faces 2nd round of legislative elections, prepares for presidential vote next year. https://t.co/TboSe75tvA

American university professor detained by Israel in West Bank scuffle, lawyer says. https://t.co/6S7aTjZjj0

Archaeologists say altar found in Guatemala suggests the Mayan dynasty of Kaanul, known as the Snake Kings, acted like its namesake in slowly squeezing the rival kingdom of Tikal. https://t.co/7X30AY99Cf

Afghan official says at least four crew members of a military helicopter, have been killed when their aircraft crashed and caught fire. https://t.co/aFWFNblJOB

Philippine officials assessing damage and checking on possible casualties as Typhoon Mangkhut pummels the northern breadbasket with ferocious wind and rain. https://t.co/8r1k79EFe7

South Korean President Moon Jae-in faces his toughest challenge yet in his third summit with Kim next week in Pyongyang. https://t.co/0NpbnH9ErF

A joint @AP, @qz, @cpipr investigation reveals how Puerto Ricans died without medical care after Hurricane Maria. Read more: https://t.co/ErWqKtitkN.

Ariana Grande posts tribute to ex-boyfriend Mac Miller a week after the hip-hop star's death. https://t.co/TKvfyYH9hF

BREAKING: Typhoon Mangkhut has slammed into Philippines' northeastern coast. https://t.co/UEF9cRhpig

‘I was looking for help and no one came.’ @AP joint investigation reveals how Puerto Ricans died without medical care after Hurricane Maria. https://t.co/ZnmTcLXxjX

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