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State election offices trying to beef up security of voter rolls after they were targeted by hackers in 2016. By @AP_Christina @sarahzimm95.

AP has deleted a retweet from the Boston Globe that was sent in error.

  • RT @APCentralRegion Billionaire J.B. Pritzker has given his campaign almost $70 million in an effort to win the Illinois Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday. That's more than Donald Trump spent to win the GOP presidential primary in 2016.

    British police say 13 injured after man kicked out of nightclub returns to ram his car into people on the dance floor.

    Russian opposition candidate Ksenia Sobchak casts her ballot in presidential election; urges Putin critics to vote instead of boycotting.

    BREAKING: China's ceremonial legislature appoints Li Keqiang, No. 2 Communist Party leader, to second 5-year term as premier

    China's ceremonial legislature has appointed the No. 2 Communist Party leader, Li Keqiang, to a second five-year term as premier.

    Pentagon releases names of seven airmen killed in an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter crash in western Iraq.

    President Trump says "The Fake News is beside themselves that McCabe was caught, called out and fired."

    The Vatican bows to pressure, releases the complete letter by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis after coming under criticism for selectively citing it in a press release and digitally manipulating a photograph of it.

    Shipwreck hunters find the remains of a schooner that sank in Lake Michigan in 1873.

    BREAKING: US government investigating why air bags failed to inflate in some Hyundai and Kia cars, leading to four deaths.

    Michael Flynn campaigns for GOP congressional candidate.

    Xi reappointed as China's president with no term limits.

    GOP candidate who called teen "skinhead lesbian" quits race.

    BREAKING: Top overall seed Virginia routed by UMBC for NCAA Tournament's first win by 16-seed over a No. 1 in all-time hoops upset.

    University of Maryland-Baltimore County pulls off the most shocking upset in NCAA Tournament history, defeating Virginia 74-54 to become the first No. 16 seed ever to beat a No. 1 seed.

    Lamb, Saccone each could see primary contests in new congressional districts after fierce Pennsylvania election.

    Here's an overview of Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking work from @michiganstateu. (News and analysis from university experts published by The Conversation. Distributed by AP.)

    Late governor's ashes take trip to New Jersey saloon, just as he wished.

    Protesters win free-speech fight over St. Patrick's parade that VP Pence is taking part in.

    BREAKING: Florida transportation officials: Engineer called 2 days before bridge collapse to report cracking at 1 end of span.

    BREAKING: British police are investigating the death of a Russian businessman as a homicide.

    As the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria approaches, only a fraction of the $23 billion in congressionally approved funds has actually been spent in Puerto Rico.

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    BREAKING: UK foreign secretary says it's `overwhelmingly likely' nerve agent attack decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    The Latest: British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says it's "overwhelmingly likely" Russian President Putin ordered the use of a nerve agent against a former spy.

    Mexican authorities issue an Amber Alert for a missing Pennsylvania teen and a 45-year-old man who signed her out of school, saying the pair is believed to be traveling through the country.

    California law regulating anti-abortion pregnancy centers leads to Supreme Court clash at intersection of abortion, free speech.

    BREAKING: Fire chief says 4 dead found at site of collapsed Florida pedestrian bridge, 9 taken to hospitals.

    BREAKING: Man who killed his boss at a traveling carnival decades ago and later asked for death is executed in Alabama.

    Miami-Dade fire chief says four people were found dead in rubble of collapsed bridge, nine people taken to hospitals.

    Alabama has executed man convicted of strangling his boss to death in 2000. He later asked to be put to death.

    "Syria has been swallowed up:" Seven years on, the violence in Syria has accelerated and the country has never looked as helpless or fragmented.

    BREAKING: New pedestrian bridge collapses at Florida International University; vehicles struck underneath, injuries unclear.

    A newly-installed pedestrian bridge collapses at Florida International University. Video shows vehicles crushed under the bridge.

    BREAKING: Video shows several people being loaded into ambulances after a bridge collapsed at Florida International University.

    Live television reports showed several people loaded onto ambulances immediately after the collapse.

    Singer Katy Perry kissed a contestant on "American Idol" and he did not like it.

    BREAKING: In joint statement, US, UK, French and German leaders agree Russia was behind nerve agent attack on former spy.

    The Latest: The leaders of the U.S., France, Germany and Britain say they are united in blaming Russia for a nerve agent attack on former spy Sergei Skripal.

    The Pyongyang Side Hustle: Is North Korea's air force selling canned soup and taxi rides to upgrade its runways and airstrips? The answer may well be yes, @EricTalmadge reports.

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    UPenn law professor removed from some classes after saying she'd never seen a black student graduate in the top 25% of the class. The school's dean says that is inaccurate.

    BREAKING: Oklahoma officials say nitrogen will be used for executions, making it first state to use the gas for capital punishment.

    The Latest: Syrian state-run TV broadcasts footage of patients being evacuated from a besieged region outside the Syrian capital, part of a negotiated deal to allow critical cases out.

    A producer of hit royal drama "The Crown" says Claire Foy, who played the central role of Queen Elizabeth II, was paid less than her on-screen husband.

    BREAKING: British prime minister May: Russian state is guilty of attempted murder of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

    BREAKING: Theresa May: UK will expel 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning, biggest expulsion since Cold War.

    “Homer can help you”: War veterans use ancient epics “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” to cope with aftereffects of combat.

    Al-Qaida in Syria losing ground in battles with insurgents. By @bmroue.

    COMING TUESDAY: The soldier’s wife was surprised that her first-grade daughter knew the word “sex,” so she gently inquired. What she learned shocked her. Follow AP’s investigation:

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