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Meet the newest member of the @Sound_Ventures_ family: @LearnLux

Reunited with an old buddy. #notpunkd #theranch

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  • Check out the latest episode of My @Houzz, featuring @claymatthews52

    Congrats @LearnLux!

    I stand with @apneaap and urge India's parliament to review and change the #TraffickingBill NOW to include #SexualExploitation and #prostituting others as an offense! #Fightforher Sign the petition here: @Ruchiragupta

    If you don’t look back on yourself and think, “Wow, how stupid I was a year ago,” then you must not have learned much in the last year. #WorkLife with @AdamMGrant, a new podcast with @TEDTalks:

    Ok, Ryder’s voice on Paw Patrol has definitely changed. #dadtweet

    Great read about sound founders who are building big companies @RobinhoodApp @cadreRE

    Please meet the five finalists for Sound Ventures' #PerfectPitch startup competition tomorrow. Thanks to all who submitted.

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