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πŸ–€ https://t.co/3mdaXre3UQ

they coming, baby. i love u more. hopefully by this weekend. i'm sorry these things take so long. just trying to get the routing perfect for u. https://t.co/TCHgJ6r2Fu

i miss u more. cannot wait. https://t.co/kNa0b5aEDN

i love u more always. duh. https://t.co/8CLPn0BpKS

πŸ–€ https://t.co/vytgXF7DT7

i love u and i am eternally grateful

#thankunext behind the scenes part two https://t.co/XFdSN6Q9me


loofah of the year https://t.co/07gUhPlZ5C

Ariana Grande top tweets


Ariana Grande top tweets

πŸ–€ https://t.co/TuPl2EmSb8

omg. i’m beaming. https://t.co/Ff15sDOwTW


πŸ–€ https://t.co/86ZC8wrS2a

omg...... may i please..... please for christmas have the thank u, jeff book? it’s for a friend. promise. https://t.co/4FRJJ3Q7JD

hello i’m crying and i’m one too many glasses in to be reading this rn tbh. love and appreciate u sm. thank u for encouraging my honesty & inspiring me to be a braver writer. 🌱 i feel so dreamy and grateful rn. hurry yo ass up @republicrecords. https://t.co/fhQ8cPxK5T


Ariana Grande top tweets

πŸ–€ https://t.co/PMtUwsg33u

Ariana Grande top tweets
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