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the new #sweetenerworldtour dates are up for @americanexpress pre sale starting 10am local tmrw 🌫 #amexpresale https://t.co/EeN082qONg https://t.co/WNgmsAGQ9D

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love y’all so much. thank u for everythinnnnn. talk soon.


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i’m sleeeep .... body, throat, everything tired as hell .... but grateful as fuck. too grateful to go back to bed if that’s a thing. look how me & myron sleep. https://t.co/sSk0SyIQsx

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man, i love u thank u ... tea , steam , i’ve been drowning in honey https://t.co/6E8spDHDMh

love u

man i always get sick on tour and like never get better lol. i’ve had bronchitis the past few shows (who’s surprised? no one)... but getting better. ☁️ love y’all so much and this tour is a dream. new york, you make me sooooo happy. my babies have the best energy in the world.

fourth new york show tonight & then new dates tomorrow as promised .... love u sm. 🌫🌫🌫


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nothing is better than watching y’all sing at these shows knowing all the words n living your best lives .... thank u 🌫 okay i’ll be back in another week to tell u this same thing again

work so fuckin muuuuuch need a twinny twin twin

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