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#SYMPTOMS https://t.co/9iQbT1PfhA

All those voices...tell them 🤫 https://t.co/j8FjuLGCwL

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We’re back!! https://t.co/u2CzSCPdX1

Not my favorite side, but I have a lot of things about me that aren’t my favorite. However as I’ve grown I think those sides are just as beautiful. Beautiful isn’t perfection, it’s being you. https://t.co/hDVMrvjmDj

Ashley Tisdale top tweets

So fun! https://t.co/IIn3k7MNjS

No one should ever be left behind! Thank you @peta for helping. https://t.co/Ie2B1NCrWT

This is absolutely horrifying. How and WHY would people do this?? #Denmark https://t.co/J8LnJfcaeO

SYMPTOMS https://t.co/AIMQVmlbw7

🦋 https://t.co/bfVwwtS5bl

Ashley Tisdale top tweets

Hell yes!!! https://t.co/oTEkH60MPk

NYC rainy day vibes 😴 https://t.co/n6Er6uvvwL

Ashley Tisdale top tweets
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