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Woke up before 7 once again & wondered what normal people do early morning. Realised normal people don't wake up early morning.

There is not enough chai in the world for this mausam.

Subah subah conference call. Thanos, do your thing.

Flight seat selection: Aisle seat Rs. 700 Window seat Rs. 600 Middle seat Rs. 300 Free seat? Floor pe baith ke ja. Ya fir Rs. 10,000 de de aur aadhe raaste flight tu uda liyo.

In today's episode of 'Never Mess With A Woman'... https://t.co/PJpG118Dhk

Me: Net nahi chal raha Vodafone: get 1 year free Amazon Prime with your.. Me: call hi nahi ja rahi Vodafone: get 1 year free Amazon Prime with your.. Me: ABEY I ALREADY HAVE AMAZO.. Vodafone: get 1 year free Amazon Prime with your.. Me: i am sorry

Fielding sabse karwaayi, batting sirf 3 logon ko di. Cheaters!

Abey yaar. Genuinely feeling bad for Afghanistan! They gave it their everything.

Humne apna match utne interest se nahi dekha jitna unka dekh rahe hain 😂

Hi @pharmeasyapp! What is the point of listing a medicine on the app and wasting the customer's time when you prefer sending an apology instead of the product?

I sent a work mail before 7 in the morning. I've become the monster I always feared.

Kudos to @mastercardindia for making businesses seamless in India by promoting digital payments together with @msdhoni! #DhoniWithMastercard https://t.co/mxoZ1qUmwX

woke up early because i dreamt about someone stealing my chicken burger. my nightmares are getting too real.

Rohit Be-reham

Koi na. Ja ke beer pi bhai.

Fuck this. Cant say Rayudu without singing Rayudu dududu dudu dudu Rayudu dududu dudu dudu yes papa

Close win!

Slow streaming is zeher. TV hi sahi hai.

Volini ka ad dekh ke apni hi kamar mein dard hone lagta hai.

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