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why am I seeing a mad rise in the number of promoted tweets on my tl? bich I don't wanna see this so take your saande ka teil up your ass, indian oil corp

Everyone: wtf was this season? Jon: https://t.co/ZTGwmOOUjA

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"you think anyone will dare tell YOU women aren't allowed?" 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

Everyone else: main king. main queen, main lord, main hand, main leg, main liver.... Arya: wanderlust. bye

vivek oberoi is tweeting. call Drogon.


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it's like sundays are just 3 hours long

those cave pics remind me of how Bran was sleeping mast ho ke while there was a war going on around him in winterfell

angrezon ne ande todne ke liye bhi kitchen gadgets banaye hue hain. Hum aisa kuch khareed ke le aaye toh parents ulta humein hi todenge.

and so many more 😭😭😭 https://t.co/bfK0DRNMXh https://t.co/lkxWcBC9Py

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ye photos hain ya water colors se painting kari hai https://t.co/027IXdLr5t

the world will be sitting one day all relaxing with Korean sheet masks on their faces for skincare & Korea will attac. I've figured their strategy.

it breaks my heart to know that nobody has started a big clothing brand called Veer just to open outlets next to Zara showrooms yet. also, u delete ur account first

kaisi ajeeb erotic poetry likhte rehte ho yaar bebi make me wet all night with ur words tanki bharegi toh RO chalega I don't even...

about to propose the waiter at mybar paharganj, wish me luck. The bar is so low you will need a submarine to reach now. https://t.co/iA40GwWOd2

gateway? ok then. ek bmw, doosri audi. ameer logon ko lagta hai sabke paas 2-4 imported cars toh hoti hi hain bas unhe weekend par ghoomne ki jagah samajh nahi aati. Saturday working hai sir. Sunday seedha chopper uda ke chala jaunga. https://t.co/2pjJ6gTEwT

summer air pollution matlab kya? winter mein kaunsi badi bisleri ki hawa aati hai? https://t.co/dA9eZLNVwE

modiji will get the iron throne. it is known

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