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Deadpool 2 ke 2 aur trailer aa jaate toh poori movie trailers mein hi khatam ho jati.

ATM mein kya, apne toh account mein bhi paise nahi hain.

  • What a great shitty day!

    Tab bhi log "sho bob n vegane" karte the?

    The fuck is up with people being unnecessarily rude to people online? Even if the other person is being all polite. I get it that you don't owe everyone a nice reply but the least you can do is not be a complete dick to random people.

    Sometimes i apologise before even cracking the joke. That's the level of self awareness I am at.

    Matlab zabardasti out hona hai.

    Mahi maar raha hai!

    Sharma saale tu Indian team mein aa ke dikha 😠😠

    Cafe is playing kundi mat khadkao raja. I am done.

    Douchebaggery at an all time high on twater dot kom.

    Someone added me to a list named 'regular'. I've never felt more mediocre in my life.

    lol @ "strict action"

    This country rn

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    Cant watch or read news anymore. Just can't.

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