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No one outraged many laughed and a few said I look good 不不

Le bhai @tweetfromRaghu aaj final answer mil gaya tujhe 不不

  • And protestors woth placard Jai Hind Jai Bharat 不不

    With high regards to @ARanganathan72 sir, one of the HMP members, who wants to stay anonymous, has written an article as a reply to Ranganathans article. Pls read.

    Such visionary this man is.

    Maam @Shehla_Rashid pls note. Very sharp statement

    Modi right now talking about The Lal @svaradarajan #ModiInUK

    Brilliant analysis. Read how allegedly Congress is trying to spread rumor about #CashCrunch.

    Maam @divyaspandana itna to sikhao ki public me accept na karein.. 唐

    Maithun MI top tweets

    鄐眇冗鄐 鄐啤允鄍 鄐鄐鄐抉鄐啤 鄐桌鄐 鄐眇鄐鄐 鄐芹鄐菽什 鄐嫩冗鄐鄐 劾不

    Waah kya subtle maara hai

    Sincere apologies magar raghu ka tha to sochna chahiye.. accha hai ghar wale bhi sochein kaisa Aadmi hai ye

    Just a reminder. Arvind Kejriwal defended a rapist and asked the victim to compromise.

    Why not @ArvindKejriwal who RTed?

    Good Morning Amit bhai. Ab dum hai to inko arrest karwa k batao. Open challenge from HMP.

    Best thread ever.

    This man said Compromise karlo

    CSK fans when Dhoni scores at the strike rate of 100

    Maithun MI top tweets

    Damn! Shes been spreading fake news from quite some time

    Bhai @meamabhishek tera ek video abhi ek wa group me aaya.. text me likha tha dekhiye kaise ek Congressi RTI activist ne khud Congress ki dhajjiyan uda di hanste-hanste pet dukh gaya 不


    What if poor and roaming charges applicable ?

    Rapists should be hanged til death. Raghu who used to give rape threats openly on his reality show talking about safety makes everything just a lip service. Did he ever apologise ? Ever said his show was not reality? Baba Ram Rahim can also pose like this with placard.

    HMP next Article IPL chairman doesnt even know the difference between bold and bowled

    Tunch maal

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