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क्योंकि एक बोलती है और दूसरी कर भी देती है। 😹😹

In a group photo of girls on Instagram the most good looking one will always be the one who’s not tagged. 😂😂

Lol kaun bol raha Hai.. ye @tweetfromRaghu Bina chehra dekhe logon ko gaaliyan deta hai 😹😹 seriously @ColorsTV ? 🤔


Many Congratulations! Keep fighting HMP is with you Prashant ji.

Thread 😍❤️😂😂😂😂

Sir @ShashiTharoor yesterday you were preaching about non-violence. Can you just write one line criticising this act ? ☺️🙏🏻

Still less than HMP registration on day 1. Link :

If NDTV reports @ArvindKejriwal’s latest fiasco will it be called “Office of loss” reporting about “Office of Profit”? 🤔

Reverse happened. Check Rahul Gandhi

Jal-jal k dhuan.. ho rahi hai.. 🎶

She said “Bollywood legacies will be attacked if people open about sexual harassment” I asked “who’s stopping you?” She replied :

Wish Mumbai Police be equally active when @tweetfromRaghu abuses people on his show and also on Twitter.

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Well written. Let people know @sagarikaghose wrote the script no one will watch the movie anyway 😂

Sir @ArvindKejriwal mood kharab ho gaya kya? Padmavat nahi dekhoge ?

Swamy ji was talking about population in first line and obesity in second line. 😂

Timing! ❤️

Sir, just answering your hashtag #WhyAmIHindu Because after Modi became PM most of the hindu votes got united and you want congress to win elections. ☺️

सर @ArvindKejriwal एक भी ट्वीट नहीं। ख़ुद को सूंघ लिया क्या? मेरा मतलब साँप सूंघ गया? 😹😹


अब आज इतनी रात में कहाँ ही होगा चुनाव। 🙄😂

Bad day for @ArvindKejriwal ji. AAP lost 20 seats and now proof of surgical strike will also be provided.😒🤣

But you watched Zee News ? 😂😂

I request all HMP members and volunteers and aspirants to fill this form. 🙏🏻

Kyon tune dhobhi ka kaam chalu kiya hai ? 😂

Pehle sarkar ka nikalawa lena @kunalkamra88 😹😹

I don’t want anyone to leave twitter, I neither want to kill anyone’s freedom of expression. All I want to is to build an ecosystem stronger than one one by left wing. Glad to say we are going there faster and stronger. #HMP

Cc: @trivago

[email protected]’s new show #MTVTrollPolice is trying to name trolls as abusers. He’s deliberately trying to mix abusers with trolls only to defame all anonymous accounts, allegedly. (watch this thread)

Smt @taapsee and @RannvijaySingha pls note

Mohd @ArvindKejriwal will now provide subsidy to haj pilgrims from his own pocket. 👏🏻👏🏻

Cc: @YUVSTRONG12 pls note

What’s Pandit, Janeu Dhari, Rudraksh Dhari Shri Shri @officeofrg’s view on Union government withdrawing #HajjSubsidy?

Government withdraws #HajjSubsidy and same amount will be used for construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, allegedly.

What guys see when girls say “No DM”

It’s high time @OfficeOfRG gives hugs to these students. #Hugplomacy 😉

....and more burnol


Ma’am @priyankac19, Pappu ji will fire you. You are supposed to criticise the meet. #Hugplomacy

Almost everyone believes that this is damage control by Pidi. Congress’ politics is so predictable. 🙄

ऐसे कैसे @ArvindKejriwal को तो अभी और रोटियाँ सेकनी हैं। @tweetfromRaghu आचार और प्याज़ लिए बैठा है इतने दिनों से। 😕

HMP members insta hi rah gaya tha 😹😹🙏🏻

Justice Loya’s son broke down while addressing Media but vultures like @tweetfromRaghu and @ArvindKejriwal have no humanity, allegedly. Disgusting!

Trump anti-Dalit? 🤔

Exactly. That’s why @ArvindKejriwal finds sees everyone corrupt.

Is that a reason @tweetfromRaghu used to say “Tu €hutiya hai” to every roadie contestant? 😹😹

Dedh futiya you’ll also be sacked 😹😹

Some people on Twitter have accused me of being Islamaphobic. Today I want to clarify that it’s absolutely a fake accusation, also all my previous girlfriends were Islamic. Before I got them converted.

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