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Some good news. Our test setup is working. The cells and BMS are kept in a very raw packing for now. We are working on the design part now :) https://t.co/v7ZnPw1lWm

Shivam Viz needs immediate help. Either this wonderful child is going into a deep depression or he is burning himself really hard to arrive at an empirical formula for defining the defeat of Modi. https://t.co/RmbRrEnCK1

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Question for 5 marks How much impact did the Rafael jibe make to Congress?

Bro 1: Democracy is dead Bro 2: Why bro? Bro 1: BJP has over taken institutions Bro 2: Which one now? Bro 1: EC. Look at the exit polls. Exit polls show that EVMs were hacked. Bro 2: But exit polls don’t take data from EVM Bro 1: Stop doing this to me bro. You are a bhakt bro

Dear @Dr_Uditraj sir, how are you. Any news from Delhi?

Before Exit Poll: You won't understand the election. There is an underwave. You won't understand the election. Farmers have united You won't understand the election. Traders will slap BJP After Exit Poll: Democracy is dead. Fuck People.

Lutyens Journalist: This election saw a plethora of schmaltz oozing and gushing out from plutocrat and subalterns. The ludicrous quandary to find the best was envisaged to culminate, but it gave nothing except palaver and hullabaloo. Me: https://t.co/6f91m0rSx1

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Most Accurate Exit Pole from the interiors of India https://t.co/PF9CkWL1JV

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Pigeons outside my house found my AC to be the most suitable place for their Ghosla. https://t.co/5qToHu94G6

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Using Euler Lagrangian Hamiltonian on Hilbertian Gaussian space model to arrive at correct values

Mamata Didi calls Bangladeshi Heros to campaign for TMC Mamata Didi sets special camps for Rohingyas Mamata Didi supports illegal migrants from Bangladesh But @derekobrienmp calls Indians visiting Bengal "outsiders". Slow Claps!

गला घोंटकर आज़ादी की जनता को दुत्कार रही हो दीदी तुम तानाशाही से क्रांति को ललकार रही हो

Ye Manus hai Ya Thanos hai? https://t.co/dEfGQ5adCZ

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आदरणीय रवीश जी ने प्रियंका शर्मा की गिरफ़्तारी पर ममता बनर्जी के ख़िलाफ़ बोला है| उनके वीडियो के चुनिंदे हिस्से देखिये| 1. महामहिम रवीश उस meme में अश्लीलता और धार्मिक तनाव खोज चुके हैं 2. बात ममता पर हो रही है, रवीश जी बीजेपी और RSS का whataboutery कर रहे हैं https://t.co/iyS5F9miWb

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