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When people say that X or Y is the new Dravid, they should also read about the overseas performances of Dravid. https://t.co/qKn81umArN

A month of sales role in India with focus on non-MNC customers can increase your tolerance limit by 100 times.

The first reaction of many liberals after the removal of Haj Subsidy was "when will the government stop funding Hindu Temples?" This reaction was instantaneous. Imagine the kind of 'sensitive' secularism we have been growing with.

5 years back, had India performed so badly in a test series, media would have bombarded cricketers with analysis and contempt. Today things have changed. News anchors are still shouting BJP, Congress, Dalit, Hindu, Muslim. Cricketers must be thanking politics.

It's quite interesting that while Hindu vegetarians in India are casually labeled as elite, upper caste or Brahmanical for their choice of food, there is no labeling for those who treat "Jhatka/ Non-Halaal" meat as haraam

जब कभी भी याद आओ, तो जी भर के याद आओ अद्धा और पउआ में चढ़ता नहीं है हर इक दिन उठाते हैं ग़म को हम हर इक दिन उठाता है ग़म हमको बिना इसके गुज़ारा चलता नहीं है

Black Mirror episodes are turning true https://t.co/I0T67NcoHH

There was a time when CEAT cricket ratings used to be so important to kids. We used to know names of all the cricketers in the ranking of 1 to 10.

Indian Liberals: Don't segregate plates for veg & non-veg. The idea of schools is to create equality. There should be no segregation based on habits and religion Indian Liberals Also: Yoga should not be introduced in schools. Even if it is healthy, it hurts religious sentiments.

If the governments are more concerned about what we did 2000 years ago than what we are doing today, these figures wouldn't improve. https://t.co/EX2lvtcZcW

इस देश में अगर किसी को चुतियापा करने का मौका दो, तो वो उस चूतियापे को infinite limit तक ले जाएगा https://t.co/V7ac66yPW9

The Karni Sena is not proving that their ancestors were brave, but they are proving that the current systems are toothless, current laws are spineless and current generation is hopeless.

In case you don't know: One reason why people are converting in AP, Telangana, Jharkhand ...etc is that lower caste is bored of caste discrimination and upper caste glorification https://t.co/BtNu2Nb9Qb

Dear @HMOIndia, this stupidity is going viral. By deliberately ignoring such public threats just for vote-bank, BJP is setting very wrong precedents. If no action is taken, there will be many similar events in the future. https://t.co/C4IVHCNq7r

Trying to read Jaun Elia. Have no clue about the meanings of 7 out of 10 words. https://t.co/7uyZNG9XcD

पत्रकार अगर मोदी के सेहत के ख़िलाफ़ लिख देता है तो ट्विटर धुआं धुआं हो जाता है, लेकिन जब BJP का कोई ना कोई नेता खुलेआम भंसाली को पेलने का बोलता है तो लोगों के कान पर जूँ तक नहीं रेंगता।

हे प्रभु, अब तो अवतरित हो जाओ। अन्यथा ये लोग सभ्यता को खा जाएंगे। https://t.co/nIiAjTdc63

केंद्र में बीजेपी की सरकार है, राज्य में बीजेपी की सरकार है, बीजेपी जीतती है तो समर्थक हफ़्तों तक जश्न मनाते हैं| सो, बीजेपी के लाचारी पर अब moral burden तो लेना बनता है ना? https://t.co/sTVC5je2d5

Exploring the international battery market. Found that China has gone so ahead of us that we can't even think of reaching half of what they have done. Sadly, the best minds of India are either getting minimum support or they are busy in political outrage.

Sounds very good on paper, but the reality is very harsh. In last 6 months, I have visited some top IITs, Niti and other research institutes to understand the ground reality. We can't jump without having a strong base. https://t.co/IZZjCxaTMI

Indian cricketers are like Jugaad -- work on Indian soil only.

Thoughts on Dalit Reservation from Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia Islamia https://t.co/gzk5VBjAjZ

weird. It doesn't help though. Instead creates a hell lot of confusion. https://t.co/sMjOfXTBd3

Seems Kunal Kamra deleted this tweet. What do you gift at the comedy shows of Liberal Secular Pretending Standup comedians? - 1 spine, 2 ounce of humor and 3 spoons of hypocrisy removing syrup https://t.co/Bem15cxsxT

JOB is a systematic tool to siphon off independence of young vibrant artists by perpetual exploitation of human weaknesses and mental conditioning of a noble soul into consumerism ~ BABA from JNU https://t.co/OOvso0dJKT

Which is better among @ESPNcricinfo and @cricbuzz?

Living in the times when people are so conscious of their past that they are damaging the future of the nation. https://t.co/1TVmrLWn4y

Right Now, South Africans will be humming...Lungi Dance, Lungi Dance. Lungi Dance

The best thing which BCCI can do now is that it organizes a quick India Sri Lanka match this week. That will boost the confidence of Indian cricketers.

Ok Sorry https://t.co/ZT1Pf4H5Nh

Happy Dahi-Chura-Tilkut diwas to all friends :)

How do people wish Makar Sankranti Diwas to MSD? - Happy MSD MSD #SelfThoo

Rajputs have gathered outside GIP, Noida. Sloganeering and protesting against Padmavati.

Folks, this is the same Congress which talks about "Maintaining Dignity of Constitutional Positions" when jokes on Manmohan Singh are floated. https://t.co/ydgsBg2Q06

Politics in the country has become so deplorable that Justice Loya's son is begging to people not to drag his father's name for political opportunism, but people are like: "Shut-up and let me tell you who killed your father." https://t.co/1vgpb1fuJX

When Gurmehar Kaur writes about her father, she gets space in all the national and international magazines. When Loya's son writes about his father, he is sidelined. https://t.co/InaaAhk1Zs

What goes into the mind of lyricists when they write songs like "Swag se karenge sabka Swagat"

आंसू https://t.co/VcBYFOJylM

Before this match, people were raising questions about Kohli's performance on foreign soil. Seems he has answered many of those.

Kishore Kumar: Ye shaam mastaani, madahosh kiye jaaye Mukesh: Smaam ki dulhan ..badan churaye..chupke se aaye Jagjit Singh: Shaam se aaknh me nami si hai Kohli: Shaam tak khelenge toh inki g**d fatt jaegi

Even after the statements given by Justice Loya's son, Twitter and facebook are full of heinous allegations against Amit Shah. Irony is, those who are putting 100 posts against Shah are also writing that people don't have the freedom to write against BJP.

At Botanical Garden metro station, Modi & Yogi inaugurated new metro line in December. The metro team goofed up with gate settings. By default, gates stay open and they follow open-close-open after touching the card. Slow claps to babudom. That error is unresolved since 15 days.

In the beninging

Hey @thetanmay, this Hum to Udd Gaye is really cool man...

How many of you are bored of discussing same political stuff for the last 5 years?

Ask me a question about yourself. I will try to be honest

Look who is back :) https://t.co/zRrJYcfx76

Kitne log jage hue hain?

Chaos is a ladder

English chats have started stinking due to word compressions. People are suffering from bad vowel movement.

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