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He was trapped because he used Apple Maps. https://t.co/WP3YbUYJmr

We are a part of the generation which is ending most of its precious time in tracking salaries and property prices.

  • Tendulkar is watching the game. He would be sympathizing with Kohli and remembering his old days.

    RCB is playing so bad that even Mumbai Cheerleaders are yawning after the fall of RCB wickets.

    Do you mean that Fact Checkers @free_thinker and his colleague @swamv39 have developed a time machine using which a injured victim starts donating blood at same hospital with same setups? https://t.co/SQJ1dZEXr7

    As I said earlier, @swamv39 must have developed Time Machine. In this system, Very Next Post after "1" hour, appears after 1 day and multiple posts. And now he is tweeting as if he did a favor by apologizing https://t.co/idiCYS1IvX

    Rahul Raj top tweets

    While BJP supporters are busy making fun of Rahul Gandhi's IQ, Raga's team is successfully setting agenda for every day.

    Whenever you think that Dhoni is done, he returns with a bang. What an inspiration he is!

    Why is Rana Ayyub sitting with Preity Zinta

    Well played Punjab. Dhoni is the winner for today.

    Uber Pool Story: Driver talking on phone: Barola Jaat hain 2 girls sitting on the backseat: This Jaat Paat will ruin the nation. These people will never change. Driver: madam, Barola sector 50 mein ek ganv hain. Barola Jaat hain matlab 'I am going to Barola' Awkward silence.

    Yes all rapes are henious. Don't know why @MODIfiedVikas tagged you. May be because, you posted 20 tweets on Unnao, but you could not write a single word on Etah or because you enthusiastically shared a propaganda post on Assam which defends a henious rape only for wrong images. https://t.co/nOo6cbSrcu

    NDTV journalist @Nidhi feels that outrage on a crime as heinous as rape is a fallout, just because the "image" used for representation was incorrect. https://t.co/Zm7fbL2bZg

    Rahul Raj top tweets

    Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu will fight for Gold in #CWG2018 badminton singles. In years to come, it will be tough to find a sports player like Pulela Gopichand, who has contributed so much to a game.

    Just because some random texts is getting viral on social media, don't become a proponent of it without giving it a thought. https://t.co/Vpi2wju9q1

    Rahul Raj top tweets

    De Kock De Villiers De Chuka De Chakka

    Very happy to see how Indian Athletes are adding so many medals to India in CWG. Congratulations to all these young guns. And congratulations to @Ra_THORe for providing them required support.

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