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Only few people know that Pogba was born in Bihar as Pog. Like Rahulwa, Ganeshwa, Sureshwa, he became Pogba.

This goal should be called French Kiss

Hello France, chai pi lo

Sunday Night: Croatia is such small nation. Look they are playing finals. Why is India not doing anything? Monday Morning: Padho BC, Sports se kuch nahi hoga.

Congrats @HimaDas8. I would request the PM (@narendramodi) and the HRD minister (@PrakashJavdekar) to announce a chapter in school books after her. We had a long gap after Milkha Singh and P.T USHA in track events.

When Smriti ji became HRD minister, I wrote that I don't doubt her caliber, but HRD is not a fit for her. I faced severe criticism and even mean attacks from RW for that. People told me that I will be proven wrong in a month. 4 years later HRD has no substantial work to showcase.

Sainik School seniors after juniors start front-rolling in front of them. https://t.co/0DtQzUAmzu

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Ban eggs in a random school: Media will go crazy Ask kids to watch PM’s speech: Media will go hyper Expose Human trafficking by missionaries: Media will sleep with kharrata https://t.co/lOLHXmyxu7

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