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This is very insensitive. News channels trying to put drama and nautanki for TRP should not be tolerated. @MIB_India please take some strict actions against this https://t.co/x5fxnwS4f8

Train 18 is running smoothly. We have good engineers who can cure technical glitches, but who will cure these guys? https://t.co/iwmh0uFwUc

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Not a single Kashmiri student has reported physical attack, but the media has made the narrative that Kashmiri students are in grave danger. When students of NIT Srinagar were threatened by locals and they asked for help, the same media took days to report that.

If you can’t say anything positive for India, stay silent for 2-3 days. Your jokes on the government and your dedicated hatred pointed towards Modi, Doval or Rajnath Singh will not influence people, but it will only expose your hollowness.

The terrorist clearly said that he is doing it for Islam. Secular social reformers are not even hinting to talk about this, because that will hamper their secular credentials.

Don't start hating India just because you hate the ruling party. https://t.co/djDBTSg5si

For the last 60-70 years, politicians, media & institutes have neglected scientists/innovators and highlighted English speaking degree holders who can blabber for hours on random issues but can't fix any problems. Then these blabbermouths laugh when Train 18 shows small problems.

Take note of all those people who are comparing Online Trolling with Terrorism. Next time when they talk about semantics and nuances, remind them that they don't deserve to preach.

इतने निर्दयी हमले के बाद लोगों को सबसे पहले फिल्म उरी और उसके डायलोग “How is the Josh” से परेशानी कैसे हो सकती है? ये तभी हो सकता है जब लोगों को ज़िन्दगी भर दूसरों के जूतों के नीचे डर कर और दब कर रहने की आदत हो चुकी हो।

Terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar said, ”...they want to mislead you from the path of Islam by luring you with worldly pleasures...” and by bombing, he will make Muslims of the world proud. Innocent Indians who find religious angle in Dahi Handi accidents can’t see religious angle here. https://t.co/LXbdP9Csn8

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I still can't understand how people are convinced to the idea that by suicide bombing and killing innocent people you can please Allah and in return He will award you Jannat

Pakistan doesn't need to train its terrorists as long as it has such talented resources in India. https://t.co/PyqU2t8nwr

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If Modi's crowd had slogannered Gandhi Family chor hai, media would have created ruckus about Garima, Maryada, Bhasha of Constitution. Btw, @RahulGandhi ji, scams under Congress between 2008-2012: 1. 2G Spectrum Scam 2. CWG Scam 3. Coal Scam 4. Adarsh Scam 5. Chopper Scam https://t.co/6uKIRL3yfW

ट्विटर लोगों के आरती को कम कर रहा है क्यूँकि ट्विटर लेफ़्ट लीनिंग है और उसे पूजा आरती पसंद नहीं

This video has a separate fan base https://t.co/BsIyitevNX

Congress is using a phenomenal amount of fund for promotion. If that amount was used for the development of Amethi, Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi could have gathered the courage to organize rallies in Amethi instead of Lucknow.

Rahul Gandhi at 1 am: Chowkidaar chor hai Rahul Gandhi at 8 am: Chowkidaar chor hai Rahul Gandhi at 11 am: Chowkidaar chor hai Rahul Gandhi at 5 pm: Chowkidaar chor hai Public: Who is Chowkidaar Rahul Gandhi: This question is out of syllabus

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