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Very bad start against Pakistan.

India needs this now https://t.co/YPfJjFSNb9

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लिखो https://t.co/qNv4vcuFPn

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Beating around the Bush https://t.co/9V2WB0NenX

Compare DU election headlines with JNU election headlines.DU was dominated by EVM, JNU by the grand victory of Left Stories of Vandalism and Molestation from JNU are sidelined. Left ecosystem in India is ruthless. They would go to any level to win. https://t.co/2yhWZOfu81

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Happy Birthday, @narendramodi. Before you, it was difficult to imagine that 1. Fate of the nation will not be decided by a few Lutyens' elitists 2. People's opinions will not be taken seriously based on their English skills 3. Secularism will not be used to fool citizens

Shahrukh Khan has been massively trolled and abused on Facebook for posting a pic of Ganpati. He has been asked to feel ashamed as a Muslim. Indian media has maintained secularism and tolerance of the nation by closing their eyes.

Gulposh kabhi itraaye kahin Mehke to nazar aa jaaye kahin Taaveez banaake pehnoon usay Aayat ki tarah mil jaaye kahin

विचारों और संवेदनाओं की मशाल, पेट की भूख से अधिक ज्वलंत हो जाती हैं; कभी कभी... राष्ट्रीयता और धर्म की छाँव, स्वार्थ की बेड़ियों से स्वतंत्र हो जाती हैं; कभी कभी... कुछ छोटी यात्रायें, बड़ी दूरियां तय करने की मंत्र हो जाती हैं; कभी कभी...

Way to go @anuraag_saxena :) https://t.co/sZay1d3ib5

Opens Whatsapp <Happy B'day. Has BJP wished you? Is Congress cutting cake?> Closes Whatsapp, Opens FB <Neem ka patta kadwa hai..BJP/Congress bhadwa hai> Closes Whatsapp, Opens Insta <Color of BJP saffron, Congress Green> *Gets Frustrated* *Deletes all app* Opens LinkedIn https://t.co/Vl8Y00CYSn

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A fake news of an attack on Church breaks the socio-cultural fabric on India, but a church crossing limits to defend an accused rapist and to reveal the identity of a victim creates no urgency. Missionaries of Jesus is exposing the secularism of tolerant Indians.

Not a single kidney Apple joke this year. Humanity is going in wrong directions.

Baba Jihad https://t.co/ydPLLJg2O0

#ArunJaitleyStepDown https://t.co/zjkAo1J3Jj

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The inner voice was reproaching me daily for getting lazier day by day. Decided to prove the world wrong. Left the bed early for a long hectic run. Found lush green grass in the field. Slept. https://t.co/oXh6A4HGDk

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