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Since 2002, the @GlobalFund and its partners have saved 27 million lives. This shows what’s possible when we act on the idea that all of us have a stake in the health and well-being of the poorest: https://t.co/sUZP0EA2pb https://t.co/9Sg0tKGmqE

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Even as someone who enjoys reading textbooks (for fun…), I’m excited about the online tools replacing them: https://t.co/zOEBeImDBa https://t.co/5Oo5gEB8H9

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Who has the best musical taste in our family? Hint: It’s not me… https://t.co/gMoHIPFv3v

While the world gets older, one continent is staying (nearly) the same age. Which continent’s median age has stayed basically flat? Check your answer here: https://t.co/g762QNCjap

[email protected] explains how mobile phones can help connect marginalized people to their communities, their bank accounts, and more: https://t.co/27eeYrpBKT https://t.co/FM3iUKX0kR

If you believe every student should have a chance to learn how to code, nominate your favorite teacher for a @codeorg scholarship: https://t.co/f9KB0qj1te https://t.co/jXvvHtL8Mf

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The world keeps getting older, but Africa stays the same age. It sounds confusing, but it makes sense when you break it down: https://t.co/6dZeFCxsp3 https://t.co/hhH8IE0rQQ

Electricity accounts for just 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. We need breakthroughs in five key areas to prevent the worst climate-change scenarios: https://t.co/vPalC2h56X https://t.co/1est6TTZ1U

Bill Gates top tweets

Melinda and I are live with @wkamaubell and hundreds of high school students talking about how surprises can move us to action: https://t.co/cgCqP2fmTj https://t.co/Ns6fjSFJtA

Bill Gates top tweets

You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that I love a good cheeseburger. But you may be surprised by some of the things you read in our annual letter: https://t.co/ylXwYeSCxd https://t.co/0zb5M2ZG0Y

At a time when bad news seems to dominate the headlines every day, I want to keep reminding people that life is getting better for millions in the world’s poorest countries, thanks in part to smart investments in health.

I wish more people fully understood what it will take to stop climate change. I break down the five grand challenges we face (using squishy toys): https://t.co/Nw6r3J2qrC https://t.co/OFvHFgp1xF

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