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The people who will suffer most from climate change are the ones least responsible for it. Here’s how we can help them: https://t.co/S32e1ljJru https://t.co/18ueJU1kkX

What political and economic changes are needed to address climate change? If you’re between 16 and 25 years old, share your idea with @TheEconomist. I look forward to reading the winning entry! #OpenFuture https://t.co/89cganUcdH

This is something I would have loved as a kid: @MicrosoftStore is hosting a series of free Camp Know Where events across the country. If your kids love science (and @Stranger_Things), I encourage you to check them out. https://t.co/hz7LJYIq2b

Last year @GatesUS invested $92 million in networks of schools that are working together to improve student outcomes. Here’s an update on the progress we’ve made in the first year of the program – and what’s next: https://t.co/pjkgxeZq3z https://t.co/6OabhP3Pd9

I recently wrote about how people with tech skills can find fascinating problems to work on in global health and development. I was excited to come across this @techreview article about African machine learning researchers who are already doing just that. https://t.co/3e1d2QvvH4

“Fathers who help unlock their daughter’s potential, standing up for their rights and raising them to believe they have them, bring prosperity and happiness to their entire families.” I recommend reading this essay from @ZiauddinY about @Malala. #MalalaDay https://t.co/SRqQjSa4vA

I wish I had understood much earlier in my career what true inequity looks like and how to fight it. That’s why I’m inspired by the story of William Wu, an engineer who started using his tech skills to fight inequity much sooner than I did: https://t.co/qEDOk3kVEo https://t.co/WDxHCur6Ki

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Nuclear power is the second-largest source of low-carbon electricity in the world — but its growth is slowing down. This important @IEA report outlines how countries can support existing reactors and advance nuclear innovation. https://t.co/cS9cuHn1WA

Can we feed 10 billion people? I’m optimistic that we can if we invest in research that will help poor farmers adapt to climate change. https://t.co/KjKNQRMBJy

An Ethiopian would have to live for 240 years to equal the carbon footprint of an American. And yet, people in sub-Saharan Africa will face the worst effects of climate change. I’m inspired by a research center called @CIMMYT that is trying to help: https://t.co/PQcSKbSGeO https://t.co/rQHPqQAbVo

Nearly one billion malaria cases have been prevented since 2000, but infection rates have plateaued or even increased in some areas. @axios explains how we can #StepUptheFight and end the disease for good. https://t.co/EKLQb8q1IH

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