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Stories like this one from Kenya remind me of why Melinda and I started our foundation. I'm optimistic we will continue to make progress towards the day that no child dies from a preventable disease. #VaccinesWork https://t.co/srfCk36l83

Melinda’s new book, The #MomentofLift, is out today: https://t.co/sC4eE1Jy8N. She combines her mastery of data with her ability to tell powerful stories. It was a lot of fun watching her write it, and I’m excited for all of you to read it. https://t.co/Mc76kYsWIJ

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On #EarthDay, I’m inspired by the inventors who are tackling climate change and all the people who are supporting their work. I can’t wait to share their progress with you throughout the year. https://t.co/bZMYnhmZjY

Gene drive is a technique where you give a few mosquitoes an edited gene and it drives itself into all their offspring. It could one day help us defeat diseases like malaria: https://t.co/8rlIYXbWSN https://t.co/l1I0zhg0g3

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Melinda’s new book The #MomentofLift is an urgent call to action. I’ll commit to the lift by working to ensure that we collect better data about women’s lives and livelihoods. https://t.co/KgFxAmXFl0

Here’s one reason why I really, really hate mosquitoes: https://t.co/DDG0kG692T #MosquitoWeek https://t.co/7qTfCLDKmu

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Biology pop quiz! Test your knowledge about the world’s deadliest animal: the mosquito. 1: Of the 3,000 species of mosquitoes, how many are responsible for most cases of malaria? Read my post to find the answer: https://t.co/ICUKMpu3EO

Less than a century ago, families everywhere lived in fear of a mosquito bite. Now 75% of all malaria cases occur in just 15 countries. The partners fighting this disease won’t rest until we’ve reached every case of malaria, while saving as many lives as possible along the way. https://t.co/WDTG7lKiDg

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I’m proud that @Microsoft is one of the many companies taking action to fight climate change and excited about its leadership in using AI to accelerate progress on these challenges. https://t.co/psSwcQms3M

Why I would rather encounter a shark in the wild than a mosquito: https://t.co/6CrnkJ6f31 #MosquitoWeek https://t.co/uB5YFPLgzO

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Precision maps are bringing us closer to the day when malaria is gone forever. https://t.co/mxqN60hOJN

I’ve been fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci for decades. Although he died 500 years ago, there’s still so much to learn from his remarkable life: https://t.co/mLf6AU0QLX https://t.co/mXtaErPSN5

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