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Since 2000, @gavi has vaccinated 700 million children, saving more than 10 million lives. That kind of progress is thanks to the many Gavi alliance partners, including the UAE. #vaccineswork https://t.co/8oNPVo08X2

When it comes to meditation, @andypuddicombe turned me from a skeptic to a believer. https://t.co/hRos0ulrH6

Good news in the fight against TB: More and more South Africans are surviving the disease: https://t.co/ROxM7LZYGH https://t.co/6AmQne28Oa

Bill Gates top tweets

Melinda explains why the next great programmer won’t look anything like me (which is good for them, and for the world). https://t.co/zvBPk0msBQ

Five of the books I couldn’t put down in 2018: https://t.co/UyDnOLSBQl https://t.co/KX53usqRYY

Everyone could use a few more books in their lives. You can’t go wrong with one of these five. https://t.co/J0afS0Cj7V

Brilliant engineers and scientists around the world are working hard to get the next generation of toilets off the ground. And then there is Ronny Chieng... https://t.co/CbdklQnpCb

It’s no wonder Hollywood is turning this book into a movie. I couldn’t put it down. https://t.co/27nz1XKVY6

My kids tease me for being the most competitive person in our family. My latest challenge? A game called “Guess the Philosopher” with @tarawestover: https://t.co/7pHSK0bZE8 https://t.co/IdJ2y7CEtl

Bill Gates top tweets
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