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What keeps Melinda and me optimistic about the world? Our belief in the power of innovation to redefine what’s possible and in the ability of young people to drive economic growth and social progress: https://t.co/I44p6LmwDj #Goalkeepers18 https://t.co/dFdJgGRzql

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22-year-old Rwandan Jeanne d’Arc Girubuntu grew up riding her single-speed bike to fetch water for her family. Now, she’s racing around the world and blazing pathways for female athletes: https://t.co/tUg0xya6pu https://t.co/utebzYShpH

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Congrats to @LuisvonAhn on receiving the Lemelson-MIT Prize. You and your team at @Duolingo have done an incredible job making foreign language learning accessible to everyone. https://t.co/BNNqqsTbXM

Next week, the United Nations General Assembly will host a high-level meeting on a huge global problem: tuberculosis. This meeting is an important opportunity to catalyze action on a disease for which progress has been too slow.

”I know and care about these people.” Watch 25-year-old community health worker Maria Namhindi talk about how she’s working — and walking — to shape her country’s future: https://t.co/P8GUSlnkWi https://t.co/KuxxfGO71F

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New 360 video: they said he was too poor to be a pilot, but Daniel Zuma proved everyone wrong. https://t.co/9l6N83YtXa

22-year-old Rwandan Yvette Ishimwe is tackling her country’s water problem — and catching the attention of the Queen of England: https://t.co/rMhEuJo9pP https://t.co/cwTZ73LI0v

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The world has never been better, but not everyone has reaped the benefits. So it’s great to see Mackenzie & @JeffBezos are launching two bold initiatives to help some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. I can’t wait to see the difference their work makes. https://t.co/uh9e9fGIDq

Tenaw Muluye is helping his country grow — literally. The 25-year-old Ethiopian is an agricultural extension agent, one of 72,000 people teaching the country's farmers how to get the most out of their land and rise out of poverty. https://t.co/99jBj5v5sx

To have inclusive innovation, companies need to have diverse teams. That’s why I’m excited about @melindagates’s recent work on increasing pathways for women of color to enter tech. https://t.co/4D9WTfwnxW

I don’t always agree with @harari_yuval’s conclusions, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for his intellect and ambition as a writer. In @nytimesbooks, I review his new book, “21 Lessons for the 21st Century.” https://t.co/o7LTWk5Fud https://t.co/9fzSECB27U

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Sixty percent of Africans are under the age of 25. To see Africa through their eyes is to see a continent brimming with potential and opportunity: https://t.co/Sgxobv2iga https://t.co/3NvQOwwTb5

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There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that we can alter the course of Alzheimer’s. One of those reasons is bipartisan support for more @NIH funded research from forward-thinking leaders like @PattyMurray and @RoyBlunt. https://t.co/vzasxN6NIB

What is the world’s youngest continent? Check your answer here: https://t.co/pLkcaD4HIR

Melinda and I believe in the enormous potential of young people to drive progress and innovation. That's why we're focusing on the growing global youth population at #Goalkeepers18: https://t.co/6SPEP08B27 https://t.co/FUNVNjD1Tn

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