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It’s great to see such early support from Japan in re-committing to the @GlobalFund. The support of @AbeShinzo and the Japanese people will help the world #StepUpTheFight against AIDS, TB, and malaria. https://t.co/0oitm7xmA6

I love talking about toilets. @NatGeo recently wrote about two that I think could change the world. https://t.co/2Q521aLrDK

I’m excited about the progress we’re making toward understanding Alzheimer’s. For the first time, @MIT researchers have completed an analysis of the genes that are expressed in individual brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients. https://t.co/lluUJ0oC9u

I’m excited to see such incredible leadership from @EmmanuelMacron and the people of France towards @GlobalFund. If more countries #StepUpTheFight against AIDS, TB, and malaria, we can save 16 million lives. https://t.co/n0Wdr5ScCy

I learned what’s possible in agriculture from studying a remarkable scientist named Norman Borlaug. If you’re curious about Borlaug and his breakthroughs, I recommend this article and a book called “The Man Who Fed the World.” https://t.co/GZrs6iKxMX

The fight against malaria is one of the greatest success stories in global health — but progress has slowed in recent years. To regain momentum, we must work together to combat drug and insecticide resistance. https://t.co/2vw0LMzEuX

Fighting disease is like fighting fire. It’s not enough to put out most of it — you have to get it all. @Rotary’s generous pledge to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative will help us extinguish this terrible disease for good. https://t.co/OHdVufsVrF

When @goodreads asked me to share my top summer reading recommendations, it was hard to narrow down the list. https://t.co/SlVDDIDnd7

I encourage software developers, inventors, and scientists to consider how they can use their skills to fight inequity. https://t.co/bedv0SXjgs

If you have the willingness to learn about a problem and the talent to help solve it, you can make a remarkable difference in the world. Just ask former NASA engineer William Wu: https://t.co/YDvisdSjki https://t.co/qB3qAQCrzR

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