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+ girls being stalked due to crackers https://t.co/q2ZRqzkyVn

May the beautiful gleaming lamps of Diwali brighten the world and make it a better place to… https://t.co/syHZy0583g

चिवड्यातून कढीपत्ता, शेंगदाणे, खोबरं, इत्यादी गोष्टी बाजूला काढून टाकणाऱ्या लोकांनो, लहानपणी स्वतः डोक्यावर पडलेलात का कुणी पाडलेलं?

#Pune Anyone needing a few minutes of noiseless time and some cool breeze, river road connecting Rajaram Pul & Mhatre Pul is super peaceful.

some1 on # Facebook # just wished every1 a vry # happy # diwali #likethis # i dunno #whether to correct him # or # to let him live in #2008.

Yes, I am going to eat it all by myself! #diwalifaral https://t.co/lRJYce4XhO

Din ka pehla gaana to Boss ka gaana hi hona chahiye. https://t.co/qSnCU3rCjX

On a scale of Nargis Fakhri to Rajkumar Rao, how do you rate yourself as an actor? https://t.co/VhIEJ4MLYv

The best part about Pune is that it is not Mumbai or Delhi.

cc: @idea_cares Ye na sunna chaahe to shunya dabaaye aur dhamkiya dena band karein. https://t.co/wVXcGYHL8Z

पास्ता पाडवा, दुपारचा आडवा 😴 @ Paddy's Cafe https://t.co/Y7Q0HNzJyr

Sick place BC. Maro saalo.

I came back from my Twitter sabbatical just to tell you to go fall off Burj Khalifa and hit your head very very hard on the ground. https://t.co/b4gA1wowqC

Happy New Year folks!

24 years ago, we lost a maverick, a magician, a master. Resharing an article I wrote on his birthday last year ... doffing my hat to THE BOSS! Read. Share. Feedback welcome! https://t.co/8SxrXC3ZIz

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