What Bruno Mars Tweeted On Twitter?

Bruno Mars Latest Tweets On Twitter

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Yo! Hook me up! 🙌 https://t.co/Eh3EwqgmFA

Fair enough https://t.co/LOglMpIGnT

😉 https://t.co/DkF25q3Vcw

😂 Nah! Ya said what ya said! https://t.co/E81SQkxTkN

Looky here sweetheart...The only thing in this world that gets old is clothes, and even they come back in style. 😘 🥂 https://t.co/UJS0GYkulN

Art by Jesus #GodsPlan https://t.co/8kW0tOVTzx

🥂 #PleaseMe https://t.co/mayRBHrvVQ

https://t.co/GE3m0XQhkf 😂

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