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same. mood nahi hai jaane ka. https://t.co/8qrHPDJ46a

Hi gaiz remember #HappyBirthdayBeeba? Today is that day.

Ew Cigarettes After Sex on autoplay.

I would rather listen to the same Mogwai song 108569393 times in a row than listen to Cigarettes After Sex

Exclusive: Modi’s ‘Diwali Gift’ of Better Pay Turns Out to be a Lie, Bihar ASHA Workers Now on Indefinite Strike via @nc24x7 https://t.co/AOpHpHdbJe

‘BJP Trying to Create Divisions in Society’: Dalit MP Savitribai Phule Quits Party via @nc24x7 https://t.co/F5BHi984MZ

Ajit Pai admits Russia interfered in net neutrality process amid lawsuit https://t.co/8X5THQ1xFS via @dailydot

Moisturizing my skin like there's no tomorrow.

Paid for by Semen https://t.co/b4Wxc0fB39

yo didn't this guy like disappear? https://t.co/B77HWTFBhC

Phal summing up exactly what i feel https://t.co/FbgtLALMZL

ok great. really happy for him. now i'd really appreciate it if this disappears from future news cycles https://t.co/RSIHP2HWMX

Ayyyyyy https://t.co/pqON1U4Ejm

Stuffy nose not letting me sleep

I'm sorry but i find it really offensive the @narendramodi uses a non-sanskrit word like fatwa. I would urge all BJP peeps to report abuse.

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