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good luck to all voting for him. https://t.co/K5h2GG6JOt

This is so poignant. Read @JairajSinghR's piece please. https://t.co/IvyUNwFvlX https://t.co/eBBYh2RJlJ

I was sent this. It's from Dehradun. How fucking fucked is this. https://t.co/kk3xSG338M

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Uncle has deleted his tweet it seems. Chalo kisi aur ka nahi, kam se kam naukri jaane ka khauf hai.

Stanning hard https://t.co/QEqa9oIioY

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Day After Major Terrorist Attack, PM Modi’s Photo Op At Vande Bharat Express Inauguration https://t.co/WXXy01Nwb1 via @nc24x7

A 4am migraine attack. Because why the fuck not.

Ummm. Okay. Cool. Bingo. Got it. Jai ho. https://t.co/AUEkpzF70h

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Bol bhai @jack aise kaise? https://t.co/vXq5HKOBbb

A "Breaking Bad" Movie Starring Aaron Paul Is On Its Way https://t.co/d777TyeVma

Humans of Kartik Aryan https://t.co/bwrOFh1KuC

T.R.A.M. Endeavour. https://t.co/dah9zCNkxi via @YouTube

Remember when Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert played ZZ Top? https://t.co/iBIhGRX6ad via @YouTube

[email protected] overwhelms me every time I watch it. Like the Taco episode (I'll admit it's one of the episodes I've rewatched the least); i can simultaneously learn about assimilation of cultures and have a massive craving for shawarmas right now. It's a thing of beauty.

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