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i am yet to something more exquisite on netflix than the bbq episode from ugly delicious.

atlas is on a roll today. https://t.co/JNDJyr1NXJ

good for him that he's out rn. but this is just a reminder of what happens when you openly endorse the arrest of dissident voices. they came from the activists. they came for the students. and now... apparently they come for defence analysts who make temple-humple jokes. https://t.co/CBRi3gtHes

On the other hand... https://t.co/xSfeLMzstX


Azadi Records share a load of unreleased demos with Nucleya! https://t.co/ZgBb8MkNG0

Spoilers. But in case you are done with American Vandal S02, you'll probably like reading this. https://t.co/chwRTqw1gM

what is this why is this https://t.co/kDbNaMOIsX

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full frankenstein feels coming. because bharat

P O L I T I C A L D I S C O U R S E https://t.co/lJC326N1gV

Princess Carolyn Sorcar top tweets

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 https://t.co/cWqqKb6XqU

Why is it so difficult for people (read family) to understand that I have a searing headache and that I am unable to sustain a meaningful conversation after an 11-hour work day?

Plain Jane Automobile - Stones (Original) https://t.co/Thzm5pBccV via @YouTube

Paraphoniks - Silhouettes https://t.co/zz3cHGASSr via @YouTube

this is why liberals are a sux https://t.co/nLyO1DXqzM

Of course https://t.co/mWnn2uLOep

Walmart Yodeling Kid (Trap Version) https://t.co/8HDFTDXB6B via @YouTube

mooncake noises for a better monday https://t.co/W4b88rEZYq

Lmaoooooo what is this utterly absurd analogy https://t.co/m1x4QG53Ah

Me on Sunday evening, after sleeping all day https://t.co/WnmFsyiTmh

Philbert, Philbert... Haan Philbert, Philbert. 🎶

How the fuck does one even begin to write an episode like "Free Churro"? I can't with this show.

A bojack dream sequence or drug trip, but with art by @ourgoodpotamus Yeah.

Hi. Hello. Bojack season 5 is slowly destroying me. (note to self - don't binge)

End of Bojack s03 is not a good look for me. No.

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