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Mr Peanut Butter deserves this. https://t.co/teepJKtsPd

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Various stages of me drunk in no particular order. https://t.co/ZFoL8sZGtG

Just a "The Good Place" appreciation post. https://t.co/yA8A4pdNSQ

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Žižek reviewed the Game of Thrones finale... And it's pretty amazing. https://t.co/JkmKeS3WQt

Game of Thrones Finale (2019) https://t.co/UtW3aF0Uwx

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The Big Bang Theory Was a Pop-Culture Black Hole https://t.co/lcCjzVaW1t via @vulture

At my local cigarette wala, I overheard 3 uncles discuss India Today ka exit poll sahi hi hota hai. I don't have the heart to tell them Axis My India ke data me kitni galatiyaan thi.

India Today-Axis Exit Poll Gets Names of Uttarakhand Lok Sabha Constituencies Wrong But Predicts BJP Winning Them All https://t.co/eu6EfeHaEE via @nc24x7

Srinagar: Pellet Victims Protest, Demand Ban on Use of Pellet Guns https://t.co/dK6B39Lh3S via @nc24x7

I closed the Netflix app after watching the NRA episodes on @patriotact and this is the first notification I see. https://t.co/1LgWxqsgNW

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mans got an excellent point https://t.co/S7hSpOaA9i

Wai Wai over YY.

Matthew McConaughey joins the Backstreet Boys 🎶Backstreet's back alright, alright, alriiight 🎶

Hbd @shreemiverma 😬😬❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

this piece reads like a pr press release https://t.co/vdTrix50pe

It's nice and rainy. Soooo... Peyaanji time. https://t.co/U8ZqTfGpLk

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omg ranga unkil on the panel now. #awwwyisssssss

Who is this utter chutiya? https://t.co/RMCMvoEqJd

Burn this. https://t.co/2FybvMu5TQ

🎶Love is not admissible evidence🎶

Okay Tiny House Nation is EXACTLY the kind of reality TV I live for.

😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/njQXXn2gcu

When you say "sky thong" https://t.co/9iTCDpx5vi

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