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Get ready  to start  #Winning  with @MrPeanut.  Keep an eye out on his Twitter throughout the game for #CrunchTime Giveaway for the chance to win some cool stuff. See Rules https://t.co/h8qCnV75Cq #ad https://t.co/sQgPOs27rt

In life, it’s essential to surround yourself with quality people. And that Includes @MrPeanut #ad #CrunchTime   🥜©️ 🥜 https://t.co/bfB5ykpnyq

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sincerely grateful to @MrPeanut as well as @Crsh4csh for an amaze eeen Super Bowl experience!!! ❗️©️❗️ #CrunchTime https://t.co/hZKGYGY8uu

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i just had to!! 😂©️😂 https://t.co/rqkCRhbHAg

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