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I think, Pandya tried to bowl fast.. slow medium fast hi theek hai..

aur aajkal aap log gaay ki jagah ek gadhe ko surakshit karne mein lage huye ho.. https://t.co/AXAjRuE6Bf

I think, someone told the hong kong players that they are playing like the Indians.. dil pe le liya..

Kaafi der tak Hong Kong badhiya form mein thi.. aur ab aukat mein.. #INDvHK

Pahle public property loot'te the.. ab apni property lootenge.. consistency hai lootne ki.. https://t.co/8SwEBkyRby

That Pencho-Ye-Match-Bhi-Harenge look! https://t.co/dQJbBABpxi

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A true international star! https://t.co/8VtJXzJpV0

The Establishment. And who is The Establishment is anybody's guess.. https://t.co/yerMeljzx2

Wah! https://t.co/QSUjMgk2iM

again.. sheer luck of Modi to have such haters.. chakravyuh situation.. haters can't relent cuz hatred is the only strategy they know and Modi's popularity is directly proportionate to their hatred.. https://t.co/L1N0BKvQqs

Biggest travesty of twitter is emergence of phoney feminists and activists.. https://t.co/Zg4sYYmz4Z

I hope the legend never retires for fans like us.. even if he retires, we will have many youth legends like hardik pandya, rahul gandhi, uday chopra, kanhaiya to look forward to.. https://t.co/pnlKfYvZye

EVM or non-EVM? https://t.co/BhNW0oKrKA

'secular fairness'.. for those who wondered Secularism is some kind of fairness cream.. yes, you were right! https://t.co/67q5bYku2q

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Your honours should join twitter.. https://t.co/fyniSWX6NX

तब सही मायने में समाजवादी बनोगे.. https://t.co/oJ8LZyxHNZ

So, be clear about it who are the online establishments and who is fighting against the establishment.. https://t.co/MsS7U76hGh

And i thought 6th day after tomorrow is called 'Overmorrow'. https://t.co/tb0yryNUVO

Sherlock Holmes type Krantikari.. https://t.co/cEslDpqO1A

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