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What Keh Ke Peheno Tweeted On Twitter?

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The very first 2 words of your tweet are the problem of your ilk.. please understand that to stop making mockery of yourself!

Perfect flowchart of our MSM, Intellectuals & Liberals.

  • While we make fun of #RCB players, do remember they have to always play under the massive pressure of repaying The Loan. #IPL

    With such miserable performance, #RCB should now target for the top spot in Fair Play award.. but then Virat Kohli..

    Rahul Gandhi would have been an inconsequential idiot but for the fact that he belongs to congress. I think most people just don't have the idea at the level they operate and to what extent they can go to create chaos. It has been proved time and again.

    Keh Ke Peheno top tweets


    Keh Ke Peheno top tweets

    waiting for @RahulGandhi to join the protest! 😂

    This may not be fake. He is talented enough to say that..

    Kohli is in 'BC!!!!!' mood today!

    Buddha In A Traffic Jam on Miniplex HD. Must watch. @vivekagnihotri

    When Virat Kohli finishes a statement without mentioning 'BC'.

    Keh Ke Peheno top tweets
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