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So, husbands were openly called evil spirits those days..

is jhopdi ki chaar-deewar zameen ke andar hai..

Sample analytical questions for Civil Services Exams, as suggested by the great IPS officer..

In the end, he will be left with his team of Aisi Taisi Democracy only.

Now, सड़ जी will issue fresh Honesty Certificate to these 20 #AAP MLAs..

this party was formed to remove corruption.. now the party is getting removed at wholesale rate..

Q: Which is the 30th state? A: Utopia (constant state of a commie)

Traffic on roads be like..

How did i miss this.. Double century by @ARanganathan72 ! _/\_

#YoModiSoVindictive 😂

ye beizzati ka world record banayenge...

Which planet is this news from? And Why our parents don't do these things?


Congress should be thankful that Sanjay Bhansali is not making biopic of Indira Gandhi. An item song on Indira Gandhi would have been the last thing they wanted.

20 AAP MLAs face disqualification. AAP's creative director Shirish Kunder just got material for his new script 'Bees Maar Kha'.

'Ekkees Topon Ki Salaami' to Delhiites! 😂

Kejriwal to Modi:

Me: Aur kya chal raha hai.. AAPtard Friend: Abhi Zee News dekh raha tha.. Me: LOL! #ModiOnZee

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