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Honest journalists can be honest and sincere deal brokers too.. https://t.co/nRfcreAi4M

Nikhil Pagle sir is looking red-faced for sure.. https://t.co/VHlWTacocI

Hey @TwitterIndia , please get over the shadow banning thing n all.. https://t.co/O56S3dUOh9

What's his fault.. when west bengal feels like bangladesh only.. https://t.co/MqdGChElhD

Nice idea @RishabPant777 https://t.co/e0GBWE4QZr

After one match aberration, RCB back to their form. #MIvRCB

Finally, RCB wins. RCB fans coming out from their hiding.. #KXIPvsRCB https://t.co/YRvOmP2hxI

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Virat, finally RCB jeet gayi.. kaisa lag raha aapko.. Virat: https://t.co/pc1KKklcIU

Keh Ke Peheno top tweets

#AayegaTohModiHi 😂 https://t.co/aoResX5zjS

Keh Ke Peheno top tweets

Laal Salaam! https://t.co/7t60MvNRDX

Mumbai Indians missing Rohit Sharma's captaincy badly!

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