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any issues that need fixing in your town? complain about them and i’ll give your local problem the national platform it deserves on next week’s sode. no complaint is too small or inappropriate! include the name of your town so i can enact real change. #localtwissues

new #tosh tonight! you have several minutes to make yourself presentable.

i’m encouraging all my fans to unregister to vote. you are dumb as shit and do not deserve a say in this country.

please don’t watch tonight’s new #tosh. i’d like to keep this one to myself. “#hashtag1 in all of hollywood!!”

spend as much time as you can stomach going down this rabbit hole of cringe. just don’t spend any money! new #tosh tonight!! https://t.co/42uNUeE2KE

in all my years on this flat earth, i’ve never met a genius so fearless, driven, and horny. #tosh https://t.co/iQHwukNtKv

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