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when starbucks goes out of business next month i will be opening up our office bathroom to the public. code is 8723. new #tosh tonight!!

in 77 minutes on a new #tosh we reveal the full body oil painting of stormy daniels' harasser!!!

  • can’t live tweet #tosh tonight, after a little scare at lunch the ballerina wife and i are headed to the Y to get recertified in the heimlich maneuver.

    the straightest talk on tv begins now! #loveyabitches #tosh

    new york city, i’m coming home! tickets on sale now! an intimate evening with me, comedian daniel tosh, and a few lesser-known comedians that shall remain nameless for years and years!!!!!!! https://t.co/ZdoOWfu4tF

    remind me again why the heat chose to play the 76ers over the celtics.

    new #tosh in 50 minutes!! and if you’re not into that, still tune in for the commercials!

    i really was planning on live tweeting #tosh tonight, but my ballerina wife wants us to rewatch the social network instead. says we need to brush up on how all this zuckerberg stuff started.

    so gracious of ucf for declining the white house invitation so the runners up could feel like winners for a day!

    new #tosh now!! whether you like it or not!

    hungry? #tosh https://t.co/PuhycKIDq1

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