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fmk: tonight's new #tosh, roy moore, a painful bout of hemorrhoids....go!

#tosh west coast 47 minutes reminder! can't live tweet, my ballerina wife got turf toe (don’t ask) and now i’ll be busy icing her dawgs for the the next three weeks.

shhhhhhhh, happy thanksgiving. https://t.co/E2oFeEtYyH

a lot of you have been wondering when i was going to finally star in a movie. well the answer is this christmas! thank you, hallmark! https://t.co/6Q3VwtQiz0

how can ucf be overrated because they haven’t played any real competition, yet every major school is firing their head coach to get ours? which is it?! #topfour #ucf #tosh

as a mixed-race cis male who grew up in the 90’s with 4 lovely strong imaginary daughters, it would mean the world to me if you watched the season finale of #tosh tonight!

so proud of my mom for walking in the victoria’s secret fashion show last night! who says an old woman with droopy tits can’t be a supermodel?!! #dreambig

cooking my first bird this year. she’s 86 pounds. frozen solid. won’t fit in the oven. any tips @butterball?

can’t live tweet the #tosh season finale tonight. my ballerina wife and i only have one day left on our disney socal resident 3-day pass that expires today. how many times can one mouse buttfuck a man?

tonight's #tosh season finale took me over four days to put together, and it is a true labor of love. you have 40 minutes to prepare.

my apologies. i will try to keep my trash to myself. https://t.co/zb8KcwMwOg

my guess is very little https://t.co/WCB1y2ZFcn

"to be the worst you have to beat the worst" ric flair's brother https://t.co/gSlcLn48WM

2020, maybe https://t.co/ibGNn6fc4E

dick sandwich but yes https://t.co/EXpI8xhpTS

not as sad as coach having to live in nebraska. will you be sad if he does come and your team still sucks? https://t.co/MkkNCIybkG

you are now famous. enjoy all the free stuff https://t.co/a614P3JhJn

bread? that is dumb https://t.co/ZLdrFw9evs

no idea. i go twice a year, 5 syringes worth of poison. https://t.co/uCyRosNBsX

airport https://t.co/1B5PyAvqj0

very important to me https://t.co/ev9JZJxwpZ

gotta work. #tosh

congrats ucf!!! number one football program in the state of florida (including the nfl)!!!!!

i can’t choose a favorite. they’re like my babies. https://t.co/DRs2VGKXhk

thank you tiger! i promise i will never take watching you golf for granted again.

fire coach frost!!! i’m too stressed! #ucf #undefeated

keep pretending the most exciting team in college football wouldn’t spank anyone in the top four!!! #ucf #undefeated

so now jay cutler is the goat?! i live in the now!!! #dolphins

dear alabama, vote roy moore! (they hate when hollywood celebrities tell them what to do and they are too stupid to understand reverse psychology, also none of this matters because they can’t read.)

dear alabama, vote for the guy who wants to kill babies or the guy who wants to have sex with them. have fun!!

dear alabama, you and i know you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs! your schedule was weak and your loss was brutal! ps ucf got robbed.

you’re welcome, elitists. https://t.co/5jiimZ3qPJ

national signing day tomorrow!! don’t let my nephew @tdemorat leave the state of florida!! @ucf_football @gatorsfb @fsufootball @canesfootball @usffootball @fau_football @fiu in no particular order, minus ucf being number 1.

i will not allow that to happen! https://t.co/pfGU2rIqKT

#lanetrain https://t.co/etEXslD0Yd

verbal. last chance!!! https://t.co/Btl9isVH0V

you need a lot at uf https://t.co/E0jB8BGjuV

i told him he should go by my sisters maiden name!! https://t.co/WbN92i7SaF

close, couldn’t afford the u and wanted to surf. https://t.co/J9Rfv6WxhX

i don’t hate this idea https://t.co/zQEt00X7Ax

usc is straight garbage.

big day for the pups! go knights!!! https://t.co/7wvIQnZtuv

your true national champions!!!! #undefeated #ucf

fuck the sec! (i’ll work on my language in 2019)

my ballerina wife was just at a hollywood spin class where everyone cheered when the instructor told them “deadmau5’s attorney is here!” thanks for making her feel like small potatoes.

speaking of shitholes, big congrats to jacksonville!!! #jags #bortles #ucf

didn’t mean to diss the “infredible d” https://t.co/McncFrUpuV

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