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give me one good reason why you won’t come see me live?! https://t.co/JC7M25n6vq

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bring the whole family!!!! or at least the ones you want to alienate. https://t.co/buiVlTYA8P

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golf! it’s not just for boring white men and tiger woods anymore! new #tosh tonight!! https://t.co/Hsd8pti7V6

salt lake city and west palm beach presale starts now! first 20,000 tickets get to see me live! password: tosh https://t.co/1nlEg1kAnn

if florida is too chickenshit to release the bob kraft sex tape, i’ll do it myself. #tosh30for30 https://t.co/rrYEWCO8IZ

if that out & proud byu valedictorian wants a job at #tosh, i will hire him, sight unseen. he’ll fit right in - we’re probably the only show in hollywood that already has a mormon on staff!

it’s arms day so tune in to hear my hacks for huge biceps, triceps and stretched out sleeves on all new #tosh. https://t.co/tG25iejo2t

it’s 2019! isn’t it time a cow wins the kentucky derby?

if you can’t watch tonight’s mother’s day episode of new #tosh with your mom, don’t sweat it. i’ll celebrate with her next week! https://t.co/8DQv63b5zF

could someone dim the lights in the gym at the mirage for @hahncomedy? https://t.co/fcSjJlAre0

Daniel tosh top tweets
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