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#mickeydemorat you sandbagging s.o.b.!! (wait that's my sister.) tomorrow is when you make your move!!! #usopen #notafaircourse

to the wonderful, warm, thoughtful, and generous people of new york: i have added a second show on saturday night!!! https://t.co/ZdoOWfu4tF

#mickeydemorat!!! i know your dad is probably mad at you for not winning the #usopen on father's day, but i for one am super proud of you!!!!

i’m in new york all week! i will be releasing 10 great seats a day to all shows!!! 2nd show added saturday night!! everyone who has seen my new stand up hour is calling it “magical!” https://t.co/ZdoOWfctC7

i believe it was @langstonkerman. don’t be left out nyc, only 3 more nights of “hilarious” stand-up. come see me, there’s a/c!!!! https://t.co/ftQQG0gZlM

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