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Do more of what makes you happy.

  • Congratulations to my brother @KendrickLamar on becoming the first hip hop artist to win a Pulitzer Prize. “Damn” is an incredible body of work!!! Keep going! YOU MAKE US ALL SO PROUD KING!!! #BlackExcellence

    ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! Big announcement for #TheFour! Head to my brother @djkhaled for the next piece. https://t.co/SASS2IgKhF

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    #Coachella https://t.co/iaNcTHa6CP

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    SUPER MOOD!!! https://t.co/e5BHwMwr7A

    Know your worth!!!! IF ANY OF YOU KINGS AND QUEENS WANNA MOB UP AND UNIFY LET ME KNOW!!! IF WE DON’T OWN OUR CULTURE THEN WE HAVE NOTHING!!!! You think we have nothing now. WE MUST OWN OUR CULTURE! It’s not negotiable!!!! https://t.co/DdUjeW1bP1

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    God does not want you to try harder, he wants you to trust him deeper. Stop trying. Start trusting. This will change everything, in you.

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