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I always wanted to create value for shareholders by dying https://t.co/sCaEx4BiXG

I'm just surprised that this is real and not satire https://t.co/pyPGZsf7cp

Just slightly stronger than everything is planned https://t.co/viCulHFJfl

"I love you, alive girl" sounds like Bezos was used to sexting Alexa a lot

No cricket commentator has all 3 1) Good insights into the game 2) Exciting voice modulation to call the game live 3) Ability to stay objective

No Cooking January. High Cholesterol February.

Yeah it doesn't take a lot of time to put up a fake post https://t.co/R1xXC7hV4t

Remember when a girl ambushed Dravid on an episode of MTV bakra and he said 'aap apni padhayi par dhyaan do' 😭😭 Good that show shut down. Can't imagine how Pandya would react in same situation

I'm make tea for myself sort of person https://t.co/i1NwKtHXEE

I really thought they playing frisbee with that tyre and that's the video about https://t.co/8gR1zW1wDR

Stop hitting me up late night paytm! https://t.co/Di6I2AcBv4

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Early entry for this year's 'what happen brother @schmmuck ' https://t.co/eTviDbwpNg

Spoiler alert: Birdbox climax https://t.co/nQhAlM8u9H

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