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Just use Prateek Kuhad lyrics as picture captions like normal people https://t.co/edOpssxApO

Sad that weekly source of entertainment is over: GOT fans whining

Tyrion:...Bran the broken Bran: hope that's a working title

"har kisi ko wafa ke badle wafa nahi milti" https://t.co/cN8SLq9Wkl

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Uncle Tully really thought there was going to be a soapbox for election but the nomination was rigged

Summary of Bran dialogues in season 8 https://t.co/zyGP6EAxfG

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Does your work require travel? Ya sometimes https://t.co/cT6YtieFUI

Airbnb meditation cave. With a bed and a window for natural lighting for optimal pictures https://t.co/pXMVEMZMzF

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Petition to rewrite finals of 2003 world cup

Is this for Malegaon blast? https://t.co/27Ah3eYPu4

Please sign my petition to have GOT redone for last season by Abbas Mastan

It's sad that Godse ji is being demonised like this. If he was living in this era, he might have been out on bail and fighting elections.

Ek twitter account sambhalta nahi lekin desh ki chowkidari karni hai https://t.co/M5qlXdGGfG

Westeros hinting towards a coalition government

So the real reason Pant is not in team is pimples

I have a GOT theory guys. So listen up. What if GRRM's ghost writer threatened to go public that he's the actual writer of series and was killed by GRRM and that's why he is not able to finish the books

Isiliye niche beth kar balti se nahana chahiye. Paani bhi bachta hai aur insaan aise wahiyat sawal bhi nahi puchta https://t.co/NaVJVRVJY3

Bran went to Ivy leave university and now he's just sitting there doing nothing like he has student debt or something

Moon landing bhi 1969 main ho gayi thi. Iska matlab yeh nahi ki Modi ji 1970 main chaand ghum kar aaye https://t.co/kJ1FaYEyKv

Like how focused Euron was about his goals. He just wanted to fuck the queen even when the world was falling apart. And died while bragging about it.

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