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We're just AI algorithms consuming and suggesting content to each other

Window ACs are luxury apartments of the pigeon world

Why am I tired like I spent the day physically building houses when all I have done is carefully craft emails to come across right amount of passive aggressive

Making the king high flush when someone else has ace high flush https://t.co/FQ4WZMQ94q

Bombay October just exists to remind all the ungrateful monsoon haters what it would be like without the rains in this sauna city

Mubarak ho sabko sama yeh suhana, main khush hun mere tweets par na jaana

Me: "I don't remember exactly at what episode I left this series" Hotstar: "Me neither bro"

Please confirm you're not a robot. I'm not sure myself

"Did you even go out today?" "Yes. A few times. To the living room"

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