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All cafes that don't provide WiFi and write out a snarky message that says 'talk to each other pretend it's 1993' will need to charge 1993 prices https://t.co/JauGRdCyt1

"your phone battery should last till 10pm based on your usage" "lmao you don't know me"

Happy Marriage Anniversary to all those jinki dulhan toh azaadi hai

Life™️ https://t.co/wMf6ggt8Dp

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10 mins into hookah and chill https://t.co/3c91u1iBh3

I just want to know how did Bhajji end up in the sky sports commentary team

Should we tell them what certificates? No. Too technical. They'll not be interested. Should we tell them how many certificates? No. Too many details. They'll not be interested. Okay then "Kent ko mile hain dher sare certificates" Perfect

Jab tak 250 runs ki lead na aaye away tour ki feel hi nahi aati

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