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Malika would never. https://t.co/t7xUwxMQga

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Meghan Markle finally reunited with longtime BFF Serena Williams. https://t.co/a0PZc16B3u https://t.co/fgFwYXRjGO

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Exclusive: Jordyn Woods has been close to the Kardashian family for most of her life, and Kylie Jenner is "torn" on how to handle the situation. https://t.co/vMKjaPlXso https://t.co/JU0BiTnXls

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*Insert bad romance reference here.* Here's everything we know about why Lady Gaga & Christian Carino ended their engagement: https://t.co/AvQYDyF2PG https://t.co/8ztw0jw2TM

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Kylie Jenner Is "Very Torn" Over Jordyn Woods' Cheating Scandal: See Their Friendship Through the Years https://t.co/TdaosdsKDa

TRUE. 💜 https://t.co/mJ9DWZvWsz

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Can you aca-believe it? Brittany Snow is engaged! https://t.co/dT2HMQMwbJ https://t.co/5KMOYovibY

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Burberry has apologized for featuring a sweatshirt with a noose at #LFW. https://t.co/EqEAHAl0vh https://t.co/eghVqYEkwB

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It’s the year of realizing stuff--for Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Jordyn Woods and just about everyone except @tyhenrymedium. 😅 https://t.co/WywguXvvu4

Chrissy Teigen filmed Family Feud and walked away with an injury, because of course she did. And that's why we love her. https://t.co/vSCA1L7pRN

We have a clapback queen on our hands. https://t.co/qStBI7qg91

Cardi B went on Instagram Live to share her feelings about Jussie Smollett possibly staging his attack: "I feel like he f--ked up Black History Month, bro." https://t.co/uZr5zlRQT9 https://t.co/TMpTtciiQG

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Kylie Jenner is authentically herself—fillers and all. https://t.co/EbvzhxTSze https://t.co/Ros0kyCVtM

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There's a big celebration going on in the Big Apple: Meghan Markle's baby shower! https://t.co/YJvgxM3ZLQ https://t.co/s0uNfIEAzL

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Office Space Turns 20: Where Are the Stars of the Hilarious Cult Classic Now? https://t.co/TvnBLHAfJ9

From the Black Dahlia to American Horror Story: Inside the Dark History of Los Angeles' Deadliest Hotel https://t.co/eZdaJG6Z2v

Breaking Down the 2019 Oscars By the Numbers https://t.co/4QF6PRo1SE

From Glitzy Gowns to Chic Designs, These Are the Best Dresses to Grace the Oscars Red Carpet https://t.co/FpZ1Pcz3G3

Karl Lagerfeld has passed away at the age of 85. https://t.co/bKpG8vqtqd

Galentine's Day: Love your friends. Valentine's Day: Love your boo. #NationalDrinkWineDay: Love yourself. https://t.co/awvckQxGkg

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Steve Harvey Clarifies Remarks to Mo'Nique After Backlash: "I Misspoke" https://t.co/HiuTTVCHIE

Chrissy Teigen Chipped Her Tooth While Filming Family Feud https://t.co/pBq5wPyTuI

Who Won America's Got Talent: The Champions? https://t.co/1C9Bt0oxwu

The Bachelor Did Not Jump the Fence Again, But Another Woman Has Dumped Him https://t.co/glO7ptUlki

Khloe Kardashian has responded to the backlash she's received about her nails. "Trust me, I manage just fine." https://t.co/qZdIX82Qzd https://t.co/cxyVRiLSLy

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We can't get enough of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt twinning at the 2019 Writers Guild Awards. https://t.co/tYqjyXq5Pa https://t.co/JhU7enMoBU

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Lil Xan is expecting his first child and may also be getting married very soon. https://t.co/US3f6eemwV https://t.co/MzNDjk8npl

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Kim Kardashian never plays it safe. https://t.co/NXmmVNHwFT https://t.co/YoQMKyUovR

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Stormi is iced out. 💎https://t.co/Ifl207mBn7 https://t.co/sYVK02N9dF

Why This Pair of Classic Levi's Is All Over Instagram https://t.co/bL0xXuwYJI

From Berry Lips to Bronze Lids: Top Beauty Trends You Can Try IRL https://t.co/laVaMaeTfc

Miranda Lambert Got Married! See Other Top-Secret Celebrity Weddings https://t.co/C0udTXmn3N

Lil Xan Expecting His First Child 5 Months After Noah Cyrus Breakup https://t.co/lbycIlYUJV

See Brie Bella Get Emotional After Accidentally Kicking a WWE Competitor in the Ring https://t.co/yRQdpsU2Jh

2019 Writers Guild Awards: The Complete List of Winners https://t.co/CEl0auIqLE

Jussie Smollett Attack Investigation Takes a Major Turn: Everything We Know https://t.co/rwFsYXE0pK

The Spy Kids are all grown up, married and oh shiitake mushrooms we can't get over it. https://t.co/9oWecfoioe https://t.co/PW16OunXHo

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Victorious ➡️ victorious https://t.co/M5VPQab99b

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Ed Sheeran is 28 and perfect. 🎂 https://t.co/CcvMyDAYPn

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It's #RandomActsOfKindnessDay and we're taking notes from the person who is always spreading kindness: Ellen Degeneres. https://t.co/FzPce8xB15 https://t.co/KhijkzZvon

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They grow up so fast. 😭https://t.co/dvo22A5dx9 https://t.co/AG3ExlKtVb

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From Princess Diana to Meghan Markle: See How the Royal Family Impacts Fashion Around the World https://t.co/0KDqAlOEaz

Top Shiny Hair Products--Ranked https://t.co/x3Vo8UQSf4

Mac Miller's family was invited to the #Grammys only to watch him lose and people weren't too happy about it. https://t.co/QU0c5N0Ljz https://t.co/q4QWw76ydl

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Prince William and Prince Harry to Split Royal Household Within Weeks https://t.co/lhGJ4EIJz9

Meghan Markle and Harry "are thought to want a more diverse education for their child." https://t.co/tRurMCfbW4

Surprise! Miranda Lambert is married. 💍 https://t.co/bWPSMNctbU https://t.co/FNQb5O1P2T

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We've been waiting for a moment like this. https://t.co/r2MAwMRFOG

Lili Reinhart shared an inspiring message about mental health: "We are all human. And we all struggle. Don't suffer in silence. Don't feel embarrassed to ask for help." https://t.co/oWzWGuZgOS

This love story fills us with Glee. Congrats to Darren Criss and Mia Swier on getting married! 💍 https://t.co/4T4gqpFpsM https://t.co/SRAHmWW28l

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