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Accused Russian spy Maria Butina's lawyer: Russia 'doesn't want her back, they want her out' https://t.co/4iJreHUA4J

[email protected] One-Ups Dem Socialist With 'Super-Turbo-Hyper-Capitalism' https://t.co/IPwfwk5Jp5

Francesco Molinari of Italy kisses the trophy after winning the British Open Golf Championship in Carnoustie, Scotland. https://t.co/aCcISLkV3K https://t.co/Ur7DrDuvSh

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On "Cavuto Live," former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan discussed Democratic congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's calls to abolish ICE. https://t.co/sW0LdsyGAj https://t.co/MgaZ37ZR1a

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Spectators watch from the river banks as a diver launches from the Ura e Shejnt bridge during the 68th traditional annual high diving competition, near the town of Gjakova, Kosovo. https://t.co/ourbqAEm6a

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Trader Joe's worker uses ladder to help colleagues escape during Los Angeles hostage situation https://t.co/ErVCBiuBt6

[email protected]: "Under this administration, the Trump administration, they have made religious freedom and promoting religious freedom, and not just for Christians but for all faiths, a top priority.” https://t.co/Fw1orZ75oE

Israel rescues Syrian volunteers stranded in border area https://t.co/IRE8JnPfJk

Trader Joe's employees hug after being evacuated by Los Angeles police after a gunman barricaded himself inside the store. Authorities said the ordeal began with "a family dispute," during which the unidentified suspect allegedly shot his grandmother and another woman. https://t.co/FJaJDde7iQ

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CAUGHT RED-HANDED: A little boy in Flower Mound, Texas, tried to sneak a sweet treat, only to be busted by his dad. Once caught with a doughnut in hand, and after a little questioning, the teary-eyed boy put the treat back in the box. https://t.co/kQttIXrKGT

[email protected]: "The special counsel is not interested either in Podesta or in Manafort. They're interested in @POTUS." https://t.co/y6nBzSRFl0

BEAUTIFUL PHOTO: A lobster fishing boat motors out of the Harraseeket River under a dazzling sun in Freeport, Maine. https://t.co/2BC4Fur2E2

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Special Counsel Mueller subpoenas "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis in Russia probe https://t.co/w53hS6vFz7

JUST IN: California authorities responding to ‘active barricaded suspect’ at Trader Joe's, police say https://t.co/8o2bd7dmH3

Washington State deputy fired after photo shows her wearing shirt with Proud Boys logo: report https://t.co/mAgWAoisGL

California authorities responding to ‘active barricaded suspect’ at Trader Joe's, police say https://t.co/8o2bd7dmH3

[email protected]: "The level of hatred toward the 45th president of the United States is beyond anything we've seen in American history." https://t.co/ct7pLhE5nD

Illness linked to McDonald's salads spreads. https://t.co/oKkkTRn95z https://t.co/P6H5LSpAxn

Happening Now: "Keep Families Together" rally underway in Los Angeles. https://t.co/17GEl0Uyod

Non-citizens, illegal immigrants now may register to vote in San Francisco school board elections https://t.co/IIgMGT74og

NEWS ALERT: Ceasefire agreed after Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza. https://t.co/y699aUY1NR https://t.co/LwcwbT2y4u

Teen Harassed in Seattle for Wearing 'MAGA' Hat https://t.co/zjXtsHnIvi

Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders, in joint rally, say their agenda is now Democratic 'mainstream' https://t.co/XsB4dDF8bC

Lou Holtz: “I have never attended a football game that did not have the national anthem before the game, it’s part of the sport.” https://t.co/2VICFj6UcC

Ohio death row inmate commuted by Kasich after extent of childhood abuse revealed https://t.co/7Lr7dvyckx

New Jersey could tax tap water under Democratic lawmaker's plan https://t.co/CaAtqPiVMy

OPINION: John Fund: Move to turn California into 3 states was killed by opponents of power to the people https://t.co/MPcMnmT84q

Ohio restaurant cancels Sunday church discount after outrage from secular organization. https://t.co/SA78rDvCTA

The flag flew high while sailors manned the rails aboard the guided-missile destroyer USSLaboon (DDG 58) Friday. The ship just returned to Norfolk after a five-month deployment supporting maritime security operations. #proudamerican https://t.co/fhElLkrVRj

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Feds order Georgia sheriff to return $69G spent on a Hellcat muscle car. https://t.co/9zXx7yM6hJ

9th Circuit surprises with a pro-2nd Amendment decision blocking California ammo ban. https://t.co/x1TTZvowAq

Alabama mother arrested after Walmart employee rescues baby from hot car, police say. https://t.co/GK6sXQJl7t

Top Dem candidate gave millions to groups advocating for taxing families 'to the hilt' for 'irresponsible breeding' https://t.co/q5BVQz3xMs

Chance the Rapper buys Chicago website, seeks Rahm Emanuel's resignation. https://t.co/UgHi6hU7uF

Knife attack on German bus results in multiple injuries, reports say. https://t.co/8z5NXF4TYU

Jennifer Connelly to star alongside Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun' sequel: report https://t.co/WFYQQQY0Fr

[email protected]: "Now, right now, is the time for progressive leaders to douse the fires that they set, to calm their inflamed supporters. It is vital they do that. And yet, they're doing the opposite." #Tucker https://t.co/zjPLN4DFTm

Liberal 9th Circuit surprises with pro-2nd Amendment decision blocking California ammo ban https://t.co/Nwok8cajTE

Cohen taped discussion with Trump about possible payment to former Playboy model. https://t.co/S9nsrTDXoj https://t.co/GQ1COcSn5a

'Guardians of the Galaxy' filmmaker James Gunn addresses unearthed tweets about rape, pedophilia https://t.co/xVHITSIy12

[email protected]: Michael Cohen Just Sent a 'Serious Shot Across the Bow' at Trump https://t.co/CfLB4GIoeI

OPINION: Making guns on 3D printers is a blow against gun control https://t.co/eLTnYmzb9a

[email protected]: "3.8 million jobs were committed to yesterday by the private sector with no government funding." https://t.co/AFn9cWJkJd

Maxine Waters supporters burn American flag outside California rep's office https://t.co/pcwr8XtzlF

Boston woman a millionaire -- briefly -- after bank mix-up https://t.co/VuVvqjH1DS

Tony Podesta offered immunity to testify against Paul Manafort https://t.co/kGH7TuIYa7

Four men indicted in killing of rapper XXXTentacion. https://t.co/WLQy2kwQWo

OPINION: California's Supreme Court thinks the people of my state are irrelevant – We can't even vote on a breakup https://t.co/Gd5m8RO934

Tortilla chips that 'spontaneously combusted' are behind two blazes at a Texas factory, fire officials say. https://t.co/oGBwsMVeKV

Florida beachgoer who took queen conch shells sentenced to 15 days in jail, according to a report. https://t.co/DVn4Pppp2Y

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