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"We do not pay ransom in this country." @POTUS meets with freed American pastor Andrew Brunson in the Oval Office on Saturday. https://t.co/qHZlOQbKhd https://t.co/16jePX58NN

On @foxandfriends, @robertjeffress commented on Andrew Brunson, the American pastor freed from Turkey, saying that "as Americans, we need to celebrate the fact that we have religious liberty here." https://t.co/qHZlOPU9pF https://t.co/1tDzdgr1QQ

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HARD AT WORK: Video shows the massive number of crews responding to Florida to help rebuild after Hurricane Michael. Utility worker Brian Kannada recorded it at the Pensacola Fairground, which is full of equipment awaiting departure to Panama City. https://t.co/h628RMHGws

[email protected]: "Too many people have died for us to have the right to think for ourselves and to vote for ourselves." https://t.co/Lof6Ufe8RM

Erin Elmore on @FLOTUS: "She brings a beautiful sophistication and elegance to the office of first lady." https://t.co/qFFizCWyTd

Doritos lure runaway pig 'the size of a mini horse' home. https://t.co/D00IJQ3TO7

[email protected]: 'I think I know more about' NATO than Mattis does https://t.co/erj8IIjyrg

Hundreds of Hondurans are reportedly headed for the U.S. border in a mass migrant march, hoping to request refugee status when they arrive. https://t.co/GkZe7Xtah9 https://t.co/L8EX7xt22C

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Hunter shoots, kills British bicyclist in French Alps, official says. https://t.co/XqQbuDHCZV

On @foxandfriends, @jasoninthehouse discussed the release of the American pastor Andrew Brunson, saying that President @realDonaldTrump "means business and he's had great success without paying the ransom." https://t.co/qHZlOPU9pF https://t.co/QrWrH3IeVf

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National Economic Council Director @larry_kudlow on @POTUS' recent criticism of the @federalreserve: "His concern is that the fed might move too quickly and might choke off the economic recovery." #FNS https://t.co/ZtNqdjU9G4

'A Cutting-Edge Issue': @AlanDersh Breaks Down Harvard Discrimination Lawsuit. https://t.co/mCLQKKvxVv

6-foot bull shark leaps into family fishing boat, ‘petrifies’ kids. https://t.co/x6iqp68dD9

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai: "One of the fundamental principles in China's foreign policy is non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries." #FNS https://t.co/HprQz7g8n4

Iconic ‘Wizard of Oz’ ruby slippers to be displayed at National Museum of American History https://t.co/fYgQCpK3xx https://t.co/4OR1MX2Wm9

TODAY: Don't miss Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai's exclusive interview on @FoxNewsSunday. Check your local listings and tune in at 2p and 7p ET on Fox News Channel! https://t.co/9dece9bhY1

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Kangaroo attacks Australian wildlife caretaker who was attempting to save husband https://t.co/1r8EbcHpql

[email protected]: "This is a country that is founded on faith, it's a country that is founded on patriotism." https://t.co/jwNlbpova8

Tennessee man loses leg after his son ran him over with a lawn mower when he attacked him with a chainsaw https://t.co/Amrxs8MAzi

[email protected] on Brunson release: “If they're gonna be a member of NATO, then they've gotta be able to connect with the rest of NATO and have an alliance there." https://t.co/AzfrpKQdcp

Taliban say 'general' discussion held with US special envoy https://t.co/A7A2F0lM89

National Law Enforcement Museum honors the 'very dangerous job' brave officers perform every day https://t.co/1yumBcRnK2 https://t.co/QeGxBB4XKW

Trading Spaces' designer says show host wasn't the cause of his 'bum leg' https://t.co/HBdzozD34q

[email protected]_Graham: “He may have spent the rest of his life in prison if hadn’t been for President Trump.” https://t.co/Th18JZpHrn

Rory Kennedy warns Trump to focus on NASA’s findings on climate change ‘before it’s too late’ https://t.co/BmngJQvLls

Stars like Taylor Swift don’t make a difference when pushing their politics: expert https://t.co/clkEaXFSzD

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's royal wedding reception details revealed https://t.co/EV0uRbsuWQ

Pastor Andrew Brunson: "We're so grateful to so many people in Congress who stood with us, who prayed for us, who fought for us." https://t.co/fAJKg7DyKv https://t.co/0sUdOHQgeF

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Pastor Andrew Brunson: "We especially want to thank the administration. You've really fought for us, unusually so, from the time you took office, I know you've been engaged." https://t.co/fAJKg7DyKv https://t.co/wTonQYH3Dy

In a meeting in the Oval Office, recently freed American Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife prayed for President @realDonaldTrump. https://t.co/fAJKg7DyKv https://t.co/3UYS8AdMjh

American Pastor Andrew Brunson on returning home: "I love this country and we pray for this country." https://t.co/fAJKg7DyKv https://t.co/3YX2tRzslg

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Pastor Andrew Brunson: "Last night we arrived on a plane that @POTUS sent to take us from Turkey. And [@RichardGrenell] met us there at 1:30 in the morning, I couldn't believe it. And he had an American flag to give us...I kissed it." https://t.co/fAJKg7DyKv https://t.co/JPLh84P5Qc

McCarthy introducing bill to fully fund Trump border wall https://t.co/1bVn9r3Umc

Pennsylvania girl’s green screen school photos go viral https://t.co/sSX03bTLlF

New details emerge on anti-Trump dossier as House GOP seeks Fusion GPS boss testimony https://t.co/VFufX4PnfY

Happy 243rd birthday to @USNavy! Thank you to the brave men and women who have served & continue to serve this great nation. #243NavyBday https://t.co/iublxBEKsC

California teacher suspended after glue-eating claim about Trump aide Stephen Miller https://t.co/RZI0X3BFYO

Boston Dynamics' creepy robot dog is now showing up at construction sites https://t.co/ohe2SYP5Er

[email protected] "What a great day it is for the Brunson family and for Pastor Brunson himself. And the president and the administration did just a phenomenal job in moving the case forward." https://t.co/n4WSgxfVFy

Pa. gubernatorial candidate says he'll 'stomp' Gov. Wolf's face, then walks back remarks https://t.co/3NMqsWu5eo

[email protected] on @FLOTUS interview: "I think she truly cares about combating cyberbullying. I think she cares about her son Barron a lot & I think she is trying to balance one of the most complicated times for a first lady in the @WhiteHouse." https://t.co/IeSFmZK6tu

Marsha Blackburn up 14 percent despite Taylor Swift's plea for opponent Phil Bredesen in Tennessee race https://t.co/1eLTv97dEI

[email protected] back in Texas ‘after a very special summer in Maine,’ spokesman says https://t.co/SVUVPp9gMI

"It's going to be quite a rebuilding, but Floridians are tough and we're coming back." @SenBillNelson released these photos Friday showing the devastation in Mexico Beach, Florida, an area that took a direct hit from #HurricaneMichael. https://t.co/3S11gOAkod

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Ex-3 Doors Down bassist sentenced to 10 years in prison on gun charge: report https://t.co/IUhOo8Ecvo

West Virginia restaurant creates braille menu for blind customer https://t.co/vitrTxnkaa

Outgoing U.N. Ambassador @nikkihaley Haley criticized the @UN Friday after its General Assembly elected new members to the controversial Human Rights Council -- including countries with poor human rights records. https://t.co/HOL2u9PHEG https://t.co/Wj2XhLcwOq

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In-N-Out won’t expand east of Texas, owner says https://t.co/5rQhe1Lyg7

Sailors and Civilians assigned to Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mid-South participated in firefighter Olympics at the base gym during National Fire Prevention Week. https://t.co/45X2SYfC5Q

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[email protected] on 2020: @MikeBloomberg Could Go Toe-to-Toe With @realDonaldTrump, @SenKamalaHarris Could Be 'Formidable' https://t.co/g5kdHTEA4S

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