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Do you know what #MingMoss is? #CordandTish do! Watch The 2018 Rose Parade and find out, only on @PrimeVideo.

If You've Been Told You Take Board Games Too Seriously, This Guided Meditation Is For You

Remember the 'Family Matters' when Steve Urkel got drunk and fell off a roof? It was a very special episode.

47 Fun Things You MUST Do During the Government Shutdown


Facebook needs a filter for Aunt Karen posts.

The Google Arts & Culture App Is Now A Sentient Meme

FOD Hall of Fame: 11.28.11 Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

BARKING NEWS (@newsfordogs)

She's probably talking about Trump's penis.

[email protected] reads bad protein bar reviews & decides it's best to stick with @KINDSnacks. Check it out here: #GiveKINDaTry #ad

Do not offend the beauty that is thiccness by calling Trump thicc.

The Funniest Replies to Donald Trump Tweets This Week


Men’s rights activists have made a Last Jedi edit with no women in it, making it more realistic to their everyday lives.

[email protected]'s elegant @Wix site is one for the books! Create your own stunning website today, and watch Cord host the Rose Parade - now streaming on Prime Video! #ad

Misread “reboot” as "Robot" and got pissed there isn't going to be a Sister, Sister robot.

9 Absolutely Insane Family Circus Cartoons

White House Doctor: Gary Busey in Excellent Shape to Babysit Your Children

It’s glow time, dudes! Check out Glowing Up Fast, a totally original 90’s sitcom following a family that discovers the Fuel Rewards® program at Shell. Binge watch all episodes here: #ad

Trying to understand how the Nintendo Labo works

He really screwed this one up.

Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama who reminds us of simpler times when we were only in danger of a snack-related apocalypse. Featuring @ChloeGMoretz @tylergposey and @MichelleObama!

50 shades of ham.

This little scientist has big news. @Kiehls new Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate just squeezed in even more Vitamin C! #CTheDifference #ad

10 of the Craziest Amazon Reviews

WOAH! Donald Trump Graces The Cover Of Men's Fitness

"You might be a quarter of my age, but I will TAKE YOU DOWN!" Happy Birthday to Betty White (@BettyMWhite) who's never been afraid to throw shade... especially if it's at @IMKristenBell - Featuring: @OdetteAnnable and Sigourney Weaver

The Cognitive Test Trump’s Physician Used

The person who invented the glove shoe probably looked down at his feet and said ”Fuck this, each of my toesies is special and deserves a shoe of its own.”

Even racists need to rest

"Just F*ck Already" Plus 7 Other Thoughts About Steven Spielberg's 'The Post'

Logan Paul: "The Universe Has Given Me Everything But I Am Entitled To More"

The most positive thing in 2018 so far is that lobsters will no longer feel pain.

If you can't keep up, keep on track with the new @MisfitWearables Vapor.

Shoutout to all the families who drink milk with their dinner.

Wait, does @MelissaJoanHart actually think she can do magic?

Most Forgotten Lines From ‘The Star Spangled Banner’

Happy MLK Day... y'know!

Even a time-traveling dietician can't can't give us accurate advice

#ad Comedians can relate to a lot in @CrashingHBO, and bombing is one of them. See if you can match these comedians to their worst sets & check out @PeteHolmes and @JuddApatow’s new season Sundays at 10:30PM on @HBO!

When Christina Hendricks​ gets a job at a new office, it's unclear which is more old-fashioned: her style, her typing skills, or the office's policies toward women.

Please remember to be grateful whenever someone who is super swamped takes the time to complain about how swamped they are.

Live. Laugh. Love.

[Eats a detergent pod] [Poops out a clean load of laundry]

Not buying the results from Trump's physical exam.

Don't waste your time in a relationship without healthy growth and sauce.

He's seeing his future

2020 can’t come fast enough and we’re ready for some S tability T rust E nchilada Tuesdays A nother moon walk D ashiki brunches M occasins A lbacore Tuna N ew Taylor Swift

According to @CordHosenbeck, @TheGrandTour is "Fun Stuff," and we believe him! Check it out now on @PrimeVideo #ad

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