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Some assembly required. https://t.co/JZviD87gSt

Caption this... https://t.co/W7yGrX7ssL

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Being pregnant isn't easy, but Hilary Duff has a secret that will make it just that little bit better. https://t.co/zxnmzyfi0c

This is why you should never copy what you see on TV. https://t.co/CKGxLmLDv7

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco​ (@SebastianComedy) pays a visit to Comic Con accompanied by the greatest tour guide ever... "Thanos." https://t.co/77BpSqY6iC

Some say that shoes maketh the man. https://t.co/L7rNiC3dtP

No movie has ever been more independent than "The Dirty Garage". https://t.co/Ytf8PiruQu

Looking back, maybe these things WEREN'T so great. https://t.co/NOltEqVJvG

Is this the future of classic car shows? https://t.co/vX4IdWlKex

This week's Best Worst Headlines feature blockchains, James Bond, sex dolls, and our edits🖍️ https://t.co/94vvOeeasv

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The closest I’ll ever get to having clout is having gout

Muslim immigrant "Joe Freedom" is so afraid of being deported that he ran for mayor on an alt right platform to fit in. https://t.co/GKwJMAvJkb

Remember the 'Diff'rent Strokes' with the bicycle man child molester? It was a very special episode. https://t.co/lNbosoN9Dw

Has your love life sailed? https://t.co/fsvZoWPT6X

Trump has issued a correction, stating that in fact Cohen DIDN'T secretly record him NOT discussing payments to a NON-playboy NOT-model https://t.co/JxJmeeOXae

Life’s simplest pleasures can often be the most rewarding. Here are 10 such moments that should never be taken for granted. https://t.co/nv6iFxegcW

Every ten years, an image comes along where I don't look like a monster. Praised be. https://t.co/kKm47eKSQD

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Those office standing nests aren't cheap. https://t.co/QbrFhfkFmJ

Follow this simple chart to form an opinion on whether Russia meddled in our election or not https://t.co/IpqAyqYiEv

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What happens when you spin a Led Zeppelin record backwards? https://t.co/ZNvyPmJ3Am

Magic Tricks can be hard when your subject doesn't get the rules. https://t.co/0fkWiORxiO

Seat Stick: the only deodorant for people who sit all day https://t.co/J9diRuExC5

The side effects of pregnancy aren't pretty, but that doesn't mean you can't be. https://t.co/uxKWpDGXeb

Don't fuck with Flamingos! https://t.co/niDWHtmlTM

Leaving my mom a voice mail ▶ 🔘─────── 00:07 Listening to a voicemail from my mom ▶ 🔘─────── 14:34:23

This enormous Jeff Goldblum statue in London is here to make today suck slightly less. https://t.co/QK016ykrza

Get ready for a season full of lukewarm emotional investment, and unmet expectations in The Millennial Bachelorette. https://t.co/qIM6UxSNCx

Big hemorrhoid energy

Don’t you hate when he mansplains different types of spiders? https://t.co/AeWSc6tj0j

The Ewoks are more complicated than we think. https://t.co/sdaJW43bp7

YOU KNOW Tia and Colton are about to hook up https://t.co/VABzxuTI0y

DON'T EAT THAT FOOD!!! https://t.co/5LLYCuYnAW

There is so much to love about The Big Apple. https://t.co/RPZdSiwvwE

Jeff Goldblum and Bryce Dallas Howard sharpen their knives and their wits, while preparing a delicious meal together. Brought to you by @Kroger @RalphsGrocery #ad https://t.co/ueXATm6MOg https://t.co/KggaWPqzek

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The frog knows his Bluegrass! https://t.co/4aZTearHD3

Hello 👋 there👉🏻you sexy 😈devils😈 today is the hottest 🌶 day of the year baby💦💦. It’s National👋Emoji📣Day🐥, brother🤠. Time to tell your 👨‍❤️‍👨 uncles that you think they’re sexy with emojis🕶. Or time to send your dad 👴an 🍆 by accident.

Loving these new emojis! https://t.co/r0MvMz3sul

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Here are some products you definitely don't need at all, but, c'mon...it's Prime Day! Buy unnecessary shit! https://t.co/Xr6SEQH8i0

What can you do when you just can't avoid someone? https://t.co/tSBulczfHW

Today sucks, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the magic that is @LilJon and @JonTaffer together on a glorious episode of @BarRescue https://t.co/yCjkRUXWKm

Here are some killer Prime deals you can't miss out on https://t.co/G7ZqYmY5J9

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Weddings breed romance... and cynics. https://t.co/lZ9Z36X51T

You gotta be jokin' my ass! @ryanoflan is loose in Reno, Nevada. https://t.co/fwGzJ9Y0xm

Ghosts are scary, but for Josh Wallace 19th century photography is much worse. https://t.co/dvKRbKkUaE

Happy Birthday to the best boss ever, Will Ferrell! https://t.co/NE1ZbyDH3n

You HAVE to watch this absurd Michael Jackson clip that just resurfaced https://t.co/0EVu2Vf6Zi

Every time I eat a cupcake https://t.co/UZA8z5aDiE

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How can Selena Gomez resist the allure of Mr. Blue? https://t.co/cmHwk6JPyy

The timing on some FB memories, tho https://t.co/lCLp8hNG9W

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Beware the Social Justice Warriors! https://t.co/aRgQoB2E7o

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