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Watch out for the hellfire this weekend. https://t.co/u3EU0bZLnL

Is this what they mean when they say 'clothes maketh the man'? https://t.co/wPUFIpFN6K https://t.co/9ytNDIR7H3

The people that can control themselves from tearing up those paper coasters at bars into a thousand little pieces deserve some sort of award

Every dog's worst nightmare https://t.co/BXy34sgnad

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Zach Galifianakis had trouble interviewing this 7 year old. https://t.co/iMkGnK7dW2

I spent $100 on a memorabilia Grumpy Cat turd, and I bet it's worth triple what I paid now

Everybody take a deeeeeeep breath https://t.co/FbfVfAXhnY

Naomi Ekperigin knows why your rescue dog seems like a racist. Don't miss The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle on @ComedyCentral https://t.co/zmUGEY9lYe

Mom can you come pick me up? Everyone's running on all fours I'm scared https://t.co/1fwLf7B1eW

Ricky Bobby https://t.co/eQjVrs88DO

If there is a hell, I'm definitely going for how shitty I was to substitute teachers as a kid

Forget the King in The North, Icy Icy Frostman going after the King of the Jungle. https://t.co/LZVZr4YAob

This storyline is Oscar worthy https://t.co/KvonAc3qu3

But you should definitely still check it out because this shit is bananas https://t.co/KW0yz4Eej7

when my office turns on the air conditioner https://t.co/h6U9hSGKUW

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Also it's normal and not gross at all so spread the word. https://t.co/519GcRxXkj

A good way to get out of a bad date is to shit your pants and leave

Is Black Mirror getting a little too realistic? Watch the full video here: https://t.co/VbrZtTjT2w https://t.co/mUoasSB1BW

We all know a person like this: https://t.co/v8ogBlvurh https://t.co/upYPvtZf2p

My only remaining molecule of Serotonin trying to get me through the day https://t.co/PEgeynAyvv

Happy Wednesday the Jonas Brothers did a photoshoot with ferrets https://t.co/fW5bxGGqy7

You're not gonna believe how many signatures this already has https://t.co/IyjmL58Gox

Stage moms have nothing on these fools. https://t.co/B3EwKNMgjf

TAKE MY MONEY. TAKE IT https://t.co/jhMDMo3Lj6

Remember the time Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg had that really awkward interview: https://t.co/IdLSYxA7rA https://t.co/kt2LlaeeKp

I miss chasing rings or stars or coins for pointless points. https://t.co/Oh13JZs65I

Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) loves three things: heating pads, ​Rosalía, and Game of Thrones. This week he is joined by the totally fabulous @TiffanyHaddish. https://t.co/t32ZfRuk1G

Not all heroes wear capes https://t.co/aF87WDQFlI

Daniel Day-Lewis was put on this earth to defeat the evil daniel night-lewis

Sometimes friends make the best enemies. Watch the full video here: https://t.co/FHyXYM38R2 https://t.co/KKboHzVps2

When it's Monday https://t.co/rZw9Nc4JJy

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Hopefully next episode will reveal that all of season 8 was just a bad dream and we'll get a do-over https://t.co/rQWbP0Plvp

That throne looks uncomfortable as shit, to be honest

We all definitely deserved this scolding https://t.co/I2AVdAaBfj

Its yard sale season, everybody. Stay safe out there. https://t.co/yIBEmCfSnf

My mom Mark Zuckerberg 🤝 Ruining Facebook

Zach asks Ben Stiller why he never went into comedy like his parents https://t.co/4tszQvdcrc

Increase your popularity by telling people you're Jeff Goldblum's dog

Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill) wants you to know that your mother is f*cking hardcore. https://t.co/fbnxQ3gKcf

I fart in your general direction. https://t.co/zgLzyiHyol

The greatest challenge of dating is dealing with awkward parents: https://t.co/9vUIWGxL8w https://t.co/HiXL2gnbKs

My constant mood is ‘guy who is standing at the very back of a concert and can’t see anything, but still pretends to have fun’

Brian McKnight is an expert! https://t.co/7YhgYSks6y

I wish my work desk had a steering wheel so I could drive away right this instant

Are you as scared as Clayton English? Don't miss The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle on @ComedyCentral https://t.co/AQeqUe6vxm

Honestly do we even deserve John Krasinski https://t.co/fAHsLkjZmj

Gee who could that silhouette POSSIBLY belong to???? It's a real mystery https://t.co/FuZB8kVgeq

For someone who’s known for saying “facts don’t care about your feelings” he sure got upset when the facts didn’t care about his feelings https://t.co/SBvCW5GNzn

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