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Is Harrison Barnes cut out for a normal career after basketball? https://t.co/8OYqJ6nHMb

nothing but respect for MY Beautiful Ted https://t.co/fm1FIItgLG

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all day every day https://t.co/V68cHrgSWU

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It's Monday night and you know what that means https://t.co/5CeRrUW0r0

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*neil degrasse tyson explaining to garfield that every day is simply one rotation of the earth and mondays are in no way unique*

If you keep things ‘Low-Key’, you can get away with anything. https://t.co/ahJUfTG8Ln

It can't disappoint you if it already sucks when you buy it https://t.co/LRkK0ViaeW

Super Mario Plumbing needs to get their shit together https://t.co/v4QXKbgNvX

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This is honestly SO true https://t.co/wmpREjoBi7

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I wish I loved anything as much as my mom loves sending voice notes through text

Next time you see an Airdancer blowing in the street, remember that they have hopes and dreams too. https://t.co/zxQ7J6eI08

Kelsey Grammer performs open heart surgery on the worst heart ever. https://t.co/XCjessYPaw

Bread shouldn't be that complicated. https://t.co/I9WTNZufZq

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert https://t.co/lPKr67ECii

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When i see two people fighting online https://t.co/i9VedKQIDx

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Your first time ‘doing it’ is special, but it can be a little scary too. https://t.co/CvD3Az1acF

Oh Franklin! https://t.co/gKFblItnXL

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The most depressing book I've ever read was my high school year book

Even Hipsters enjoy a good roast battle. https://t.co/cB0ybAvXaz

Couple's costume idea https://t.co/5xv3NjaUMp

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When i sneak out of work 2 minutes early https://t.co/g6T0fM253D

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You hear about all sorts of people running a business out of their garage, but magical fairies granting wishes is a new one. https://t.co/UZeFaN9NSZ

An easy recipe for bread that will take you out of this world. Literally. https://t.co/d9uAcdvk0x

Remember when Zack Morris broke into a house to record a slumber party? Zack Morris is trash. https://t.co/oPIAWqXpCK

ME: i should eat that chili that's been in my fridge for a week MY BRAIN: don't do it MY STOMACH: don't do it MY BUTT: don't do it ME: https://t.co/qyQiDTRiGr

When i combine macaroni and cheese https://t.co/k8ouX0JXec

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Michael Myers vs Mike Myers https://t.co/WduwNdVOJk

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Apple's new logo is extremely chill https://t.co/JFoACL7jjQ

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Thoughts and prayers https://t.co/Y9ciefue6V

These are the final days to sign up for a chance to attend "Go Vote Yourself, Michigan!" with @BillyEichner and special guests @iamwandasykes and @blakegriffin23 in Detroit, MI on October 21st. Brought to you by #GlamUpTheMidterms and @NRDC https://t.co/Z6ZLiKr0go

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In a time where clean water is an issue, maybe you should take it easy with the sinful solo time. https://t.co/E8dRofuoXy

You'll never need to make a dessert bowl ever again after this amazing recipe. https://t.co/cU2Tvs9ds1

Try and name one NBA player better than these fan GIFs https://t.co/cKMbMlFYOc

Cardi B got real af on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night: "The baby broke my vagina" https://t.co/iwy0KWxNJa

The most memorable characters on Game Of Thrones https://t.co/Pg7T0rC73C

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Writing female characters is hard. Screenwriter Jason Porto (Sofia Black D'elia) makes it easy. https://t.co/k7R7matAGx

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Yeah but the Bible says a lot of stuff #AmericanVandal #WhoIsTheTurdBurglar https://t.co/vfiYJeXWYx

RIP Large Bird https://t.co/dUcvUXn848

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Wherever in the world you are, the legalization of weed is often a day celebrated by lovers of the chronic, but can 10/17 ever replace 4/20? https://t.co/tkabHZcA3L

Move over @neiltyson, Carl Sagan, and @ElonMusk. Ted Rimmarniet (@DemetriMartin) is here to teach you the REAL secrets of the universe. Watch the full episode here: https://t.co/k2S4dEszVb https://t.co/8HSsGYSsW4

Roundball Rock + Kawhi Leonard's laugh = perfect soundtrack to new NBA season / your nightmares https://t.co/9qIWpHCsxt

Happy International "Your baby is too goddamn ugly" day

Canadians today https://t.co/J3XKyfcLbg

It's worth noting the striking resemblance here https://t.co/bISXoruRdX

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This is what I sound like when I sing the main song from a star is born https://t.co/bClcxRpFgp

The Evolution of Justin Bieber https://t.co/WIUR6Eru9R

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It's almost like they're screwing over the very people that trusted them most https://t.co/7nXpU5jgHm

A healthy digestive system is born https://t.co/iA0MCMXQLh

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