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Follow these simple steps to have the best time ever at a summer music festival!

So THAT'S what he said.

Funny Or Die top tweets
  • The new ‘Bachelorette’ poster speaks the truth

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Bernie's thirst for Cardi B is real

    Interested in a free stand-up show hosted by @barvonblaq with music from co-host @Mike_Eagle? Get your tickets now for the taping of the new Comedy central series "The New Negroes" here before they're gone!

    ARE YOU THE SWEATIEST? We doubt it.

    Supervillains are sometimes just the dude trying to steal your girl.

    The dinosaur in the new 'Jurassic World' is absolutely terrifying

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Last chance to vote for Welcome to America with Gad Elmaleh and Ron Livingston to win a Webby!

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    It’s 2018

    Are you as prepared for disaster as these people?

    We should have known Morrissey was a pyscho based on his song titles

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Did some spring cleaning at the office and put tons of stuff up for grabs in the lobby. The only item nobody wanted to take home OR throw away is this framed poster of ‘City of Angels’ starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    We're nominated for the best social humor Webby! Vote here if you enjoy all this spectacular social content.

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    The 'Walking Dead' universe crossover nobody asked for is finally here!

    Remember the time Zack Morris ruined Driver's Ed for everybody? #ZMIT

    The guy from the Stormy Daniels sketch doesn't look that intimidating

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    City Slickers in Westworld with Billy Crystal is nominated for a Webby! Get your vote on here:

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    We're nominated for the best humor website Webby! Vote here if you love us.

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Morgan's walking to Texas and butthole vision is BACK!

    To divert attention from being Michael Cohen's third client, Sean Hannity will be airing Simpson's porn tonight instead of his regular programming.

    HER: Can you come over? ME: There's literally nothing I hate more than getting my socks wet HER: My parents aren't home ME:

    This is what happens when you use a Magic 8 Ball to name your child

    You won’t wanna miss this

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Who knew Worms were such elusive creatures?

    Winning at acting sometimes just means joining a good gym.

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Vote for Ten Years of Funny Or Die with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay to win a Webby! An award a decade in the making.

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    How do you see yourself under the influence?

    Don't do it Kanye

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    The Most Ridiculous Things From Last Night's #TheWalkingDead

    Remember when Zack Morris almost killed his girlfriend? #ZMIT

    Canto Bight, Baby. Canto Bight. #StarWars #JonFavreau

    Is this superhero (Lamorne Morris) steppin' out on his girl?

    Be considerate and stop the music!

    Try convincing your accountant 🍆💦🤰in your Venmo history was a business expense.

    If you wanna see some crazy shit, check out one man's exploration of the Deep Web in search of the secret to Oral Sex.

    Star Wars will never be the same again!

    Geckos, are like, really safe drivers man!

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Are you ready to use a 'Safe Word'?

    Nothing burns calories like FEAR! Just ask Vinnie Jones.

    These excerpts from Comey's book are truly shocking

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Happy Friday the 13th!

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    Justin Trudeau may have gotten some criticism lately, but that doesn't mean he's lost his edge where it counts!

    Britain was just a hot mess during the war of 1812!

    Why is the 'Mayor' always calling this Superhero so late at night?

    We honestly can't believe how much they have changed! Can you?

    *watches 30 hours of potato truther documentaries on YouTube*

    Every friend has a Charles to their Jim @Brockmire. Watch their bromance unfold on @IFC April 25th! Brought to you by Jim’s other great friends at @TacoBell

    They've officially run out of "K" names in Calabasas

    Funny Or Die top tweets

    How far would you go for that final sale??

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