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My dream is to eat at the little table that comes on top of pizza https://t.co/JLaV1BqtmC

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Wow don't you all just love art? https://t.co/6hF23I068b

Not to be dramatic but if this happened to me I'd move to a new country https://t.co/hc2JdUtNN2

Jonathan Van Ness & Lena Headey dish about all the Game of Thrones Emmy nominations @jvn @IAMLenaHeadey @GameOfThrones https://t.co/PbLIT6AwM7

Knows how to cook, shops at @Kroger, AND speaks French? Jeff Goldblum is GOALS. #ad https://t.co/o20O3ASm4n

Trae Crowder gets a crash course on getting back to nature: https://t.co/ir2SyiVVvL https://t.co/eivs2q9TrZ

Drascilla is concocting spells because none of the men have jobs on this week's 90 Day Fiance. https://t.co/eQQtZTefbI #90DayFiance

Happy birthday 'Saved by the Bell'! But not you, Zack Morris https://t.co/iXNB1u8Rya #savedbythebell

If you're tired of trying to find fun and interesting stuff to listen to on your own, look no further, we found some cool podcasts for you https://t.co/uBDSQYzWiv @KarenKilgariff @GHardstark @2DopeQueens @DancesWithTamis @melissabroder @jvn

A robot watched Avengers Endgame and here's what it had to say https://t.co/LOrVvBdBUc

https://t.co/YVAa9CZxzB https://t.co/o9UTxhBPiO

This public artwork is 16 feet tall and must be defeated before it's too late https://t.co/jDKldRhuP8

(Please pass beers responsibly) https://t.co/nFzdwtkyNv

For your consideration: https://t.co/kSoKaDdA5p

If 'Superbad' was a person they still wouldn't be old enough to buy booze for their party, so here are some gifs to celebrate instead https://t.co/N1b7GLmSMM @Sethrogen @evandgoldberg @JonahHill

Frasier https://t.co/aFYiqYyKYl

Thank you @wendys for these adorable bacon and jalapeño accessories. They are 🔥 #ad https://t.co/ddYC2LZGih

Finally it's safe to be a woman in the office! Watch more: https://t.co/f0Ufc0vCWx https://t.co/ZLizITNpbz

TBH, we're not 100% if we're doing it right either 🤷‍♀️@garfunkeloates https://t.co/eYTenQewAN

The Handman's Tale. Coming soon to DudeHulu. Watch the full trailer here: https://t.co/Sd7ZDeZk0K https://t.co/TpGdhaKaMv

Remember that time Jennette McCurdy got real dirty? @jennettemccurdy https://t.co/HtQ8sHMZyN

Did you know that Bradley Whitford (Get Out, The West Wing) is one of Hollywood's best Emotional Stuntmen? @WhitfordBradley https://t.co/GtKyEAvNfQ

Finally an answer to the age-old question, does John Travolta do the best John Travolta https://t.co/eaUC0qpElA @jimmyfallon

https://t.co/MvGUxATiWK https://t.co/bXUrWWWZMP

Remember the '7th Heaven' with the developmentally disabled glow-in-the-dark puppeteer? It was a very special episode. https://t.co/F3B2aS8739

We’re backstage at Baconfest with a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into perfecting @Wendys bacon #ad https://t.co/QoxDehbxOQ

We love seeing marital feuds happen on live television: https://t.co/MC3OLWk5WN

What's Ron Burgundy's email password? What are hackers? Should we fear robots? Get answers to all these questions and more in this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast https://t.co/N8nFMG1DEE @BurgundyPodcast

This was the ultimate battle of terrible dad jokes and I both hate and love every second of it https://t.co/WlVy8kOc29

Gad Elmaleh Struggles with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (w/ Ron Livingston) @gadelmaleh https://t.co/SK5hBVp8GF

For real though this alpaca's got moves https://t.co/llM26A8VSJ

Wow the interspecies sexual tension is UNMISTAKABLE https://t.co/ZC8odX5uNW

These influencers show off the hottest @Wendys Baconfest fashions, including adorable bacon print scrunchies and heels. #sponsored https://t.co/M3ovWTEopQ

There has to be a law against this https://t.co/0w2rVJP4yw

Cheese Monger is actually Latin for ‘the big cheese’ @Kroger #ad https://t.co/9ifPCZy8Rk

This is basically a roller coaster for the environment and I am losing my mind https://t.co/ik3X2RlFMX @JustWhooshh

You're doing awesome @MrJerryOC - we're looking forward to today's @JerryOShow ! https://t.co/4GzRwhech1

Uhhh, thanks I guess? https://t.co/7hHpuIluIQ

Sometimes the internet is so good https://t.co/OR4qLXPsOp

The John Mayer method of writing a love song: https://t.co/Ijq2UIhl3o https://t.co/J3KC1zj4hH

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