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Some of us just prefer men with small dicks who cum fast. https://t.co/RqQo2ENvEz

Honestly who even needs a boyfriend https://t.co/HKvxGYBj2s

Roses are red Violets are blue Keep your goddamn mouth closed Whenever you chew

But how will we know where all the dads are? https://t.co/Fhuj1kdPkr

when i drop my phone but it doesn’t crack https://t.co/W64DyyIzhi

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I really don't need this right now https://t.co/wL9jWc9OCb

when my spouse farts in bed vs when i fart in bed https://t.co/9KiO6BXEbm

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Look we can't all be artists but we can all certainly laugh at these hilarious failed attempts https://t.co/Oo8c9KbXZJ

Have all of your anxieties put to rest with this soft-spoken mantra that's as soothing as it is witty https://t.co/p1myuFLgwb

Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) loves three things: Petee’s Pies, Micellar water, and Game of Thrones. This week he is joined by the fabulous @AnnaKFaris. https://t.co/K8vZwsStqV

The world would be a better place if there were more people named "Sock" out there.

Who is your favorite Simpsons character?

Thank you Mother Earth for every thing you give us except pigeons

Whatever the fight was about, he was hopping mad https://t.co/OKTuUaeyNb

I feel LIED TO and BETRAYED https://t.co/v8b6mkWLTp

Are these the worst coffee snobs ever? https://t.co/0kar5Q0c1P https://t.co/CCKqioUn6f

Whoever made the neverending story owes us some sort of compensation for making us watch that horse die in the quick sand

Are you qualified for Coachella? How would you handle the questions David Spade has for Charlotte Mckinney? https://t.co/i8yNFwHuuy

The best part of easter is when the man inside the bunny costume removes his head and body, and eats a cold calzone while staring into his open refrigerator

What really happened at the last supper https://t.co/QaAwGbICYq

The miracle of easter is that the bunny has been kid rock the whole time https://t.co/RrFl16ansL

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Listen to all of Louie Anderson's amazing facts here: https://t.co/w1j5O2GWDb https://t.co/VnYgrqFBev

What's your favorite way of getting high?

If you love indie films, you'll love The Dirty Garage: https://t.co/azoeeEpLp6 https://t.co/dHeFm2LYBk

Ever wonder what 'weed' stands for? W smoke E weed E very D day

Ron Burgundy spills the (British) tea with Carolina. Listen to the full episode here: https://t.co/0pGxBth3oe https://t.co/451zlfv5dz

Witness one man's journey into the hazy smokey light. https://t.co/D2oIjKrcZs

Remember the time Zack Morris unleashed a plague of rodents? Zack Morris is trash. https://t.co/gaolWoRATk

Jonathan Van Ness (@jvn) needs Evil Carol Brady (Cersei Lannister) to get herself some texture foam and pomade! Watch the latest episode of Gay of Thrones here: https://t.co/fvtF1Cnp9s https://t.co/7EWPbguhgO

I love to D ookie I n E very T oilet

This is one drunk tale for the books https://t.co/qF5nfUrRyM

How many obscure indie bands are going to call themselves "Harm to Ongoing Matter" after this https://t.co/TutJsxjslk

What's your favorite type of exercise?

This episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast is -- in Ron's words -- "bloody brilliant". https://t.co/tcsR6zQZgs

Spider-Man looks ready to take the biggest step of all. https://t.co/bYUpW8lub8

He should go to HR about it https://t.co/74mXlz95Tw

The Mueller Report, Page 290 https://t.co/VS6jZGsV7g

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ME: Look but don't make it obvious MY FRIENDS: https://t.co/INzrjCNfbO

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The main difference between alligators and crocodiles is i’m not sexually attracted to gross ass crocodiles

hank somlo and chawbucca https://t.co/smceSatdi6

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The best cure for that Wednesday lull is with some good old fashioned lols https://t.co/cZVsctsO1L

Jurassic Park reviewed by a robot https://t.co/ceRx2cu6MZ

Alright everybody needs to calm down a little bit https://t.co/Sw1JeRYTKR

Doing great on my new years resolution to go* to** the*** gym**** *jerk **off ***my ****dick

Jonathan (@jvn) loves three things - chocolate covered pretzels, Ivy Park running shorts, and Game of Thrones. https://t.co/mNDQ5esdOT

Here's our official 4/20 uniform https://t.co/ThMbrwFLB1 https://t.co/K2cuMFZZuP

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Avengers endgame spoiler: your wife leaves you at the end.

Finally a way for everyone to be successful. Watch the full video here: https://t.co/wPUFIpocfc https://t.co/4ZSBojNbPW

What's your favorite summer activity?

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