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As President's Day approaches, we pay tribute to the man who gives our current president his glorious orange sheen. https://t.co/6D6BvvLNX8

How old were you when you realized slices of bread look like choads? https://t.co/8ZtCngK5PT

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This is the indie film of the year for quirky girls. https://t.co/A9pusakxz3

If you want to be an actor, you gotta say no to that breakfast burrito! https://t.co/FaCwfqJXZd https://t.co/39wlAw5wia

When I see a pigeon walking towards me https://t.co/SVcqHHxBsY

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Wow, this is clearly the start of a beautiful friendship for Ron Burgundy and Deepak Chopra. Listen to the whole episode here: https://t.co/PCQUjdSBAD https://t.co/98KUuGFWM0

Real romance happens on President's Day https://t.co/K6xeOAUm55

Does Chris Pine have what it takes to win this Pa-gent? Watch the full sketch here: https://t.co/SbXkZFIBt3 https://t.co/9Po0rLfpYB

Seriously, this much love is not okay https://t.co/5u3vC207ME

Why would someone choose to call when they could just text? https://t.co/shlK3bqued https://t.co/psw380VEXR

Me looking at everything I have to finish before starting my 3 day weekend https://t.co/OBDlnSSagt


We present you the world's most creative mug https://t.co/xGnLzXTBez

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Turns out I don't need to hear every disgusting detail about your mucus https://t.co/kOSRXHUbJH

Happy 364 Days Until Your Boyfriend Buys You Flowers Again Day

Clear your mind. Take a deep breath. Ron Burgundy and Deepak Chopra are here to help you answer the universe’s biggest questions. https://t.co/OKpafWLG5j

Send the perfect Valentine's Day to your National Treasure https://t.co/f0iAOO69Nx

Finally an honest Valentine's Day commercial https://t.co/MBAjlvRtQ3

Even if you don’t have a date at least you can have a laugh https://t.co/iVLoIDD0NJ

Here are some rough stories to enjoy over a box of discounted chocolates https://t.co/nUFtRInVN7

Is Joe Jonas a good way to say "I Love You"? https://t.co/Z6tpKdeo8b

The Least Popular Holiday In Every State https://t.co/fC2J5LJgvl

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Here's some candy hearts https://t.co/gJvxCSrLnP

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Sad space news... https://t.co/lDV5beJqtU

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My valentine is president Abraham Lincoln so we're waiting to celebrate on Monday

When cleaning up after your disgusting boyfriend, it's important to ask what things spark joy. https://t.co/jlBvXLreQJ

David finally has the perfect way to proudly display his surname https://t.co/8WpvrmrNTf

Just a few simple tips to keep yourself breathing in any situation: https://t.co/Tiu8AvNmoF https://t.co/g6TsVnFYvQ

Are you a woman suffering from men who seem to hear “yes” when you say “no?” This may be just what you need. https://t.co/1rba4XgoZm

You're doing amazing sweetie! https://t.co/VemvybcfZp

) ) ) ) ( ) ) _(___(____)____(___(__ _ \ / \ mmmmm / | \ hot /____| \ pee / \ / \_________ /

El Chapo's arrest made for some surprisingly funny jokes https://t.co/PIDAR8NgPL

Give yourself and your ex the Valentine's Day you both deserve https://t.co/eVHcBwumtF

But we're not buying it. https://t.co/33d7nAgYYl

Lotion is for teenagers! https://t.co/NkpnmJPtI8

Being a husband means always being ready! https://t.co/r87YZW7Z2O https://t.co/LgYgKmg1Oy

Lindsay Lohan is ready to mingle! https://t.co/zUmdEc8CDp

Give this Valentine's Day card to your loved ones https://t.co/3c9robE0ev

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JUDGE: have you reached a verdict JURY: yes your honor, we believe the defendant is.... more like jail chapo

Most people agree that this look is a royal mess - but hue knows, maybe we're all prussian to conclusions https://t.co/L8TdqwLLer

There were a lot of noteworthy red carpet looks but these three NEED TO BE DISCUSSED https://t.co/cyrmZP6Z46

It doesn't get any more powerful than this https://t.co/izyQNAZ5eb

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Louie Anderson brings you some completely unbelievable facts: https://t.co/w1j5O2GWDb https://t.co/QLbCe6lhqv

Cardi B should have won an award for this episode of Between Two Ferns https://t.co/pX61QwUV5Q

If your rice gets wet dry it off by putting it in a bowl of phones

NETFLIX: Are you still watching? ME: https://t.co/9omlfAFTxZ

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Saxophone Facts: - Will make you pregnant if played correctly - Also referred to as 'curvy brass boi' - Used for good music (jazz) and also bad music (ska) - Known as "the farting instrument" - Fill it with trail mix to create a snacksophone

Married couples know what it's all about. https://t.co/IvCAabKjIN

Is Shawn Mendes secretly a diva? This limo driver likes to think so! https://t.co/WqwxK1EcNT

Critics are raving about The Dirty Garage. Watch the full trailer here: https://t.co/azoeeEpLp6 https://t.co/zNyI8qR4Gm

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