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Indian batting in the 4th innings while chasing a 200+ target

Why did that Kunal Kamra comedian delete his profile?

Whenever CBSE results came out, the local newspapers would reach the Topper's house and the ask the kid, how many hours did he study everyday. The kid would quote a random number. And your parents would use that as a benchmark to judge and curse you. One more benchmark-

Kids these days need a musical extravaganza with Shahrukh khan to teach them what is (a+b)^2

Scenario 2: India 45/5 Parthiv Patel walks in, scores a fuckin double hundred and takes India home, comes back, stares Virat Kohli in the eye & says "Kemchho"

The Indian Test openers have been so negative in their approach, as if they are always fighting to save their place in the squad, the one guy who was positive, was the most successful. Virendra Sehwag.

Rohit Sharma abhi pant me hagg raha hoga

Shaam tak khel rahe hai aur G**nd phat rahi hai. 🙄

Only reason

Ngidi just added injury to insult. #Parthiv

(In all fairness, this pitch has turned into a minefield)

Indian dressing room

BCCI sending the Sri Lanka team to South Africa for a quick T20 tonight.

Hajj subsidy is like govt buying your air tickets for Tomorrowland coz you say Music is your religion.

Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special is a gem. Wow! haven't seen a better stand up special. Not just funny but enlightening. Don't miss.

The entire South African team came together, happy for the debutante young bowler Ngidi, a player of colour. The team instituted quotas for the colored players (6 players at least) and it has paid such rich dividends. They have come a long way from the days of apartheid.

Half of the team back in the pavilion, still trailing by 150 runs, last session, yet the batsman chasing the bowl on the off side to hit, and the bowler bowling wide deliveries. That's the mental strength of Pandya.

Youtube is the new pacifier for toddlers. Your kid is crying in public, just search for Peppa pig on youtube, play and hand over the phone to your kid. No more crying.

The condition of India's Running & Fielding is explained by their coach's beer belly.

When was the last time a Top 5 ICC Test ranked bowler hit the other Top 5 ICC Test bowler for three consecutive boundaries? cc @mohanstatsman

In adverse times of Indian cricket, this innings of Kohli would shone out like a diamond, for generations to feel nostalgic about (like that Gundappa Vishwanath 97* at chepauk) It still is a gem of an innings. :)

Virat Kohli earned immunity against his terrible team selection decisions. #SAvIND

Dhal gaya din, ho gayi shaam *tak* khelenge to g**nd phat jaayegi

Bought the Zomato Gold subscription coz of FOMO. Haven't used even once, total waste.

Indian slip cordon is like the India-Bangladesh border.

Right time for Parthiv Patel to retire from Test cricket while a Test cap is on his head.

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