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Stop making everything virtual. The real touch is the real deal.

You have to be a very different type of scumbag to be playing a victim card at this kind of situation. https://t.co/oErwrWyJT0

how are they capable of turning everything a political matter?

No matter what mood you are in, Interstellar music theme always fits in.

This is heart wrenching. May their soul rest in peace. Strength to their families, and i really hope people behind this rot in a place worse than hell. #StandWithForces #PulwamaRevenge https://t.co/qdQrlbuEfx

Gautam Verma top tweets

Studies say we use 10% of our brain. Well, it’s better, if we use any more of that, we’d kill ourselves with over thinking.

What happened in Pulwana is tragic and you know what's worse? The people of our country who are showing their true colours in this devastating situation. #RIPBraveHearts #PulwanaAttack

Just got thrown out of the theatre while watching Gully boy because i did not post the entire fucking movie on Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Just read about this sad news from Kashmir. I wish with all my heart that Pakistan and these inhuman dead inside people experience the most horrific death in the history of humankind. May our soldiers rest in peace. #Pulwana #IndiaWantsRevenge #KashmirTerrorAttack

Waking up to the sound of thunderstorm is always better than waking up to the sound of rain.

Just joined Bajrang Dal for a day. If i am not going on a date, no one else is going on a date.

Happy to sad. Sad to angry. Angry to anxious. Anxious to energetic. Energetic to happy. Happy to low. All that in 20 minutes.

So, how many followers did you lose on Instagram today? I lost 1200.

Woke up at 10. In three hours i have decided this is the worst day of my life.

All the girls should do this at least once. https://t.co/Y6qx6YJtyv

Gautam Verma top tweets

Twitter needs a "Chup betichod" button.

Not having an android is the best android.

Interstellar is not just a movie, it’s a feeling. Specially with that god level kind of music production.

“I don’t like beer, it’s overrated.” “I don’t like you, fuck off.”

Overeating is one thing. Having a cookie after it is another.

I think i’ll never stop watching Two and a half men. This is the best show ever.

Some pictures on Instagram are so sweet that you just softly press the heart button instead of double tapping it.

Hello people, i would like to share my second track 'Ramp Walk' with you all. Tell me what you think about this one? #Gautmaxx #ProgressiveHouse #RampWalk #EDM #EDMTwitter https://t.co/6kiDHLDuls

Usually, the disappointments in disappointment is way more than the happiness in happy.

No point changing your time zone if you gonna stay zoned out.

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