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If you hate someone, do it with all your heart.

Sometimes you can’t enjoy good times because you know they’ll end.

There’s no going back when you want to.

You always get what you don’t want.

You are winning if you got good music.

When you take pre workout through nose. https://t.co/65ZIbMjIvQ

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Attended 16564374 weddings this season.

Sleeping is the most beautiful thing ever.

Worked out in the morning, now eating healthy. Right now my body is more confused than Rahul Gandhi during his speeches.

The only drawback with Apple iPhone is: if you can’t buy a new one every year, you are gonna suffer

Do everything in life, except self-medication.

No matter what, there’s always gonna be something missing. So stop expecting and start enjoying.

Some people need to know the difference between spicy and death. 😰

There are 133 crore people in India. 100 crore got married this season.

Is he for real? 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/SzOzH0xox2

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It’s a fact now. If you sleep again after getting up, you are gonna have bad dreams.

Head massage is to 27 what 'Yay party' is to 21.

Lost is one of the most epic (so far) tv series.

If you got 99 problems, remove the dehydration and you wouldn’t care about the remaining 98.

Dear diary, i love chilled beer.

Be with someone who tells you it’s okay to have dinner thrice.

Headache is more permanent than people.

That warm feeling when a cricket match like this is about to start. #IndvAus

Don't be dependent on anyone in life, unless it's good food.

Axwell remix of 'In My Mind' is still an absolute boss creation.

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