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Won’t be with you, won’t let you run away.

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    रात को सोयेंगे तो दिन में क्या करेंगे?

    When you ask a Mumbaikar to not curse Delhi people for 14 seconds.

    No reason, just the will to do it.

    90% bhujiya. 10% poha.

    Rose flavour is probably the shittiest thing you’ll ever have.

    THERE's absolutely nothing you cannot learn from YouTube.

    This Is Us. What a show. 👏🏻❣️😭

    If you have watched so many tv shows/movies that they don’t easily touch your heart, trust me, it’s time to start “This Is Us”, i have watched just one episode and it’s totally adorable.

    Kejriwal to people: Hum Delhi ko London banayenge People to Kejriwal:

    Gautam top tweets

    "If you say all in, you don't get to choose again. All or nothing."

    Things happen, for a reason. Everything. Accept it.

    Can't wait to vote for Rahul Gandhi in 2019.

    I know he has nothing to do with it but this picture reminds me of Arvind Kejriwal.

    Gautam top tweets

    Dark Tech House for the bright soul.

    Are there any air-coolers cool enough to beat the #SummertimeMadness and be gorgeous at the same time? These really need to evolve. Fed up with these clunky metal beasts.

    Shut the fuck up

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