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Me single af, at the multiplex looking at the couple making out on the seats behind mine https://t.co/STvWvqpNWe

Myntra https://t.co/wrU8koWnnR

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How I feel sending ‘baby’ on text to my girl vs When autocorrect changes it to ‘babu’ https://t.co/n4BKKA34yk

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Stop haha reacting to my jokes on Facebook, you are a married woman now.

Virat Kohli aaj Thanos ko bhi maar dega

Virat Kohli to KL Rahul. #INDvWI https://t.co/JPRPdwYcag

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Mukesh and Nita Ambani looking at Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard perform so well. #INDvWI https://t.co/hy9hzZG5Sn

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I think it is high time a gun control law is passed by the government for the fake guns being used by Tik Tok users.

When you’re eating pyaaz ke pakode and accidentally drop the plate on floor. https://t.co/F05Lz6vOuE

Me : my heart has been broken so many times, I want someone who loves me Someone *picks up the broken pieces of my heart* Me : https://t.co/ZvqNInrBja

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Vijay Deverakonda Before and After meeting Ranveer Singh. https://t.co/qkbVTrdT6b

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Guy *official name* : Aditya Ghar ka naam : Adi Girl *official name* : Priyanka Ghar ka naam : Khushboo https://t.co/eElNS8h7tW

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Looking for a catchy name for a kids’ ethnic wear (boys only) label. Any suggestions?

Someone please give her iodex https://t.co/XwRiugCCm3

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When you’re buying a cigarette for yourself and she says, “ek beedi meri bhi” https://t.co/i9E1415heq

Kissing...just as a friend. https://t.co/AIsyCUPQYZ

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Crush *likes my picture on instagram* Me *in my head* https://t.co/u01pPlSbYP

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Boyfriend : I’m home alone today Girlfriend : to mai kya karun ? Boyfriend : https://t.co/K2wriUK1dn

So many years have passed, and Guide is still the best Bollywood music album.

When you go to a relative’s house and their 5 yo kid brings you a glass of water. https://t.co/bRrjwiXyZK

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Woh humari betiyon ko jala rahe hain, hum sirf mombattiyan jala rahe hain.

Me getting too excited about something and life pulling me back to reality https://t.co/RKJC97sLLM

Please don’t call yourself a fashion influencer if you wear clothes from H&M, Shein, or Zara.

You are her banda, I am her kandha, we are not the same.

No one : Absolutely no one : Kids around Diwali : https://t.co/v2MT6SOpcV

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How to decide which people are worth going on a vacation with : - They don’t cancel the plan - They travel light - Know how to handle booze - Don’t use the term ‘vacayy’ for vacation

[Year 2020] Government deciding the price of one kg onions https://t.co/IgDZHivZmL

Couples be like “baby bas subah se aawaz nahi suni thi aapki to call kiya tha” Udhar maa baap ko ek hafte se call nahi kiya hota.

I make memes and send to my flatmate, so that he cleans his room. https://t.co/1vPHi5LzlB

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Me : I’ll work hard and achieve my goals in 2020, and it should start with me waking up early in the morning 1/1/2020 *alarm rings in morning* Me : https://t.co/cUJCVrkj4l

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