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सोचा था दुश्मन ने चिंगारी लगाएँगे देश में मेरे, ऐसी आग लगी है अब दुश्मन जलेगा उसमें

काश दिल की भी नब्ज़ होती, किसी हकीम को दिखा तो लेते, दिमाग़ से तुम्हारी तस्वीर की तरह, अब यह भी धुँधली हो चली है । https://t.co/NJ02IATkjc

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Kudos @Dream11 👏🏻 https://t.co/4hUPhedfwd

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Their ‘duty’ is to protect people like you and me from these terrorists. If they died on duty, they are martyrs. https://t.co/0NaOg0GxI2

Looking at the news reports about the attack, and it is sending shivers down my spine. I don’t know how the family members of the martyrs and their brothers in the Indian Army are dealing with this. My heart goes out to all of them. #Pulwama

I’m really sad for you if you still think this does not deserve retaliation. Indian soldiers ambushed and martyred while serving Indians like you and me, what makes you think this does not need to be revenged? https://t.co/2RaCio9CkP

Wow. Just wow. https://t.co/vECm8dLBU7

Kisi ko urdu aati hai to isko jawaab de do iski bhaasha mai. https://t.co/0KnyUXZvUr

Scenes outside every OYO Rooms hotel today. #ValentinesDay https://t.co/weL0I4Zi0d

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We need a MYOP (Make your own pegs) policy. https://t.co/OmXDASQpZL

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Purani bedsheets se middle class log rajai ke cover banate hain, aur Ameer log pants. https://t.co/nKdtLT9WHY

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Friend : Valentine’s Day ke kya plans? Me : Gully Boy Friend : Girlfriend ke saath movie dekhne ja raha hai? Me : nahin, Gully ke boys ke saath Bajrang Dal join karne

When you have an event and the designers gave you normal clothes to wear. https://t.co/nmCSKh28Ln

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Monday morning feels. https://t.co/wlAv31ybVB

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*At a cosmetics shop* Girlfriend : One Biotique Papaya face scrub, Bio Burberry cleanser, Bio cucumber toner, and Bio Fruit tan removal pack Attendant : anything else? Me : haan ek fruit chaat bana de mujhe bhi iski

Dhoni didn’t even look at the umpire after that stumping. Business as usual.

Team mates : shayad not out hai, line ke andar aagaya tha foot Dhoni : https://t.co/iv0PCVtrRM

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

Shikhar Dhawan has this unique talent of playing a lofted shot and picking the only fielder outside the 30 yards circle.

If Mumbai people while returning to Mumbai from somewhere don’t put up a post that says “Back to the bae”, they’re not allowed to enter Mumbai.

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