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“Hum to doobenge sanam, tumhe bhi saath le ke doobenge” - RCB’s motto now

Anushka going to meet Virat after RCB’s win against KKR. #RCBvKKR https://t.co/UdxQ3FDpcL

*Watching my crush walk in with her boyfriend* Me : https://t.co/KKEUoKY5kW

Me coming back to hug my bed after a week full of work. https://t.co/ffI8uantQW

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Waking up to this view ☀️ https://t.co/mMWBmtssfY

Pakchikpak Raja Babu top tweets

*Audience while going to watch Kalank* : Baaki sab first class hai *Audience after watching Kalank* : sab ka sab third class hai

Dad : Kalank dekhega? Me : Haan dekhenge na Dad : mirror mei dekh le

Bangalore weather is weird. Subah dhoop mein paseene mein bheegte hue office jaao aur shaam ko baarish mei bheegte hue waapas aao.

*Someone has sex in Game of Thrones* Bran Stark : https://t.co/Gv4MTAtbI0

Before Sunset (2004) #NotreDame https://t.co/i1HIt9UGyA

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Sabka baap, Bran Stark. #GameOfThrones https://t.co/DgnyLR6onp

[When R. Ashwin is bowling] Batsman at other end : crease se baahar aa, run bhaag Jose Buttler : https://t.co/EfdUAHGAHS

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Me : arey bhai Game of Thrones dekha kya mast tha Friend : no I haven’t and don’t give spoilers Me : https://t.co/X4tJ2Q7V4O

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Cersei : you want a queen, earn her *2 minutes later* Cersei : https://t.co/2GYD4JjK5w

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In western countries, a guy sleeping with his aunt and her son (dragon in this case) watching is Game of Thrones. In India, it is a Crime Patrol episode.

When you’re just minding your own business waiting to go back home and watch Game Of Thrones and someone gives you spoilers. https://t.co/RIdqDcUY8A

When you go to the neighbourhood cigarette shop and the guy asks, “Tum to sharma ji ke ladke ho na?” https://t.co/H5IbHSkNgB

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The crossover no one asked for. https://t.co/sqiIJcb5fT

Zyada khush mat ho, abhi bhi points table mein last hai RCB. #KXIPvRCB https://t.co/5tsF5G3N2A

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Virat Kohli when a teammate says, “Pehla match Jeet gaye, ab to IPL trophy apni hai Virat bhai” #IPL #RCB https://t.co/KzJ4PYRtL5

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Daaru Nahin Chahiye Juice Ke Saath Chakhna Pelungi - Sufi Kaur

Yeh to KLPD ho gaya 😂 #DCvKKR #IPL https://t.co/GPGKkYClDH

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