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Teacher : i know this lecture is post lunch, but it is an important topic, so try not to fall asleep Backbencher : https://t.co/7pCtZGTyBf

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Sachcha pyaar bhi chahiye, aur ab phir se efforts karne ki himmat bhi nahin hai.

When an East Delhi guy enters a South Delhi mall. https://t.co/ypauRWI5HS

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Jeetne ki kya zarurat thi, yeh bhi chura lete πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/Id736IHtJi

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When was the last time someone told you that they are proud of you?

Me, doing the dishes after a night of house party. https://t.co/3YG6RxFlRq

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Teacher *scolding me in front of entire class* My friends : https://t.co/E3527OnrI7

The HR at my office was fired from her job. Now, she wears HRX clothes.

Every month. https://t.co/MQPylWp6r1

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Jo sabse zyada 4 maarega, woh jeetega. https://t.co/V9RZhaWQBo

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Cleaning your room : 1 hour Washing bedsheet and other upholstery: 45 minutes Spreading fresh bedsheet : 10 minutes Your friend spilling tea on the bed : FUCK-THIS-SHIT-ISSE-ACHHA-TO-SAFAI-KARTA-HI-NAHIN

The movie Super 30 is completely illogical. A nerd like Anand Kumar cannot get such a beautiful girlfriend in real life.

Mom : beta, yahan jhaadu laga de thoda South Delhi girl : https://t.co/ffUlXQrESX

Mai to papa se joote kha bhi leta tha for money. https://t.co/d6nGqrDvCS

Me : which is your favourite song? She : Girls like you Me : bilkul bhi nahin

Shahid Kapoor : oh Mahi mera sharbat warga, mahi tennu ghutt ghutt pi laa People : excuse me, are you liquifying women?

Such a playa https://t.co/Yp0rNAZf8D

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Kangna Ranaut is that friend in the group whose solution to every problem in the world is to pick up a fight.

Bitches failed most mathematics, physics, chemistry exams in school, and now will go and watch Super 30 in theatres. I’m bitches.

Apparently, India lost and I’m heartbroken is not a good enough reason to take a leave from office.

The sad fan in me is refreshing Twitter and News feeds since yesterday hoping that I won’t see the news of MS Dhoni retiring. Hoping the inevitable is delayed for some more time.


No one : Government employees : https://t.co/SKOlu0AjzQ

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Me during Me rest of appraisal the year https://t.co/YYjUBD32hg

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*Rains during a match* Duckworth and Lewis wondering how can they fuck it up for the side with the upper hand. https://t.co/H61EzrFLnh

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Match cancel karo aaj, room mei Old monk rakhi hai, mausam bhi achha hai https://t.co/vQeGilrzkI

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