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Such perfect sync 😂😂 https://t.co/s073vUuw1U

चाँद https://t.co/APf5hgBxJS

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An engineering student never pays his debts. https://t.co/D7b2Kw5dt3

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When he tells you that he is from East Delhi. https://t.co/KWBm9F4dog

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So called Influencers 😂😂 https://t.co/fHAGbPlDt6

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And we thought Game Of Thrones finale was the most disappointing thing today. https://t.co/L2VkCBPkls

Mom : Jaldi se sab ready ho jao, we have to go to a family function Dad : Aye Brother : Aye Me *completely disinterested* : https://t.co/cKq2aD79cU

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Khaleesi sitting on the Iron Throne after finishing everything. https://t.co/besCH29PB2

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Halfway through John Wick : Chapter 3 - Parabellum, and he is still my favourite superhero

Mom : dekh relatives ja rahe hain, aa ke bye bol tameez se Me : https://t.co/1Faw017xHb

Deepika-Ranveer sequence of events. https://t.co/5MRj35cCUJ

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My mind : she’s great and you guys are compatible but don’t fall for her, you remember the last time you got your heart broken? My heart : https://t.co/O6f2MXvl16

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Thinking that sending a pic of your genitals will actually impress the other gender.. https://t.co/iiedICNxae

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A Samsung user to an iPhone user. https://t.co/hmVQym2KXb

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*During sex* GF : I think you climaxed Salman Khan : ishq di chaashni, mitthi mitthi chaashni

She : that was an amazing orgasm, you were great He : https://t.co/WfSaZ3OZdp

When you return to office after a vacation and open your mailbox with so many emails. https://t.co/oWcaoPEdr1

She : how can you guys hit on a girl, and her female best friend simultaneously? He : https://t.co/LU8vRiCbXJ

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When you are put in a group project but you have to do all the work by yourself. https://t.co/c326Pt9HrW

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The people who use the term “Aakash” while talking about the sky are closet psychopaths.

Friend : Leh Ladakh chalte hain Me : Bullet pe jayenge Friend : kyu meri Avenger pe kyun nahin? Me : https://t.co/11woWoLlcO

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We all are looking for permanent people to stay in this temporary life.

Someone summarised Durjoy Dutta’s books. https://t.co/UGKjOubkxp

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Mom : aage ka kya socha hai phir kya karna hai? Me : qabr par mere sar utha ke khadi ho zindagi aise marna hai mujhe Mom *sends flying chappal* : tujhe to mai maarti hu rukk

Everyone has a person in their life who ruined the song “Mera pehla pehla pyaar” from the movie MP3 for them.

Ab waise followers nahi aa rahe to naya card. Kitna trauma oh my god. https://t.co/r6e3WNBLYH

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Yeh Stark family ke paas bhi shayad Mukesh Ambani ka number hai. Game of Thrones bhi fixed hi lag raha hai.

Bann ja tu meri Rani, tujh pe memes bana dunga.

Friend : how was the latest Game of Thrones episode ? Me : just like my life Friend : oh that bad

Me *makes jokes on CSK* People : yeh MI ki taraf se hai Me *makes jokes on MI* People : yeh CSK ki taraf se hai Meanwhile me : mai to memes ki taraf se hun

Nita Ambani walking in the dug out waiting for money to get credited in bank accounts. https://t.co/0X7fTDwfvA

Being an old school romantic in this world means I’m going to not find anyone for the rest of my life. https://t.co/YPNC1FxRGf

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