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Congratulations to everyone who cleared their CA exams. It's okay in case you failed. I failed 8 times and it's not the worst thing. https://t.co/l2zSjPOKIv

Cannot believe it has already been 10 minutes since I bought the OnePlus 5T and they haven't already announced the launch date for OnePlus 6.

David De Gea's story is what sport is all about. Struggled with the physical aspect of the game when he was new to the league but he's put in the hours, worked on his diet, technique and gone on to become an absolute beast. Dare I say, the best in the world.

One can tell how awful weather in Mumbai is at other times, that it takes a cyclone to make it pleasant. #MumbaiRains

Sri Lanka is a clean and beautiful country, they don't have to deal with pollution levels of the kind in Delhi. Sri Lankan players aren't used to playing in conditions that are threatening to health. No one should have to. It's no matter of pride that Indian players can carry on.

I wrote about work from home; corporate life's homework. https://t.co/sIPKIe1bQK

In the first half, United didn't play football. They just kept chasing the ball. When they won it, they just hoofed it up the pitch. You don't win Championships by getting bullied at home. United got bullied at home, by a team miles ahead in terms of quality.

I wrote about the menace, that is Office Secret Santa. https://t.co/GS9g4Ph5u2

As a vegetarian and an introvert, I am not scared of meat. I'm scared of meet.

Never has a football team who has spent so much money, played such an awful brand of football. People stay shut when you're winning but the problem for Jose Mourinho is, he's not even winning any longer.

Me: Bandhs are a stupid idea, we must defy this attempt by a few thugs to hold the country hostage and cause economic losses that hurt the poorest people in our community the most. Inner Me: Bandhs also mean holiday at work.

Irony of the Western Express Highway is that it is "Bandh" on regular working days because of traffic and it flows smoothly on the day of a Bandh!

What disappoints me about the Yusuf Pathan doping scandal is the fact that those awful performances were in spite of taking drugs and banned substances.

Dave Chappelle, raw and genius in what would be his last Netflix special. In a politically correct world where everyone wants to be a censor, he is a breath of fresh air. The crowds have changed, he says, in the simple and brutal way that only he can. https://t.co/rIzj8xdaaz

I wrote about the Gujarati obsession with #MakarSankranti and how kites bring back the childhood of people in my father's generation. :) https://t.co/A8NCGn2TiH

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