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I don't care if you're a Hindu or a Muslim, I just want you to remember that I'm an introvert and I don't want you to talk to me.

Don't you love it when your tax money that was used to construct a road is wasted by purposely damaging it to protest other roads that are already damaged, and all of this is done by people you never elected but claim to speak and act on your behalf? https://t.co/oZkZjEVCyP

Luka Modric doesn't grab eyeballs, he doesn't have any headline sponsors, he doesn't have a flashy celebration. He takes the pitch and does the job. A war survivor, a "shy kid who was too timid" to play football, he is now on the biggest stage. I want him to lift the World Cup! https://t.co/jLNKUZcJUJ

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