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You know you've arrived in Kutch when restaurants serve chaas instead of water.

Love the Osho glorification in Wild Wild Country. Osho hated god-worship but followers would stand in 5km lines just to greet him. He wanted a classless society but happened to have 96 Rolls Royces while he got firangs to clean toilets in Pune & donate all their money to him.

  • Raj Thackeray has advised parents all over the country to not let their kids appear for re-exams, so they can all grow up to be uneducated assholes who destroy toll booths and public property for a living. #CBSEPaperLeak

    I failed CA so many times that every exam became a re-exam.

    I will never forget this day from 2011, when MS Dhoni hit that massive six, Yuvraj came running towards him, India had won the World Cup and my dad looked at me and said "Match fixed tha".

    Some people will say the justice system in India doesn't work but I think it is impressive that Salman Khan might spend 1 night in jail after getting a 5 year jail sentence which we took 20 years to decide on.

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