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Let's elect more pro-choice women. @RunforSomething @EmergeAmerica @emilyslist https://t.co/O5rfTC4rf5

Love this tribute to community colleges and their talented students! https://t.co/8ooPiIuTBQ

Today at noon: Speak out and fight back to protest the wave of recent abortion bans. Find an event near you: https://t.co/pE5pfz5tiA #StopTheBans

The boy is the second child to have died in CBP custody in the past week. https://t.co/uLJVezJ1SE

In the face of extreme abortion bans sweeping the country, we all have to stand up for women's rights. At noon tomorrow, join @PPAct, @NARAL, @OnwardTogether partner @IndivisibleTeam, and other groups to #StopTheBans. Find an event near you: https://t.co/pE5pfz5tiA

This is grotesque. https://t.co/CvFf9rPO2H

As I said in my keynote celebrating the essential work of @heartlandhelps: We have to affirm that torture, physical and psychological, is wrong and will not be tolerated—whether it happens in a prison in Syria or in a cage on our southern border. https://t.co/s8MVpdzgwf

More than 200 major corporations, 500 statewide and local organizations, a bipartisan consensus in Congress, and 70% of Americans support legislation protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination. I am proud to stand with them and the other @HRC to support the #EqualityAct.

In 2019, every day is Endangered Species Day. We have to act now to prevent the loss of 1 million species over the next few decades—losses that would have a profound effect on human beings. https://t.co/lSxGmUVOXL

Watching the mayor’s race in Denver and pulling for @MayorHancock—he’s a proven progressive leader who will work hard for Colorado.

Grateful to Planned Parenthood for continuing to provide essential services in Alabama and elsewhere while helping to fight the state legislative bans on women’s human and constitutional rights. https://t.co/oMgHvgaP0d

Happy two-year anniversary to our @OnwardTogether partners. In two years, we’ve brought on 13 incredible groups as official partners and supported many more through grants.

As I told @Columbia students last night: For all the progress we've made on civil rights and women's rights, there are people working to turn back the clock—and now many of them have lifetime appointments on the federal bench. Get involved in the public sphere. Push for change. https://t.co/ldHJeAHEkz

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Happy Mother's Day! https://t.co/X1OAEKkObQ

Hillary Clinton top tweets

As this remarkable piece of journalism reminds us, the ordeal for survivors of torture doesn’t end after they are freed. I’m honored to be giving the keynote at a celebration tomorrow of @heartlandhelps’ transformative work to help survivors heal. https://t.co/0pgVIwlPH9

I'm on @Columbia's beautiful campus tonight for a conversation with President Lee Bollinger. You can watch live here: https://t.co/wGer17JXtK

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