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I don’t wanna be a #phoneHOE or a #PHONEslut https://t.co/IhHjjus73T

Thank you I had fun https://t.co/cglTeifWHq

what we actually practice now is the ultimate SHADE. Ai is a trillion dollar investment education is a few billion... people aren’t being prepared & have no jobs while there are thousands of unfilled tech jobs & the jobs they have will be taken away via robots...”that’s SHADE” https://t.co/nXTLYLV7pu

I never said anything of “financial rewards” I said celebrating kids who work hard to go down a STEM path. & by “celebrating” their discipline we will inspire more kids to dream down a STEM path & we will have a army of kids dreaming & creating tomorrow jobs via (TECH/EDU OSCARS) https://t.co/YYNcxaMnsP

It should a human right to have a government invest in humanity and education as much as they do to make machines more human... https://t.co/G7EUzUOBPE

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