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Me and my new group aren't making music... We are making things... And @Flexintl is the best company in the world to make things with... https://t.co/MiOIKTGHpE

Our first time on TV performing a new song in Years...stand with us Tonight 11:35pm/10:35c. @colbertlateshow performing #StreetLivin #BEPStreetLivin. #LSSC #mastersofthesun @bep @mastersofthesun https://t.co/AdRXWNjtpc

I had a flight and we were late... Sorry... I didn't mean to be rude... I hope you understand but We couldn't miss our flight... https://t.co/SbV2DAR9qp

https://t.co/CQ4Apfag9A Last Chance...You ready??? Come hang with me in LA at my creative compound, aka The Future

Hey UK help me win!!! I'm nominated for best #TVjudge on the #thevoiceUK + #thevoiceKiDSuk Help me win!!! https://t.co/o0Bi0jKRaU

I acknowledge & appreciate the power of @KLemkau...she not only smart & powerful...she's smarter than most men... #ThatsWOMENpower https://t.co/99e7joVLye

My mom birthed me...THAT's REAL POWER...men don't own power to empower women"...as men, we are supposed to acknowledge the power that women have...the fact that we don't openly acknowledge the power of the women is the problem... https://t.co/QywpbsC2kH

Thanks for the love... https://t.co/20gUIeL85J

Excited to return to SA as a speaker at @BCXDisrupt, where we'll celebrate innovative thinking. https://t.co/uxd5vjHj9o #BCXDisrupt https://t.co/oxVV4EG29n

This can't be reality... It feels like one of those dreams when you know your dreaming and trying to force yourself to wake up... Bad movie very BAD SAD C level movie...with bad actors...and we not only watching it...we extras in it, and paying for it... https://t.co/UdDoXnEgyk

Being the president is not the beauty pageant for businessmen... I think @POTUS thinks being the P.O.T.U.S is a accomplishment & not a responsibility...I think he cares more about his status than the American people... https://t.co/MMjO0YdxvS

Thank you to @TheIET...all my #STEM students at @iamangelfdn are on their way and will help solve tomorrow problems...being acknowledge for the #stem work I do will help us help more kids with #stemSKILLsets https://t.co/5mCxpLW8oI

Thanks for the interview...Matt and I had a blast chatting... https://t.co/QXlv37b5Wb

Monopoly. (one who controls many) exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market... SoloMulti. (One who inspires many) A single idea that multiplies and creates a multiple of industries and births entrepreneurs...

When I was little willie in the ghetto & taking a 2hr bus ride to Brentwood Science Mangnet school, I never would have thought this was possible...but look what a early #stem education does...thank you mama, thank you @TheIET & thank you #BrentwoodScienceMagnetSchool https://t.co/yi5R4Oit7e

https://t.co/YDcl4Xljlc Don't forget to pick up @bep #AugmentedReality #mastersOftheSun App to go with the masters of the Sun graphic novel Hiphop History

Boom!!! Take it to the next level... Black Eyed Peas’ graphic novel, ‘Masters of the Sun,’ gets the AR treatment https://t.co/FWjd5GyPtx # via @techcrunch

To Work with legends only make your project legendary...our #MastersOfTheSUN graphic novel with @Marvel is out and the AR app to bring it to life is avaible on IOS and [email protected] are #pushingTHEfuture https://t.co/4Dptom662r

It's been along time since we've brainstormed...it will be awesome to have a session about all things https://t.co/wncIIfozGm soon... #MastersOfTheSun https://t.co/OsE7gozOJf

This is why I love the UK... https://t.co/G0aI38OXHl

Thank you... i enjoyed the interview and I really enjoyed https://t.co/kfhBTarJZo... i am praying for the entire continent... #africaLOVE https://t.co/VtaKHDEbKj

I agree with [email protected] get out the vote for Greg & the worlds unconnected populations!!!It’s close but we can win!!! https://t.co/rtQGUnNZJq https://t.co/y9WMnxvbxE

Yes...5years in the making https://t.co/Uc4pK0k3zP

What is that in the Los Angeles sky? https://t.co/15fmC4FgLU

What is this in the sky? https://t.co/pjcp2MlH4v

Download the app from the Apple Ap store and google play... Masters of the Sun AR Ap...the book will come to life https://t.co/BLAdDoVn54

It's a new era... And #amuse is the way forward for new artist to make a career for themselves...power to the people!!! https://t.co/kpa2a0QEkX

Thanks for the love https://t.co/FTeC8BA4MJ

[email protected] you can save the world by not allowing threats that will end up killing millions of people's lives... This is scary & ridiculous... Publishing global death threats on twitter isn't "freedom of speech" You can help ease the worlds anxiety by placing new twitter rules. https://t.co/3MmCYm5zyQ

Thank you for showing me love Happy New Year https://t.co/lLgOfwEqkI

❌🍽🐔🐣🐟🦀🐓🦃🦆🐮🐷🦑🦐 #Vgang

The winner https://t.co/FCzcOzbsaU

Thanks guys... I appreciate the support... A plant based diet has truly changed my life...I'm on a mission and I needed the #VGANG to help me fight for a healthier society starting with disciplining myself... ❌🍽🐮🐷🦑🦐🐟🐣🐔🐓🦀🐄🥛🥚🍳🍗🍖🍤 https://t.co/SNTME5MHZZ

I was watching a whale recently and I noticed that animals shouldn't be eaten...especially when there are plenty of plants (if you do the research) that will give you all that you need... Last time I checked...gorillas are strong as F*€£ and only eat leaves...#VGANG https://t.co/CpXSlXxfOA

We are questers for life https://t.co/nO0VJPjZAO

Every ghetto is systematically zoned to have fast food restaurants next to liqueur stores & check cashing places...motels next to strip clubs down & the street from low funded schools, while the jails & prisons are heavily funded... @bep #StreetLivin https://t.co/ULAQOCwpkB https://t.co/OzUyWX2K8j

You can hang with me at The Future: my exclusive think tank, recording studio and creative hub. Support the i.am Angel Foundation and go to https://t.co/e0lOEprLU5 to enter. https://t.co/GcoEFeprgh

& The truth shall set you free https://t.co/3Q0UEXvmwP

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