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So more rules and regulations for the salaried class. Great. 4 years gone and yet to see a political honcho in jail over ill-gotten wealth. But lets give the babu more and more power over the ordinary citizen. https://t.co/q16z82r0Ej

Opinion and decision makers across the planet will read this. What has the @narendramodi Govt done to prepare for this? Zilch. https://t.co/BUxCpcSVcr

  • It is highly probable that Akhand Bharat supporters will move from being Israel fanboys to becoming China fanboys in the next 10 years.

    Absolutely irrelevant. A hundred international publications have already covered the story. None of them will report this development. Mission accomplished https://t.co/ujcS5Ystrc

    So? Has the @narendramodi Govt pursued those whose malicious reporting ensured this was the top news from India in the global media for a month? No, they did zilch. I don't blame the media. I hold this impotent Govt responsible. https://t.co/MW7VJWmvxA

    Since 2014, what are the main changes made with regards to Indian customs regulations & laws which has helped with ease of business & movement?

    You will be surprised to see the extent of events being planned to hijack the PM's agenda during his London visit

    The biggest threat to Netflix is Donald Trump & the inbelievable plot-lines he brings to the world The latest episode of the Stormy saga was better than the Red Wedding.

    What is the point of attacking Bollywood with so many tweets when you won't do that one thing which can cure them in an instant?

    Hindus stand no chance against propaganda of this sophistication. This is a battle between unequals.

    I hope this becomes the most read article on Swarajya this year https://t.co/929gggq7gl

    No one except Assad turned up to work today in Damascus https://t.co/c2ArIgF2qR

    How can you win medals and glorify a disgusting country like India in the first place. https://t.co/T7m2tNFPFk

    Best news of the day. https://t.co/zmYDbjdUJY

    It seems elaborate measuers were taken to ensure the strikes seem massive while preventing genuine escalation of hostilities on the ground.

    If Rahul announces a few months later that he will not be the PM if UPA wins the next election and instead it will be a senior Cong leader (Azad, Gehlot or Antony for example), would this improve the party's chances?

    When the movie eventually happens, wonder who will play Trump, Mueller, Comey & Hillary Perhaps John Goodman De Niro Tom Hanks. Tilda Swinton

    Still hoping he won't spark off a war https://t.co/DlPLzhzwfy

    My FB TL which is usually apolitical is filled with demands of the PM to speak. I will ignore this because this is not a scientific way to understand public mood. Right?

    India's social stability has only increased with every decade. All this lamenting about 'Oh, why has my country become like this. Please bring back the good old days' are from people who's knowledge of history extends to the last 7 days.

    If Konkona had only tweeted her performance last night she would have been included in the #NationalAwards2018 list today. Timing matters!

    The mental image of him getting stabbed in the back while he was stabbing others in the back is pretty funny. https://t.co/fQ2a6HqoQt

    “I did this because it was my duty to do this.” Looking at tough scenarios through the 'duty' prism is perhaps the most efficient decision-making model https://t.co/CvaIozAp4R

    Plagiarism gets recognized officially. When we said copy Chinese strategies this is not what we meant https://t.co/WBybpMxApX

    If it had been an UPA Govt in charge would I have reacted differently to this event..... Is this a reasonable mental exercise for an individual when processing any major event in the country?

    He won't attack. The Lets-Attack-Syria is a PR campaign and no one fights PR better than this man here. https://t.co/eYYZCU7HCt

    The protests in TN against Modi will reduce BJP's prospects from 0 seats in TN down to almost 0 zero seats.

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