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If Kamal Nath is the MP CM, does it mean he gets to keep 10% of the state after his tenure is over? #GenuineKoschan

Slow news day......

I take full moral responsibility for the results today and am ready to step down from any post you appoint me to

Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha ba Time to scorch the earth and the heavens https://t.co/OwvQQ6pIO7

India is Ambani and Ambani is India

Which is the biggest competitor for Netflix?

Privately conducted opinion polls by me clearly show that a huge majority are expecting the results to be know on Tuesday

Even if BJP loses MP, the only real impact may be that it would reduce SSC's chances of suceeding Modi in the future. Cong pappus like Scindia and Pilot are so incompetent that it is virtually assured that they will not survive more than 1 term

The last few months has really helped me get a clearer understanding of the eventual impact of @narendramodi 's policies on the ground. This has helped me become almost unconcerned about what will happen in 2019

Have a great weekend folks! https://t.co/xqLkEuiavn

Best news for Netflix https://t.co/2QT97HtKFT

For a few seconds, he made America great again. https://t.co/B95t9W4elw

Duniya jaanti hai.....its always @bhak_sala who will get screwed in the end. https://t.co/yLxjTV5BKx

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