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All the resources of the nation are now fully dedicated to apprehend those trolling Barkha Dutt, the real victim of the Pulwama attack. India has once again given a befitting reply to terror.

Shehla Rashid is extraordinarily talented. The effortless ease with which she switches between propagating divisive lies and playing the victim is just breathtaking. She will always be 5 steps ahead of her naive and simpleminded opponents.

We are on the cusp of an unprecedented opportunity to alter the status quo on multiple ills plaguing the country for decades The national mood is in complete sync and ready for the changes An anxious wait for the political will is currently in progress.

Before India could respond in any manner to the Pulwama attack, Pakistan has already made a devastating preemptive strike. Its most elite commando unit- the Lutyens media had successfully circulated fake news about Kashmiris being attacked.

If Pakistan wants to divide India among people those who celebrate the death of soldiers and those who weep when soldiers die, I say let us help Pak succeed.

Who was pelting stones on the soldiers as they lay dying on the road? https://t.co/yTSSgXGRjH

Today Kashmiris are pelting stones on our soldiers as they lay dying We are being told to treat them like Gods or else we will 'isolate' the Kashmiris further How about we do everything possible to isolate them for a change?

When we don’t react disproportionately to events like Pulwama or 26/11, the message we are sending out to the world is very simple – we will accept any form of proxy war, no matter how long or what the cost – just to avoid a full-scale war.

Pakistan's logic is robust. It is well prepared for a surgical strike like response. Modi is trapped between election year expectations and a highly risky military gambit

I think we vastly underestimate how the people of India would welcome a comprehensive military response to the decades long Pak policy of killing our people. And we greatly overestimate how far China may go to help Pakistan. This is a lack of self confidence issue.

Lakhswadeep https://t.co/0NOIjLgvXq

Gifts like non-interventionist American presidents are very rare in the modern era India should not miss this opportunity

May be we start with the stone pelters first and then graduate to teaching Pakistan and China a lesson?

How many hours before Rahul Gandhi's minions start claiming that this attack was an 'Indian conspiracy'?

If the security forces bust terror modules, they are mocked SC debates how to protect stone pelters Country’s elite want ‘peace’ as the dead bodies pile up We haven’t lost yet because we have an infinite supply of soldiers ready to die

Rawalpindi, frustrated at the inability of its agents in India to disrupt Modi's campaign, has decided to take matter into its own hands Hence, Pulwama.

Need volunteers for editing Mulayam Singh Yadav's Wiki page

The PM has never wasted a half-volley outside the off-stump. https://t.co/GLxOWnXtct

I know Modi winning in 2019 is good for the country and all that. But the top reason I want him to win is because I have thought of a great tweet for the victory day

The biggest threat to BJP's success in the 2019 polls is this - I am beginning to feel optimistic about victory now. 😰😰😰

This is perhaps one of the most heartbreaking tweets I have ever read The matter of factness in light of such a huge personal tragedy is difficult to fathom Leaves you numb https://t.co/4ksM1MRorY

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