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Thursday is the day many of us were waiting since May 17th 2014

If people like Kejri want to slowly dismantle Indian democracy by destroying EC’s credibility, I have no problems Why should one lose sleep when time and again Kejri is allowed to escape consequences with a silly apology? #SabMileHueHain

So true. Getting difficult by the day https://t.co/yh3swo3MVB

Vivek Oberoi's joke was funny. I hope the matter is now considered settled.

Can DMK end up joining the NDA?

Thought experiment: BJP gets 300 on its own and yet invites regional parties like BJD,TRS,DMK and JDS to form a coalition. As a grand gesture and to isolate Congress?

Can't point out Begusarai on the map. Even Bhopal will be iffy for him. https://t.co/jr286YW2Rf

The beauty of this tweet is that you cannot really parody it. https://t.co/ZCxu8Jwy9N

Khan Market experts told us that Demonitisation destroyed rural India As a result there was no one left in the villages to vote against Modi So he is winning again. The experts were right.

Last 5 years have been a gold mine for each & every mediocre Lutyenista to make a buck & get attention. Even characters like Baingan and Duckface made it big Imagine how terrible Poopa Ben has to be to fail to make it in such a conducive climate

Who is this 'lady' and does she cry herself to sleep every night or just some nights? https://t.co/uRS10qMKEt

Is @ncbn expensing all his useless flights to the party account or bearing it himself? Questions only this handle dares to ask

The only one to have thought similarly! https://t.co/oX4pAGpxz4

AK Anthony has allegedly been seen planning a holiday as this time all he needs to do is submit the same report in a new cover

On reflecting deeply I have decided to fully support characters like @dhume Matter of pride how desis like him are milking salaries from the western media by peddling complete horseshit everyday.

This is the typical Chidu commitment. Knowing he is headed to Tihar soon he has now learnt Hindi. Hats off to such a diligent politician. https://t.co/St4VVsUBCu

Do you want to make shit loads of money in the next five years? Here is an idea for free. Launch a media portal with a one line pitch - We will do what Wire and Scroll couldn’t

People should be kind to @FarOutAkhtar and not tell him who won the IPL this year

Faith is a photo op only when you wear the skull cap. The Bible is very clear on this https://t.co/NnD0pcc2Hw

Does he usually attend to his top priorities seven days after the deadline? Someone should inform his accountant in that case. And also the IT department https://t.co/wZWVqCxYM4

I will bite the bait. What is a trad?

2024 opinion polls....when are they out?

I was recently asked when did I become 'RW'? I realised it began with the 2007 Mumbai blasts and permanently confirmed by 26/11 When was it for you folks?

It is really interesting how wide ranging the answers have been to this question https://t.co/5wbX2xi5JH

The gentleman's tweets are getting shorter by the day. After May 23rd, it will just be reduced to - 😥 https://t.co/vA4WrKyWmi

Congress and it's Lutyens brigade are methodically putting in motion an elaborate and sophisticated effort to discredit the election results. The only silver lining is everyone knew they would always do this. So hopefully the government is prepared.

In a city where allegedly it is rude if you don't have beer for breakfast. https://t.co/3lhjaSyAWS

Honest confession. Didn’t get the point of the press conference today

It seems circumstances are lining up to prevent me from even coming online on May 23 Cong dirty tricks department in action?

Gentle reminder. This man was hoping to become a consensus PM for a grand anti Modi coalition. Sadly failed to get a ticket. https://t.co/e0P0b7XAma

Is RW infighting on SM the biggest exit poll yet that we are on our way to another 5 year Modi term? Watch my show tonight where I discuss this with experts @GappistanRadio and @YearOfRat

The Vidyasagar statue desecration scam is the first sophisticated political trick from Mamata and the TMC. Is the good old strategy of hanging opponents from the tree giving them diminishing returns?

Will a Bengali hang a fellow Bengali for being a BJP member? https://t.co/wLCwfoqcVi

10-15 years from now this Godse debate will look very funny But I guess that is applicable to almost every topic.

As I am very busy on the 23rd, have submitted a petition to the Election Commission to move the date of counting to 25th May.

If #PragyaSinghThakur and Sakshi Maharaj issue a statement at the same moment, will the media's universe collapse immediately? IISC should ask its physics department to study this.

Saheb has already started his attempts to get a LS ticket for 2024. https://t.co/dWjNaOetmP

Who has the video? And is it Gas Cylinder Garga? https://t.co/0GC91gRnCt

Unearthly Work Ethic https://t.co/Ewqm9nSXL6

No one in the left-liberal side are discussing how to win back supporters from Modi. They are busy calling the people names, mocking them as illiterate and patting each other on the back. This is great news and makes me very optimistic about the future

The only thing which worries me is whether all this is just election-posturing or will the pressure continue after May 23rd. Let us not forget how the Modi Govt left the Sarada scam in cold storage for almost 5 years. https://t.co/KLy5j5HkO4

Important part of propagating propaganda is never start believing it yourself For decades a very public veneration of people like #Vidyasagar, Tagore etc was necessary to present a picture of an intellectual state. To hide the daily violence and carnage

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta who was the editor of Economic and Political Weekly doesn't know the meaning of write-offs And he is allegedly one of the 'literate and knowledgeable' ones

Thanks to Mamata, the huge news about Rahul admitting on camera that he doesn't know any details about the Rafale deal has sunk without a trace.

I am ready to share my final prediction. Here it comes.

BJP - 300 +/- 10 https://t.co/BgDLomJebi

Has anyone brought up how The Telegraph - the greatest newspaper since the Bible, has reported on Mamata.... The alleged truth-to-power speaker is in reality an accessory to every political murder in the state. Without their complicit silence, Mamata would never get so far

So SC has asked for an apology https://t.co/pUxUYKi3TI

Why is the media so terrified of even Mamata? Calling it censoring is hugely underplaying what is happening here. This is pure fascism in play where people are being jailed on a whim. Why paint it so gently and call it just censorship? https://t.co/pxVAKcWMYK

This is very unfair to @narendramodi as he may potentially win 7-9 times more seats than Rahul Gandhi https://t.co/ByA0VCT6Qp

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