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Maybe Imran secretly hopes that within ten years there will be a football stadium in Tripoli or Benghazi named after him.

Will Pakyong have flights only from Kolkata and Guwahati?

A terrifying account of events which shows yet again that India is the world's most well-disguised banana republic. https://t.co/YEYfVMrtMY

Cdr #AbhilashTomy is stranded at arguably the most isolated point on the planet. This is going to be a very tough week.

One of my favourite Trinamool account is of this hilarious guy who tweets 50 times daily protesting a completely fictitious 'impostion of Hindi on the valiant Bengalis' Not a peep on students shot to death by his party's police for protesting impostion of Urdu

The confidence which the Congress demonstrates in its attempt to pin the BJP on a fake defence scam while having been involved in a thousand real defence scams of its own tells us so much about both the Cong as well as the BJP

Imran has the deadly huge ego-low intelligence combination which is always a key ingrediant to starting a war https://t.co/otYfuqTbV5

Bagdogra is going to lose a bit of its lustre....

Keeping in mind the duration of his rule & his 'achievements' during this period, Naveen Patnaik is easily the worst CM in the whole country If India & Odisha had any semblence of a proper media, he would never have got away with it.

All this is fine....when is the next match with Pakistan? https://t.co/QqwEURqG20

Submitted a draft national security plan to Ajit Doval. Whole thing is focussed on tricking Urban Naxals into taking a helicopter ride with Jay Panda. The hammer of justice will then fall fast and swift. With no recourse.

So how was the match today? https://t.co/6HzWxiG4t1

Everything in the Supreme Court comes at a later stage including justice. https://t.co/rRWIWA5uIy

Indian judiciary needs it Radia moment as soon as possible. It is time the judges are seen by the public for what they really are.

Which community in India have the best banter? My vote will be either for the Haryanvis or Biharis.

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