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Word of the year - Kinder-Guardians

The French team didn't become so diverse through immigration. It is a direct result of colonialism. Be careful of what you celebrate.

These realities need to be communicated as widely as possible. https://t.co/FFFuWQGqMh

🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/VVh3vYWshg

Everyone who visited Russia for the world cup has been surprised & very impressed by the arrangements Huge soft power victory for the country.

Don't Indian citizens deserve to know whether our elected officials are in a healthy enough state to govern effectively? Especially relevant for a certain CM in East India who has escaped scrutiny for close to two decades.

BJP supporters know that no matter how much the PM tries to address triple talaq or nikah halala, the Muslim community will not vote for him. However the interesting question is whether the Muslim leaders are still 100 percent confident that Muslim women won't vote for the PM.

Coolest moment of the day: Watching Marine One take a sharp turn over my head while drinking prosecco with friends Donald has a cool job 😉

The degrees of seperation between me & the Pak PM has been reduced to one, thanks to the elections happening Guess it is time to lead Track 3?

So typical of Trump to take a dump on the most important day in the year for me.

I https://t.co/voEmu5kTFr

I https://t.co/3RBDQONT5z

India is having the LGBT debate 10 years too early. The supreme court will strike down #Sec377 but that won't make much of a difference to the daily experiences of the LGBT folks.

One of Trump's biggest strengths is confidently bringing up very uncomfortable topics which no one wants to discuss. Unfortunately his lack of eloquence becomes the story instead. https://t.co/MeetwxSUYQ

True for every Asian country https://t.co/EAXO3vCqi2

The Amit Trivedi - Badra Bahaar - Coke Studio video has been removed from Youtube Who is responsible for this nonsense?

Cardi B is the female Tracy Morgan

#FRABEL should have been the WC final game Sublime quality

RT if you agree that this handle should be declared as 'Handle of Eminence' with immediate effect.

Wise is one who knows when to pay attention to Subramnaiam Swamy's words & when not to.

The things which @narendramodi has been able to get away with is breath-taking https://t.co/nNFvDbcKcv

God's work being done here. The upliftment of an area long ignored https://t.co/MqwHUcwo24

This will be a fun week. Trump arrives at London this Friday. And that seems like a lifetime away https://t.co/tJvUTZHZ6T

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