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This path-breaking article from the past decade on the Middle East is still true today

Bad law and order loses you votes. But do good law and order get you votes? Any example where voters voted a Govt back in only because it did a good job of maintaining peace?

You don't need one because you aren't one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Extraordanarily idiotic & dangerous

Did I miss getting angry at something trivial?

Trump's ability to come up with such gems almost on a daily basis is nothing short of a divine gift

What are the best SIM options for a short-trip to the US? I have a Redmi phone....any pre-paid SIM will work?

Who asked this question? Very important to know this.

The most important business story of the month

Ms Swaraj will have been the MEA for 4 yrs in a few months. The fact that she needs to still personally intervene in emergency cases instead of the MEA officers should be a matter of shame & not pride.

O&G people are always the most fun to be around.

Not sure this was a great idea.

Who were the journalists who stayed quiet after Jignesh Mawali targetted Republic?

Why did the 4 judges lie?

Are you f***ing kidding me.....

Most Trump 'mis-steps' makes him more strong domestically but weaker internationally. Great for him but pretty bad for America.

It will be a pity if the 4 judges do not pay a price for embarassing the Supreme Court. Will only lead to more such incidents.

It is not a problem. The whole of India thanks you for giving the game away. It is very easy to decide what is right & what is wrong once one sees on which side your ilk stand.

Didn't know that Kailash Vidyarthi is so close to Congress

The Left can deceive the public better than the Right. Mainly because many in the Left do not even realize they are engaging in deception. And that brings authenticty.

70 kms.

After a million tweets on exposing fraud experts for what they really are, this happens πŸ˜‚πŸ™

I have answered this question before but will do it again. Less gaudy toilets.

The most interesting thing which happened today was the FM's reaction to the idiotic TOI article. It provides a very good insight into the mind of top BJP leaders.

Being the Chairman seems to be a hoot.

Ok. Something interesting seems to be happening.....

Please reply to this tweet and I will Fav it.

Will sum up tonight's Twitter with this gif

Because of this nonsense, Trump will remain the President for 50 yrs.

Important thread.

Can we have more of this please? On a different note, Cong is tunring more AAP than AAP itself Crass, uncouth, uncivilized.

Congress beats every one in uber-confident deception RG will proudly keep taking a moral highground every week while his minions will engage in disgusting behaviour every day

It is time to publicly ask who are these 4 judges playing for? Why do they need specific cases alloted only to them?

Incredible if true.

North Indian hegemony is crossing all limits of acceptability.

Who funded the unprecedented Free Balochistan publicity initiatives in London & NYC recently?

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