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"Your place or mine?" *Trivago man appears* "Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?"

Aadhaarwale babu, mere biometrics lauta do.

Humne ghar chhoda hai, rasmo ko toda hai Duur kahin jayenge, mandir wahin banaenge

*Ram agrees to go to vanvaas* *Trivago man appears: Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?*

*Buys Aadhaar database for Rs 500* *Sends Happy New Year messages to everyone*

Have you ever wondered that if someone uses your so easily available Aadhaar details to impersonate you, all your ‘New Year, New Me’ tweets will actually come true?

Only 90s kids remember growing up without the fear of their biometrics being stolen.

Guj HC Rejects The Wire’s Plea Against Jay Shah’s Defamation Suit, Calls Article 'Defamatory' https://t.co/ApfHyq3vQY

"DJwale babu, mera gaana chala do." "Not until you link your Aadhaar."

India witnessed its most high-profile tweet-up ever.

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