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On Gudi Padwa, Maharashtra government to ban plastic carry bags, straws, cutlery - Mumbai Mirror - https://t.co/T45ijABcA3

Why does Heena Iqbal give us such a long introduction only to tell us she’s a Facebook user?

  • “Mera pehla pyaar adhura reh gaya, Rifat Bi.” *Tinder ad pops up on Anjali’s phone*

    Why vultures end up dying of lead poisoning. https://t.co/DI55poEkkP

    As against an OPPO doctor? https://t.co/zp3CaoaAYr

    Avinash Iyer top tweets

    Who were Draupadi’s husbands? #FivePeopleFromIndia

    [Anil Kapoor, now] Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga Jaise khilta gulaab Jaise unlinked Aadhaar Jaise ujli kiran Jaise ban mein hiran

    I think they should release a 'farmer song'. That's likely to solve this crisis.

    If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, please compare their new tweets with old ones.

    Hot singles in your area might just be urban naxals.

    Farmers Protest: Nearly 35,000 Farmers Cross Thane, Enter Mumbai https://t.co/u9qAso8TfA

    Support us in our protests instead of complaining about inconveniences tomorrow, farmers appeal to Mumbaikars https://t.co/gl2Gonuz4N

    Koi kahe, kehta rahe, kitna bhi humko deewana We still won’t link our Aadhaar

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