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“🎵Jaane kyun log pyaar karte hain? 🎵” “I don’t believe in giving out spoilers.”

Some of you don’t want to get off at Dadar and it shows.

‘I hate spoilers’ is a great way to avoid all kinds of human interaction.

If you tell the panipuriwala ‘medium’ and he manages to get it just about right, it’s a sign.

No one: Interviewer: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Mehndi laga ke rakhna, doli saja ke rakhna Lene tujhe o gori, Uber mein aayenge Sajna

Baarish kam kam lagti hai Nadiyaan maddham lagti hai Climate change will kill us all one day

On May 23, we will know the answer to 'Kya bolti public?'.

No one: Tech bloggers: This phone’s battery will last you a lifetime and its camera will capture your soul.

“Bas Babaji, ab iss election mein aur koi excitement mat dena. Boring bana do ab iss election ko.”

Election Commission https://t.co/xrr4gXMDON

After Lunchbox and Photograph, it’s only logical that Ritesh Batra’s next film be called Instagram.

🎵 Baadalon mein chup raha hai plane kyun 🎵

Middle class desi culture is buying something for 5000 and telling your parents you bought it for 4000.

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