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In Pakistan Terrorism is a Western myth Surgical Strike didn't happen Masood Azhar didn't attack Parliament. Not freed after IC814. Fictional character like Dawood. 26/11 was an Indian excuse to renovate the Taj. Hafiz Saeed is Aspiring politician Bin Laden was a tourist

Wow. I can't believe it! https://t.co/h5foNAx0A6

BJP has formalized alliance with AIADMK and PMK in Tamil Nadu. Will this new entity be called AIADMBJKPPMK?

Inability to focus on what is essential here benefits the enemy. Barely days after the #Pulwama attack , the focus is getting hijacked. It's moving from the event and response to more issues Kashmiri students Online harassment Dick pics and Barkha Dutt Hating liberals 🙈

We keep asking Kashmiris to prove their loyalty. Many Kashmiris also keep asking that other Indians prove their loyalty to Kashmir. If we keep asking each other to prove our loyalties we aren't living in a country - we are living in an episode of CID. Unity is paramount. 🇮🇳

If you want to defeat terrorism, you need Unity. Liberals, right wingers, Government, opposition, Army, media,social media,Bollywood, corporates, Kashmiris must unite. If we focus on dick pics and useless hatred ,even God won't help us. Unite as INDIANS above all else .

Recent TRAI order on selecting TV channels has actually had a silver lining. Finally been able to drop news channels .Even Free ones. Goodbye Times Now, India Today,CNN News 18 ,Aaj Tak , Republic & more. Anchors talk like they will wage war from their AC/studios itself.

It's easy to ask for war from TV studios. Post messages on smartphones from A/C rooms and order food from Zomato. Be a WhatsApp warrior. War costs lives, those of soldiers braver than any of us. Support the Army. Don't advice them. It's simply not our place.

Not every Kashmiri is a terrorist and they don't need to prove their patriotism to anyone. Don't blame the innocent . But those who do support and glorify terrorism,anywhere in India and broadcast their love for #Pulwama attackers must be shown no mercy.

People are screaming for war against Pakistan. Maybe war is needed but seriously who are we to call for it? Always easy to tell someone else to fight a war for you. One paying for it with his own life is the soldier. Be grateful for the Army & leave these decisions to them.

These assholes who glorify the Pulwama attack on social media and pay homage to terrorists are the worst kind of traitors.

#Pulwama https://t.co/nOBJKNrvzv

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This thread will make @AudreyTruschke a target of bhakts and sanghis. If she were in India, they would have already tried a Gauri Lankesh on her. https://t.co/OLXyLLdTUw

Agreed. With 2019 elections approaching,Job opportunities and vacancies in IT Cell are only increasing. https://t.co/5hFlpxiaDh

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