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Main EVM EVM chillaoonga KURTA PHAAD KE!!! https://t.co/VAhE0NM36w

From watching NDTV today, I have learnt two things. 1.) Vivek Reddy can be used as a weapon to induce headaches in enemy forces. 2.) Mangoes are important metaphors and has often led to cravings. Cc @Nidhi

Hello everybody. #HappySooryavanshamDay https://t.co/KyHix7wSHM

Forecast Yesterday, Today - Exit Poll Today - Emergency Meeting 23rd - Complaint about EVMs 24th - Pak starts Cross border shelling 25th - Promotion for Arnab ans Navika

Pretty sure Arun Jaitley has written the script for final season season of #GameOfThrones Only he can take something so awesome and screw it up this bad this fast.

What happened to #GameofThrones ? The latest episode has taken it from a George Martin masterpiece to a Sajid Khan disaster. Even CleganeBowl hype was not enough🙁 Did the writers not think that all this would make @rajudasonline sad? Very Sad.

I blame Nehru for @akashbanerjee 's tshirt.

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