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And @WWE wants to hold Crown Jewel here because the Saudis are paying them a shitload of money. Money over morals is best for business right? #WWECrownJewel https://t.co/KjLTnxd7x9

This is not a 'woke' statement. It's the truth. https://t.co/DHYJStnHor

MJ Akbar can now sit in his bath robe and sing Hindi songs while offering drinks to himself.

GD Agarwal fasted for 111 days before he died. 15 women have accused MJ Akbar of Sexual Harassment. The Minister has struck back with 97 lawyers working on his case. 111-15-97. The number here getting most attention is the one that reeks of power,money and intimidation.

Start Calling MJ Akbar as 'Bath Robe Akbar'.

This fight scene from KILL BILL reminds me of @priyaramani taking on @mjakbar 's lawyer army. Spoiler : She destroys them all. cc @MasalaBai https://t.co/9O1gc4z3sS

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Without advocating for liberals , they have to the least *APPEARED* to do right in hindsight. @Wootsaw apologized Tanmay stepped away @anuragkashyap72 made a half-ass apology MJ Akbar *CONTINUES* as Minister after being accused by *15* women RW is losing the perception battle.

It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to risk condemning an innocent man ~ Voltaire. #MeToo should not become a forum for hit jobs and career assassinations . This statement from @varungrover is for sure a must read. https://t.co/IU5BCIDsB5

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