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Pretty sure Arun Jaitley has written the script for final season season of #GameOfThrones Only he can take something so awesome and screw it up this bad this fast.

I blame Nehru for @akashbanerjee 's tshirt.

What happened to #GameofThrones ? The latest episode has taken it from a George Martin masterpiece to a Sajid Khan disaster. Even CleganeBowl hype was not enough🙁 Did the writers not think that all this would make @rajudasonline sad? Very Sad.

I think most celebrities realise as their careers are winding down that standing for elections is what their heart has desired all along.

Milton has become the channel sponsor for NDTV. Reporters are displaying a mic in one hand and a Milton water bottle in the other. Is this product placement or is the channel running out of cash so they now have to ask their reporters to hold water bottles for funds?

This comes as a surprise addition into Nagesh Kukunoor's portfolio of stellar work! Loved #CityOfDreams for the shades of grey that each character portrays. #HotstarSpecials @nkukunoor

This has become the most vicious election. Less a civic democratic exercise, more of a street fight. People are getting beaten,CM getting slapped, insult and unprecedented abuse + a scared @ECISVEEP Its not the result that bothers me but the road taken to get there.

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