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Dear Mr. Mueller: Be my secret Santa. You know what I want for Christmas. https://t.co/ipzWVTuRdW

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If you haven't seen my art show yet it's been extended until Dec 8th at the Maccarone gallery in LA. I guess that's a good sign! ;P

Baby on board! https://t.co/3cOJmPDkcZ

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Mississippi you are BETTER than these hate-mongers. Show the world. Vote for Mike Espy this Tuesday, November 27th. https://t.co/NltXO8l7KM

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Brilliant young women like Jaz Brisack, 2018 Rhodes Scholar from the University of Mississippi, give me hope for the future. Get out and vote for Mike Espy today, Mississippi. Let’s all move forward together. https://t.co/Mpw3bmpy8s https://t.co/WtlCjGqGCL

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So proud and excited for @JaneCarrey23! #ProudDad https://t.co/zUog1rHZSO

Ain’t nuthin but a G-20 thing, baaaabay! https://t.co/XBuVQjy8aH

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