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For my birthday I want for all of us to move through these difficult times together with grace and honor...and some comfy socks. Here’s a little piece of film that always reminds me of that sacred moment when I entered the world. ;^P https://t.co/H0HtSHobnR

The only ‘Sh*%hole’ Trump should worry about is the one under his nose from which he is constantly defecating. #pottytrainpotus https://t.co/m5ODhhlPb1

I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning. If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination. ;^\ https://t.co/Kwca91IIy2

Speaking of laundering operations... Dear Mr. Mueller, please remove this unsightly stain from our flag before there is permanent damage to the colors or fabric. ;^P https://t.co/KMzadnAIce

Happy MLK day. At a time when hateful state-sanctioned racism is trying to reassert itself, I am thankful for the infinite genius, grace, forgiveness and generosity of our African American community and their immeasurable contributions to our nation, our culture and my life. ;^) https://t.co/5pYfz4Kb3Q

Ugly American Bill O'Reilly and his enablers at the Fox misinformation factory have again shown their true colors - or lack thereof. ;^{ https://t.co/WGR4ajR0zR

I'm no lifeguard but I know a drowning man when I see one. ;^P https://t.co/W5kGhD8uIO

"I'm gonna make great deals. GREAT GREAT DEALS!" ();^O https://t.co/31vvhDWUj3

Every citizen under 45, watch "All the President's Men," a genius film about the most corrupt White House in US history...until now. ();^Q https://t.co/9mgLodg1kw

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...APRIL FOOOOLS!!! ;^P ('No Vacancy,' acrylic and neon on canvas, 72" x 48") https://t.co/puTfHJK0LM

MORE MORE MORE MORE! A mantra to the end of the world.  3^( https://t.co/dh5hXe69Ux

Don once begged me for a couple of bucks then told me to twist myself into a pretzel. Ego slayer! Comic Everest! Spank you, Mr Rickles. ;^)

Happy Easter or Passover or whatever reason you can find to feel warm and fuzzy. =(:•} https://t.co/Q5f0KT0yhq

;^) https://t.co/C6yrCIiQFl

RT NEWS FLASH!TRUMP NEVER CARED ABOUT GOVERNING! He sees the world as his piñata and the presidency as a big stick!#wakeupamerica #itsaheist https://t.co/XxwPuebPZj


This is the guitar that Chris Cornell and Soundgarden gave to me the night we did SNL together. A very special man. https://t.co/waPpDdOWvx

So proud of @sho_dyinguphere -a new series I exec produced for @Showtime THIS Sun 10pm. Watch how we put the ‘fun' in disfunction. ?;^J}} https://t.co/dfLaGnv2m0

Let's just get our priorities straight - this whole Kathy Griffin thing is covfefe. ;^P

When I was a kid POW BLAM Adam West was Batman! With his pal Robin and his tongue planted firmly in his cheek he brought me so much joy. ;^}

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but HONK watch @SHO_DyingUpHere Sunday at HONK 10pm. It's "Hollywood brotha!" ;^P https://t.co/F21YXuRjbe

EAST COAST! You have 5 minutes until @SHO_DyingUpHere WEST COAST! You still have 3 hours to get plastic surgery! HURRY! ;^P https://t.co/pRCpMuFp1m

There is something wrong with our environment. Governors have begun beaching themselves! ?;^P https://t.co/BXhYIQ42Jy

Much love sweet Martin. You were one of the greats. Enjoy forever. ;^) https://t.co/IMAPeJXPCe

I have no idea where this picture came from but I fully endorse this artistic reappropriation of my 1996 film The Cable Guy. ?B^P https://t.co/0xpX7wQjGw

Spanks 2 @justforlaughs for hosting me and cast of @SHO_DyingUpHere. Always great 2 be around my twisted comedy kin. https://t.co/owXLdOcoq2

Tonight in West Virginia @realDonaldTrump is expected to EAT A BABY on stage to the delight of his zombie base. #walkingdead https://t.co/yM39Y9fHN2

Thx 4 ur kind words @KingJames.I'd be honored 2 hang with u any time.Can u imagine 2 King James' in the same room?Sss'make it happen! ?;^•}

Season finale of I'm Dying Up Here this Sunday! What a magical time it's been. My thanks to cast and crew, a stellar group of humans! ;^P https://t.co/Xj3RK8AFjp

When evil is not strongly denounced by the state, this is where it leads, "Mr. President"! ;^{ https://t.co/jPbcFAwfq7

Welcome to the last gasp of toxic white insecurity. Woe to them who blame other races for their laziness, and lack of faith. ;^\ https://t.co/XG7CWxBawU

WHAT WILL IT TAKE for the GOP to throw this madman overboard? HOW LOW MUST WE SINK before REPS become patriotic? 8^Q https://t.co/9EJVYD5qOP

That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfathomable blessing, comedy's absolute! I am because he was! ;^D https://t.co/3Zdq9xhXlE

While watching the eclipse, I lifted my coffee cup and this is what I saw. Coincidence? I think not! Enjoy the togetherness and presence ;^P https://t.co/2B3vrhZeDB

You never looked better Charlottesville! ;^) https://t.co/lCBZ0hsGmD

Ain't it great how violence can still unite us all? #enjoythefight #humansarestupid ;^P https://t.co/plLP0BFWZD

This dream is so good, I'm tempted to keep sleeping. ;^> https://t.co/cxy9YFSetB

While another storm heads r way, craven republican sock puppets in service of shameless greed, try AGAIN 2 ravage healthcare. #sickening ;^P https://t.co/pp05UgNnM6

There's a lot of news coming out today. This is my statement on the matter. https://t.co/IJ7rPOHIj0

Thanks MOMA for screening Jim+Andy (Nov 17 on @netflix.) Can u see where I am in this picture? If you said everywhere, you are correct! ;^) https://t.co/CastyTt3c2

...and if u said I was nowhere in this picture, you would also be correct. This is a msg rising out of nothing and happening for no one. ;^P https://t.co/zIOCp0Nuig

“Fools! It is the sugary treats through which I will possess your child. Happy Halloween! Muahahahaha!!!” }8^¥ https://t.co/ES4vZgLrEx

Trump is the fear of utter worthlessness hiding in arrogance and brutality. #bewaretheunloved https://t.co/X2or7MuEEK

I’m Steve Bannon and I endorse Roy Moore for US Senate.He stands accused of molesting a 14yr old girl,but at least he’s not a Democrat! ?8^¥ https://t.co/p2ojKqVS47

Alabama GOP, if u can’t vote 4 Doug Jones at least don’t vote for an alleged pedophile. Do the decent thing and just stay home. ;^| https://t.co/KPzIZKLj6X

I don’t know yet if Roy Moore is guilty of pedophilia, but these allegations along w/ his religious extremism and intolerance make him unsuitable for the Senate. ;^| https://t.co/NEeeAwvDUP

1968 they backed the enemy. 2016 they put their stooge in the WH. Benedict Trump and his Russian pimp in Vietnam on Veterans Day. #ohsaywhenwillyousee https://t.co/444wTu8lOi

They bailed him out, set him up and made him their stooge. With Trump in the WH, Putin may win the 3rd World War without firing a shot. #PuckerUpPOTUS https://t.co/bnPWI8xa9h

Tricky Mick, always making sure the devil is in the details. }8^¥ #KillTheBill https://t.co/eFslJCetRn

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