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So excited for #TonightShowSummerReads! 5 amazing books this year: Ask Again, Yes by @Mary_Beth_Keane, The Chain by @adrianmckinty, The Silent Patient by @AlexMichaelides, Fleishman Is in Trouble by @taffyakner, and The Gone Dead by @chanellebenz. Vote now https://t.co/Hx8Qr4ktDI

Tonight: @kenanthompson, @JoeManganiello and a performance from @robynkonichiwa! #FallonTonight

Mad Lib Theater with @kenanthompson and @JoeManganiello! https://t.co/PKYk4Yv8nc #FallonTonight

Tonight on the show: @joelmchale, @marcmaron, @blakegriffin23, and stand up from @dustyslay! #FallonTonight

Winnie: "Can I play that game where the emoji is being chased by a ghost?" Me, realizing she means PAC-MAN: #WorldEmojiDay https://t.co/mghvD15Kdn

It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #BeachFail and then tell us about a funny or weird thing that happened to you at the beach. Could be on the show!

Tried to impress my wife by walking out of the ocean like Daniel Craig/James Bond. Got knocked over by a wave: riptide, pants down, bloody knee, hair looked like a bad toupee, and a little kid on the beach saw me and started crying. #BeachFail

Back with all-new shows this week! Tonight: Jesse Eisenberg, Fran Lebowitz, and a performance from @denzelcurry! #FallonTonight

Taking blurry tennis photos since 2005. #Wimbledon 🎾 https://t.co/N6uGVa9A4v

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Haaaaaa. https://t.co/Rdpas69uKQ

There are so many good songs this summer!! Check out the #JFJams playlist! I add to it every Friday! https://t.co/VeVPBiwV9h

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