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Great picture of Tariq. (@BlackThought) Philly - we are on our way!!!! https://t.co/RHnQG0DPqg #SurpriseDinnerParty https://t.co/Eemu6IXpQX

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We. Are. Here. #SurpriseDinnerParty https://t.co/RHnQG0DPqg #FallonTonight

  • Thank you again to the generous and talented Moore Family from North East Philadelphia. That was a great time and those CHEESESTEAKS??!?! Yum! See you in New York at the show. #SurpriseDinnerParty #FallonTonight

    [email protected] & @metroboomin perform "Ric Flair Drip" with @RicFlairNatrBoy https://t.co/yXWTzyxuxU #FallonTonight

    Tonight: Claire Danes is here, @letitiawright stops by, and a science demo from Kevin Delaney! Plus, your funniest #StonerStories tweets! #FallonTonight

    Rex Orange County! Rex Orange County! @RexOrangeCounty! https://t.co/ZGGaQPiPZk

    It's Hashtags time! Tweet out something funny, weird, or embarrassing that happened while you or someone you know was stoned and tag it with #StonerStories. Just don't write the stories while you're stoned, we gotta keep 'em short! Could be on the show!

    I once walked in on my roommate eating a box of dry spaghetti. I came back 10 minutes later and he was using them to spell out the word "PASTA" on the table. #StonerStories

    [email protected] and @OffsetYRN KILLED it last night on the show. The look, the lights, the dancing. It was fantastic. Well done. https://t.co/MJ7xeD24A1 #ShowMeMoves #FallonTonight

    Tonight: @jeff_daniels is here, @JoeManganiello stops by, and stand-up from @ComicMikeV! Plus, it's #ThankYouNoteFriday! #FallonTonight

    Some of your funniest #IGotBusted tweets! https://t.co/8oISjRKXiZ #FallonTonight

    Mad Lib Theater with @kerrywashington https://t.co/RxlwA4Tbjo #FallonTonight

    Tonight: Jack White (@thirdmanrecords), @Miss_GraceJones, and music from @Tinashe ft. @OffsetYRN! Plus, your funniest #IGotBusted tweets! #FallonTonight

    Not today, Satan! https://t.co/OfW61ovDPW

    I cannot wait for this!! https://t.co/xd9WtEaCZK

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