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It's Hashtags time! Tweet out your funny or embarrassing story about working out or dieting and tag it with #FitnessFail. Could be on the show!

My dad bought a treadmill to get in shape. We came home once and there was a beer in the cup holder. #FitnessFail

[email protected]_Cabello, @theroots and I perform "Havana" with Classroom Instruments! https://t.co/mgwZyrOWBo #FallonTonight

Great show tonight: @jes_chastain, @ricky_martin, and music from @Franz_Ferdinand! Plus, your funniest #FitnessFail tweets! #FallonTonight

Ooh Na Na Na Na Na! https://t.co/4vjDc116QI

The first-ever tag-team Lip Sync Battle with @WWE's @TripleH, @StephMcMahon and The New Day (@XavierWoodsPhD, @TrueKofi & @WWEBigE)! https://t.co/JIWc4tHqXh #FallonTonight

Happy #ThankYouNoteFriday! Tonight on the show @Trevornoah is here, Dakota Fanning stops by, and stand-up from @JeffDye! #FallonTonight

Tonight: Password with @LilyTomlin, @Janefonda, and @colesprouse. Plus, music from @WALKTHEMOONband! #FallonTonight

He looks like he’s got this down! https://t.co/sQwgdivXZO

#FireandFury #JamesTaylor https://t.co/3GqcDltubR

Tonight on the show: @chrishemsworth is here, @Carrie_Rachel stops by, and @caitlynsmith performs! #FallonTonight

Crowdsourcing: Discovered this antique Zippo Lighter that may have belonged to someone in the Vietnam War who served in Tay Ninh in 1967-68. Would like to return to its rightful owner! Please share to help get this back to Ben Middleton. https://t.co/vRcJs9197m

[email protected] makes a spectacular entrance with the Radio City @Rockettes! https://t.co/drcehb2CbD #FallonTonight

Tonight: Benicio Del Toro, @RubyRose & music from Michael McDonald! Plus, @BlackThought sits down to talk about his amazing 10-minute freestyle! #FallonTonight

Tonight: @AnnaKendrick47, @rhettandlink & @RandyNewman is here to talk and perform! #FallonTonight

Anna Kendrick, Darlene Love, The Roots & I sing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" with Classroom Instruments! https://t.co/0zjFVBMoJF #FallonTonight

Great show tonight! @RebelWilson is here, @PaulReiser stops by & @gwenstefani performs! #FallonTonight

It's Hashtags time! Tweet out your weirdest or silliest holiday tradition and tag it with #MyDumbTradition. Could be on the show!

One year my friend’s daughter got the words wrong, so now their whole family sings “Deck The Halls” as “Deck The House.” #MyDumbTradition

[email protected] & I sing holiday songs after the lyrics have been run through Google Translate https://t.co/i9tcPTmHnX #FallonTonight

Tonight on the show: Christoph Waltz, Beanie Feldstein, Cardi B, & music from Erykah Badu! Plus, your funniest #MyDumbTradition tweets! #FallonTonight

So much fun interviewing the talented Cardi B. Thank you for stopping by, @iamcardib! Can't wait for your new single tomorrow! https://t.co/Fyiy97hMZd

[email protected] won everything last night. You are welcome on our show whenever you’d like. One of my favorite interviews. Thank you. Rrrttt! https://t.co/9TrGsanDc0

Tonight on the show: Jason Sudeikis, Amy Sedaris, and @robertkelly performs stand-up! #FallonTonight

Huge congrats to @sesamestreet, @srwestin and @DavidWestin for the @macfound grant. Your team is amazing and this has to feel good! https://t.co/ZHw1Zxwi7A

Honey, remember when the wedding photographer made us pose for a romantic sunset kiss? That was 10 years ago! Happy Anniversary! https://t.co/j1tmJpiru8

Nothing but love man. https://t.co/UZ1PD31rYg

This is awesome. #Toys4PuertoRico https://t.co/IrHtQL98Gn

Happy New Year!!! #FallonTonight #Fallon2017 #HappyNewYear https://t.co/jnEQacfvmd

Playing HQ. #happynewyear

Ugh. My HQ not working. Uhhh..

Happy New Year!!! Here’s to the best year yet. #HAPPYNEWYEAR

Can’t wait for tonight @goldenglobes. @sethmeyers is going to crush! #GoldenGlobes

Excited to be back with new episodes of @FallonTonight! @TheRealTaraji is here, Michael Che stops by & @SofiTukker performs! #FallonTonight

I challenge @TherealTaraji, Michael Che, and @BlackThought to a round of Quiplash! https://t.co/d4U2BOMWDx #FallonTonight

Tonight on the show: Hugh Grant, Greta Gerwig, and performance by @ASAPferg! #FallonTonight

Reminder: all of these songs are 100% real. https://t.co/3Bv1Uretko #DoNotPlay #FallonTonight

Great show tonight: Saoirse Ronan and @RealChalamet are here! Plus, music from @Camila_Cabello! #FallonTonight

It's Hashtags time! Tweet out your funny or embarrassing first date story and tag it with #WorstFirstDate. Could be on the show!

I once tried to surprise my date by not telling her what restaurant we were going to. I accidentally picked the one she worked at. #WorstFirstDate

We’ve got something special in store for @Camila_Cabello’s TV debut of “Never Be The Same” tonight! You don't want to miss it!! #CamilaOnFallon

The talented @Camila_Cabello performs her new single "Never Be The Same" https://t.co/Tg59PmKQ5v #CAMILA #FallonTonight

Tonight: Sam Rockwell, @TigNotaro, and music from @IAmAlanWalker ft. @noahcyrus! Plus, your funniest #WorstFirstDate tweets! #FallonTonight

You always bring it. Thank you so much for putting 110% into every performance. And also for saying no to me as a backup dancer. Can’t wait for Friday! #CAMILA https://t.co/xJTGmpth3v

[email protected] & @PattyJenks stop by Studio 6B for a round of Charades! https://t.co/lmlxhLKJaL #FallonTonight

Fun show tonight! James Spader is here, @Camila_Cabello stops by, and stand-up from @peteleetweets! Happy #ThankYouNoteFriday! #FallonTonight

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