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Attitude is a boomerang, what ever you throw out there, it will come back your way.

Allow life to happen. If you stop giving reasons things shouldn’t happen, you’ll be amazed at what does happen.

Love, without effort, is not enough to keep any relationship together

There are many who work behind the scenes to make @WWE the massive brand it is, but few have touched so many lives like Sue. Congratulations to a person who has made dreams come true and has given hope to families around the world. #WWEHOF #WarriorAward https://t.co/BviKEz0iig

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In the toughest of times we face the toughest of choices. Whenever possible, choose love.

I have often talked about being the sum of the company we keep. @RealJohnCMartin is a close friend who has been on an amazing journey of development and dedicates his life to lifting the spirts of others. Love you John. Grateful to have you in my life. https://t.co/ojBtuWrC8k

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Posting again just to make sure all can access. Cried tears of joy and smiled ear to ear learning about “Roz’s” story. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. https://t.co/WeWop6bBHk

It might not always be possible, but each day try to do a good thing for someone with expecting nothing in return.

Don’t normally do this but this is a well written piece that speaks volumes to the wonderfully gifted and hard working current @WWE roster! What an amazing time to be a member of the @WWEUniverse https://t.co/xb0IdqcZBQ

Improvement is never easy, or comfortable. Strive to improve, always.

Congrats on an unbelievable achievement! Hard work, great attitude and passion pay off! Good luck!! https://t.co/wRGr07jZu5

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