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10/6 #WWESSD ⚡️👊 @WWE #RAW @WWEUniverse @WWENetwork #SDLive 闪电拳头 https://t.co/20gi7H3Ni4

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The great thing about social connection is it gives us all a voice. It also allows us to easily see those that squander that gift by choosing to use that voice for negativity.

Asking for help is a wonderful process that accomplishes many great things. Realize you don’t know everything, trust those you ask to help you develop, and learn more about who you are and what you value most.

Happiness is achieved by living your life, your way. Others may not agree with your actions or choices, remember its YOUR life, not theirs. Go forth, live, be happy.

What better place to learn about #ElbowGrease than in a place I work very hard in every week! Excited for you all to read it! https://t.co/Xqu3w12lts https://t.co/ougvR1t5fr

Many of us fear rejection. Rejection is simply a difference in opinion. Next time you get rejected, instead of feeling embarrassed or afraid, ask “why?” It’s amazing what can be learned about yourself and others.

Do not expect others to share your viewpoint. Our lives are made up our actions and choices. Don’t ever expect everyone to just ‘see things your way’. Be accountable for you, explain your actions the best you can, and if people still don’t understand, allow them that choice.

We are the creators of our own reality. With that power comes the responsibility to be accountable for the reality we create.

10/6 ⚡️👊 @WWE #WWESSD

The only person you need to prove yourself to is you.

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