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We all want someone or something to blame when things don’t go our way. Try taking that blame. Face your setbacks and fears head on, learn from them, and make a stronger, smarter, and better you!

Working on every part of #BumblebeeMovie was great because I believed in the cast, the crew, & most importantly, the STORY of the film. Excited to see how well the audience in China and throughout the WORLD have taken to the story of 🐝! Xie Xie Zhongguo! https://t.co/vVvfR62F6Q

Do the people you surround yourself with encourage you, or burden you? We tend to take on the traits of those we spend the most time with. Do your best to find an environment of encouragement and growth.

Being upset by the happiness of others seems like wasted time. We should all strive to be happy, and if someone else’s happiness is hurtful to you, look within, ask why, and hopefully you’ll not only find answers, but maybe find happiness yourself

Passion, purpose, and love. Fill your existence with these three things, and I’m willing to wager you have many more good days than you do bad ones.

I used gravity boots for the first time yesterday. Turned my whole world upside down.

It’s very disappointing when those you have opened up to attempt to use your vulnerability as weakness to make you feel pain, guilt or shame. Stay strong, be empathetic, but also understand the situation and move forward accordingly.

Committing to a purpose means doing everything you’ve ever heard about hard work. Long days, sacrifices, dedication to cause. But if it’s purpose with passion and love, it will never seem like “work”

Never fear the moments where all appears lost. It only is if you allow it. Focus, regroup, move onward. (Even if at first you must move slightly backwards 🤫)

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