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In the first 1-10 hours of learning something new, you will want to give up more than once a minute. Hang in there!! Give yourself 50-100 hours.. and not only will you get it, you’ll realize you can’t wait to do it again!! #NeverGiveUp

Embrace the uncomfortable. This is where knowledge and wisdom hibernate, waiting for you to courageously discover them.

Always an honor to be included in such a fine group of athletes who use their station in life to help others. https://t.co/NlWPp3NN8B

Practice makes perfect, Dads. Work those humor muscles. #BlockersMovie is now available on Digital with Outrageous Unrated Bonus Content https://t.co/HQ21bPB8Js @BlockersMovie https://t.co/ynFZ03Fvdi

To the masses of people for over 16 years now, shouting at the top of your lungs “John Cena Socks” .. you have been heard https://t.co/qLrLsDDvVY #RAW @WWE

A massive event on a global scale. @WWE continues to raise the bar ... everywhere. Excited to return “home” to be a part of #WWESSD. https://t.co/xcbEfmWtkg

To all the father's out there, when approaching a dresser drawer, please proceed with caution. #HappyFathersDay! @BlockersMovie #BlockersMovie https://t.co/0huVZVqFwd

If you love someone, tell them. Say the words. Doesn’t make you ‘weak’ ‘soft’ or ‘inferior’. It makes you stronger for your courage to put your emotions out there, regardless of any judgement from others.

You get out of it, what you put into it.

Thought this was very interesting. How do you feel about the word “deserve”? Are we owed anything? @RealJohnCMartin thanks #WinToday for making me think about it https://t.co/5ysTDYpqZg

Waking up on the other side of the world can help with perspective. Be grateful for life, rise, and #EarnTheDay #NeverGiveUp https://t.co/1XjKN0atrv

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